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Firm unveils new app to boost agricultural yields

Nigeria - As the government intensifies efforts towards diversifying the economy, two young Nigerian entrepreneurs have developed an app that will connect farmers and broaden the knowledge base of stakeholders in the sector.

By Nume Ekeghe 9 hours ago

Keeping cyber criminals at bay with F-Secure Radar
Keeping cyber criminals at bay with F-Secure Radar

There are many ways in which cyber criminals manage to breach corporate defences, but web applications are by far the most vulnerable part of any computer network. Only constant scanning and ruthless control can help find vulnerabilities before the criminals do.

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#WomensMonth: SweepSouth's Aisha Pandor keeps on climbing
#WomensMonth: SweepSouth's Aisha Pandor keeps on climbing

Aisha Pandor, co-founder of on-demand home cleaning service SweepSouth, has been named one of the top 50 most inspiring women in tech.

By Lauren Hartzenberg 10 hours ago

Praesignis gets a new CEO
Praesignis gets a new CEO

Since its inception in 2006, Praesignis has seen tremendous growth over the years, growing organically and expanding our services and product portfolio. In 2015 we launched our sub-brands, with five Signis business units of expertise namely, Datasignis, Intellisignis, Edusignis, Talentsignis, and Caresignis, directed by specialists in their fields.

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Taxi-hailing firm Little launches own virtual wallet

Kenya - Safaricom-backed taxi-hailing platform Little has unveiled an electronic wallet to encourage riders using their taxis to pay for trips online.

By Annie Njanja 11 hours ago

Tech leaders warn against 'Pandora's box' of robotic weapons
Tech leaders warn against 'Pandora's box' of robotic weapons

SYDNEY - Elon Musk is leading demands for a global ban on killer robots, warning technological advances could revolutionise warfare and create new "weapons of terror" that target innocent people.

11 hours ago

To React Native, or not to React Native? - A business review
To React Native, or not to React Native? - A business review

We've always been pro native development, as we've found hybrid technologies to be lacking in their ability to replicate a truly native experience, which is frustrating as hell. There's been a lot of talk and opinion thrown around about Facebook's React Native, and as a highly experienced team that has been developing mobile apps since iOS 2.3, we simply had to check it out. Here's what you need to know.

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Contactless to account for over 50% of POS transactions globally by 2022
Contactless to account for over 50% of POS transactions globally by 2022

A new study from Juniper Research has found more than half (53%) of global transactions at POS (Point of Sale) will be contactless within 5 years, compared to just 15% this year.

13 hours ago

#CEMAfrica2017: Empowered customer experiences lie in multi-focused design
#CEMAfrica2017: Empowered customer experiences lie in multi-focused design

This year's CEM Africa conference once again gathered bright minds to share strategy and solutions aimed at honing customer experience. Among them was Sven Schoof, head of customer experience at online fashion retailer Spree, whose keynote focused on empowering customers to interact with your brand.

By Lauren Hartzenberg 1 day ago

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#GIL2017: How global volatility can benefit Africa

Not so long ago, people would have scoffed at the notion that the UK would be pulling out of the EU or that Donald Trump would be sitting in the Oval Office. These events coming to fruition just go to prove the unpredictability of people.

By Nicci Botha 1 day ago

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Could Google become the dominant force in hospitality?

Google, whose mantra used to be ‘Don't be evil' (until it dropped it for the motto ‘Do the right thing'), is almost omnipresent in our lives these days. We use it for all sorts of online searches, whether it's trying to access arcane information or find our way from A to B.

By Stuart Pallister 1 day ago

Benji Coetzee
#WomensMonth: Benji Coetzee's Empty Trips revolutionises logistics

The Empty Trips platform connects those with spare capacity on their vehicles (truck, boat or plane) with those who require goods transported in Africa. I chatted to founder, Benji Coetzee, to find out how her idea creates accessibility for individuals and business to leverage existing logistical networks at reduced transport costs, whilst supporting logistical services providers with the opportunity to reduce empty space, save, and earn new sources of revenue.

By Ilse van den Berg 17 Aug 2017

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#CEMAfrica2017: "Be an experience business or be out of business" - Adobe

CEM Africa attendees were presented with a choice of workshops to attend throughout the two-day summit. As the Summit was completely sold out, these sessions were limited to 30 attendees max and it really was a tough choice deciding which to sit in on. I'm so glad I went with the session by James McDonald, solution consultant at Adobe, on how to be an experience-driven business. Here's why.

By Leigh Andrews 17 Aug 2017