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Roundup of SxSWSA posts from the weekend
Roundup of SxSWSA posts from the weekend

Here is a roundup of the posts published on this weekend. We're over halfway through SxSW Interactive in Austin, Texas, but there's still plenty material in the works, so keep an eye on the blog for another few days. Also, follow @sxswsa, or the entire #sxswsa Twitter list. [view twitterfall]

By Ivo Vegter: @sxswsa 14 Mar 2011

2011 Maputo International Ad Festival set for May

The sixth Maputo International Advertising Festival will take place from 25-27 May 2011, AMEP - the Mozambican Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Association announced yesterday. The festival recognises advertising agencies, producers and communications companies worldwide especially from Africa and the Indian Ocean regions.

23 Feb 2011

Dubai Lynx Festival 2011 dates, new venue
Dubai Lynx Festival 2011 dates, new venue

DUBAI, UAE: The Dubai International Advertising Festival in 2011 will take place over two and a half days, 27- 29 March and the Dubai Lynx Awards, honouring North Africa and the Middle East's best work in advertising and creative communications, will be held on 30 March. Both events will take place for the first time at the Arabian coast resort, the Madinat Jumeirah, in Dubai.

12 Nov 2010

CNN enlists top journalism students for iReport initiative
CNN enlists top journalism students for iReport initiative

ATLANTA, US: CNN has announced the launch of a new initiative for journalism students, called CNN iReport University, linked to iReport, the network's user-generated news community.

16 Sep 2010

Egypt tops African outsourcing league table

A report outlining the outsourcing readiness of 15 African nations was released at the first Africa Outsourcing Summit organised by CBC Technology earlier last week. Topping the report was Egypt followed by Mauritius, South Africa, Tunisia and Morocco.

9 Mar 2009

Egypt to bolster tourism

Hotels in the country will be exempt from paying contributions to the tourism promotion authority and fees paid by charter flights will be cut to help Egypt's tourism industry deal with the global financial meltdown.

5 Jan 2009

Internet penetration a major opportunity for Egypt's marketeers

Common wisdom says that when times call for cost-trimming, marketing budgets are the first to be cut.

26 Nov 2008

Egyptian consumers still confident

The MasterCard Worldwide Index of Consumer Confidence analyses Egyptian consumer confidence.

7 Feb 2008

Study says quality of Nile water has improved

A study has indicated that water quality in the River Nile improved considerably in the months of October and November 2007, giving rise to hopes that drinking water quality for many of Egypt's 80 million people may improve.

24 Jan 2008

Poverty driving young Egyptians to risk deadly boat journeys
Poverty driving young Egyptians to risk deadly boat journeys

When two boatloads of would-be Egyptian migrants sank off the coast of Sicily in early November and many people died or were never found, the Egyptian media highlighted what has become a growing problem.

17 Jan 2008

The rise of Egypt's technopreneurs

Khaled Ismail and Sysdsoft are shaping the way WiMax works around the globe. Ahmed Ibrahim and Karim Khorshed's EgyptNetwork is exporting SMS platforms to the region's telecom players. They're the new faces of technology: Grown in Egypt, globally competitive.

10 Oct 2007