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Blaauwberg Nature Reserve's coastline goes 'Green'

The City of Cape Town's Blaauwberg Nature Reserve has been awarded South Africa's first Green Coast Status...

1 hour ago

#FairnessFirst: How Nike inspires others to 'just do it' with commodity activism

What do Colin Kaepernick, Serena Williams and Caster Semenya have in common? Despite each facing controversy in their sporting careers, they're all stars in Nike's inspirational 30th-anniversary campaign, filled with fiery new words to live by...

By Leigh Andrews 1 day ago

WESSA awards top environmental conservation, education efforts

The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa annual awards have paid tribute to a range of environmental achievements at its 92nd AGM...

1 day ago

Why nuclear energy should be part of Africa's energy mix

Africa has the least nuclear power of any continent in the world, with the exception of where nuclear power is banned...

By Oluwole Olutola 1 day ago

Climate change, water and the spread of diseases: connecting the dots differently

Half a century ago concerns about climate change, environment vulnerability, population density and the sustainability of earth systems reached a broad audience.

By Lenore Manderson 1 day ago

Give your brand the space to grow on Bizcommunity

Give your brand the space to blossom on the biggest B2B website, catering to 18 professional industry sectors and niche audiences across Africa...

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 14 Sep 2018

Massmart rolls out its sixth solar plant

Massmart is championing the shift to renewable energy in the retail sector with the launch of its sixth solar plant...

14 Sep 2018

Working out what's fair in conservation in sub-Saharan Africa

People who care about conserving nature are starting to think more deeply about how communities fit into conservation efforts...

By Jessica Nosizwe P. R. Thorn and Rachel Friedman 14 Sep 2018

4 per 1000 initiative to help farmers with soil management, reverse degradation

The aim of the initiative is to demonstrate that agriculture, and in particular agricultural soils can play a crucial role where food security and climate change are concerned...

13 Sep 2018

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