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Glen Bresler
Financing your business through the value of your property

There is more than one way to use home finance and this article considers a few do's and don'ts as well as other matters to bear in mind when opting to use your home equity to finance your business...

By Glen Bresler, Issued by Meredith Harington 2 days ago

Walter van der Merwe, CEO of FedGroup Life
Third time the charm

FedGroup Life walked away with a coveted Golden Arrow in this year's awards...

15 Apr 2016

© marchcattle
Engineering the risk

Large engineering projects are characterised by substantial irreversible commitments, skewed reward structures when succesful, and high probabilities of failure...

By Alvin Dye 14 Apr 2016

The South African funeral insurance market - Analytix BI
The South African funeral insurance market

Analytix Business Intelligence has recently completed industry research on the funeral insurance industry in South Africa. A combination of expert industry interviews as well as focus groups across Johannesburg and Cape Town were used to gather market intelligence...

Issued by Analytix BI 13 Apr 2016

Sophie Maggs, Price Forbes broking manager: Africa
Staying relevant in a rapidly changing business environment

How reinsurance brokers, particularly facultative brokers, can add value and remain relevant in the face of a rapidly changing business environment...

31 Mar 2016

© payphoto
King Price mixes business with pleasure

Short-term insurance newbie, King Price has extended its product range to include business insurance...

29 Mar 2016

Medical schemes brokers not to blame for private healthcare costs - Financial Intermediaries Association
Medical schemes brokers not to blame for private healthcare costs

South Africa's medical schemes brokers play an indispensable role in the distribution of products to consumers and recent comments by the Minister of Health that brokers are "not needed" in the private healthcare sector are misinformed...

Issued by Financial Intermediaries Association 23 Mar 2016

© evrenkalinbacak
Insurance tales of the high seas

Shipping losses continue their long-term downward trend...

22 Mar 2016

Rick Rupping, head of marketing, Matt Arnold, brand manager, Brina Sieber, digital strategist and Grant Malherbe-Stroud, media manager
#BrandManagerMonth: 1Life to live

Let's face it, nobody wants to face their own mortality, which is why selling life insurance can be an interesting challenge...

By Nicci Botha 16 Mar 2016

© Scott Prokop
Price Forbes appointed as SAACI's official broker

Price Forbes (Pty) Ltd, has recently been appointed as the Insurance broker for the South African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI)...

14 Mar 2016

How to rock the 2016 budget blues -
How to rock the 2016 budget blues

Is your bank manager on speed dial, or has he stopped responding to your Whatsapp messages? What's your big plan to combat ever-increasing food, petrol, utility and other interest rate hikes this year?...

Issued by 10 Mar 2016

Insure, or endure the radio silence -
Insure, or endure the radio silence

"We know times are quite tough and most South Africans are already feeling the pinch, so having to pay for a damaged or missing phone is definitely something to avoid," says Derek Wilson, Head of

Issued by 9 Mar 2016

© Gunnar Pippel
African insurance policy holders can expect greater gains

Insurance companies need to shift their investment strategies...

4 Mar 2016

© Andrew Stepovoy {{}}
Santam posts good results in tough economic climate

General insurer, Santam, posted good results for 2015, despite the substantially weaken rand and the effects of El Niño...

3 Mar 2016

Why is this insurance giant contemplating an SA exit? - Financial Intermediaries Association
Why is this insurance giant contemplating an SA exit?

Zurich Global has announced that it will embark on a 'footprint review' exercise that might result in the brand disinvesting from its insurance units in SA and Morocco...

Issued by Financial Intermediaries Association 2 Mar 2016

Pause for thought... Latest regulation might be a step too far for South Africa's financial and insurance advisers - Financial Intermediaries Association
Pause for thought... Latest regulation might be a step too far for South Africa's financial and insurance advisers

Despite an already expansive regulatory landscape the Financial Services Board is pushing for another major intervention, known as the Retail Distribution Review...

Issued by Financial Intermediaries Association 2 Mar 2016

©wathanyu sowong via 123RF
Freight hijackings contributed to R3bn loss to economy

Freight hijackings is not only a concern for the insurance industry but also a challenge that has incited a loss for large businesses as well as the SMEs...

26 Feb 2016

Hepstar management team: Stephen Booysen, Heinrich Brand, Claudia Snyman, Stephan Ekbergh, Brett Dyason
SA fintech startup secures $2million funding

Digital insurance distributor Hepstar has received $2million in funding from UK-based technology investor Amadeus Capital Partners. With the new funding the company will be expanding its global reach...

24 Feb 2016

©Stefano Cavoretto via 123RF
The relationship between social media and liability risks

With a growing number of people active on social media, it is becoming increasingly important that businesses realise social media can be used to their advantage when it comes to potential product liability...

24 Feb 2016

©goodluz 123RF
Dialdirect is giving away free data

Dialdirect is claiming to be the first insurer to offer customers data to manage their insurance policies online. South Africa has 23 million smartphone users and 57% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices...

23 Feb 2016

©ximagination via 123RF
SA insurer targeting professions to try hand in Australia

The 75-year-old mutual company Professional Provident Society (PPS) has set up a business in Australia and will begin offering short-term insurance in SA in the next few days...

By Phakamisa Ndzamela 22 Feb 2016

©ximagination via 123RF
Climate change disrupts short-term insurance industry

The bruising drought and the stifling heatwaves that swept through South Africa this summer have brought the issues of climate change to the fore...

By Anees Vazeer 22 Feb 2016

'Dogzilla' in action...
'Dogzilla' and doll houses delight the Hollard audience

What do a playful dog and 3D-printed miniature pieces of furniture have to do with the Hollard brand? More than you'd think, if you've not yet seen the brand's latest 'doll house' TVC...

By Leigh Andrews 19 Feb 2016

©Aleksandar Radovanovic via 123RF
New Discovery projects slow earnings

Insurer Discovery expects to unveil its lowest growth in earnings yet when it reports its results for the half-year to end December next week. Shares in the group fell more than 5%...

By Moyagabo Maake 18 Feb 2016

©alexskopje via 123RF
Factors determining car insurance premiums

Insurance premiums aren't the same for everyone and there are good reasons for that. Broadly speaking, your insurer will calculate your risk of getting into an incident or the risk...

By Rory Judd 12 Feb 2016

©Rancz Andrei via 123RF
Insurance cover is impacted by depreciating rand

Unfortunately, the start of 2016 sees us in a difficult economic reality. At the beginning of November last year, just over three months ago, the rand was trading at just under R14...

By Bertus Visser 10 Feb 2016

Access to National Population Registry benefits policyholders
Access to National Population Registry benefits policyholders

FNB Life says being granted access to the Department of Home Affairs' National Population Registry is significantly benefiting its funeral policyholders and their beneficiaries...

10 Feb 2016

©joeppoulssen via 123RF
Deloitte acquires ConVista Consulting South Africa

Deloitte (Africa) has announced that it has acquired the business assets and now directly employees the 30-person team of ConVista Consulting (Pty) Ltd...

9 Feb 2016

©Warakorn Harnprasop via 123RF
You're never too young for life insurance

For young people who are just starting out in the world of work, planning for death, disability or a serious illness is not exactly top of mind...

8 Feb 2016

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