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In social investment, it's now about hard evidence and measured impact

Social and impact investors no longer just want to know that they've attempted to change the world for the better. They want to know if their investment meant something...

Issued by Next Generation 1 day ago

Study explores effectiveness of EIA tool - DEA to share results

There are criticism and perceptions of inadequacy about the success of the current EIA system...

1 day ago

Renée Minnaar wins 31st Corobrik Architectural Awards

Minnaar's thesis impressed the judges with its insightful way of tackling quintessentially South African issues...

2 days ago

Closing the gender gap in SA by just 10% could achieve higher economic growth - report

Women currently hold 19% of tech-related jobs at the top 10 global tech companies...

2 days ago

#WTMA18: African Responsible Tourism Awards 2018 winners announced

"The judges looked for winners who might educate and inspire others, challenging the industry to achieve more by demonstrating what can be done by businesses and organisations to realise the ambition of responsible tourism. That ambition is simply put: to use tourism to make better places for people to live in."

3 days ago

Five ways to become a more eco-friendly traveller

If you want to join the sustainable travel movement, but don't really know where to start, it's easier than you think.

2 days ago

How plastic-eating bacteria actually work - a chemist explains

Although other bacterial enzymes were already known to slowly digest PET, the new enzyme had apparently evolved specifically for this job...

By Emily Flashman 2 days ago

This is what's on the agenda for Sustainability Week 2018

This year's Sustainability Week, set for 5-7 June at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Tshwane, will cover sustainable development in Africa at various scales, from Africa's capital cities to the people who sustainable development affects.

3 days ago

SAWEA looks to improve implementation of ED components through industry practice

Working with key constituencies, the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) aims to help improve the implementation of...

3 days ago

Social needs to up its game to keep receiving financial support

Today's philanthropists, grantmakers, social and impact investors want more control over their giving and they want evidence of the scale and sustainability of the impact they make...

Issued by Next Generation 3 days ago

Obstacles facing a young black farmer in South Africa: a personal story

A new sense of urgency has entered South Africa's land reform process...

By Mnqobi Ngubane 17 Apr 2018

The urgency of curbing pollution from ships, explained

The International Maritime Organization, a United Nations agency that regulates global shipping, is writing new rules to curb greenhouse gas emissions from ships by 2050...

By James J. Winebrake and James J. Corbett 17 Apr 2018

Cindy Nell-Roberts launches foundation focusing on female empowerment

Female empowerment and community development NGO Women4Women is the latest brainchild of former Miss South Africa and local businesswomen Cindy Nell-Roberts...

17 Apr 2018

2018 Eco-Logic Awards finalists announced

After gathering earlier this month, the 2018 Eco-Logic Awards judging panel have selected the finalists in each environmental category...

16 Apr 2018

2018 Top Empowerment Awards winners announced

The South African Civil Aviation Authority's Poppy Khoza scooped the Top Empowered: Business Leader of the Year Award...

16 Apr 2018

Durex Connect-ED empowers youth to make sound choices about sexual health

With sex education playing a significant role in enabling our youth to take full control of their sexual behaviour, Durex's Connect-ED programme aims to make a difference in South African communities...

16 Apr 2018

Smart urbanism, sustainability in the spotlight at upcoming RICS Summit Africa

Scheduled for 30-31 May in Sandton Central, the 2018 RICS Summit Africa event plans to put the spotlight on smart urbanism and sustainability...

16 Apr 2018

Abalone poaching: lifting the lid on why, how and who

Wildlife poaching has long been a subject of interest in academia. Research by biologists, zoologists and environmental scientists mostly focused on the impact of these crimes on wildlife populations and their habitat. More recently, criminologists interested in different types of environmental crimes, have started studying poaching.

By Greg Warchol 16 Apr 2018

Curatorial Lab at Zeitz MOCAA looks at LGBTQI+ issues and rights

The LGBTQI+ Banele Khoza exhibition was unveiled as part of the opening of the Curatorial Lab at Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA).

16 Apr 2018

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