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mcel launches 3G HSDPA in Mozambique
mcel launches 3G HSDPA in Mozambique

mcel (Mozambique Cellular) has launched Third Generation Technology (3G) in the country representing a historical feat in service offerings in its mobile market. The country joins only three others in the Southern African region offering 3G, namely South Africa, Angola and Tanzania.

8 Dec 2008 11:42

mCel and AIRCOM optimise 3G in Mozambique

AIRCOM International, an independent network planning and optimisation consultancy, announced on Tuesday, 18 November 2008, that it is working with Mozambique operator mCel to support the update of the mCel planning tools for 2G and 3G networks.

19 Nov 2008 11:56

mcel invests about $70m in network infrastructure
mcel invests about $70m in network infrastructure

mcel has announced this week an accelerated investment programme in 2008 of around $70m to be used for the expansion of its national network in Mozambique to increase the quality of service offered and expand its geographical coverage.

4 Jul 2008 11:47

Malawi hosts international telecommunications workshop

Malawi has hosted a telecommunication services workshop at its lakeshore district in Mangochi with calls to various rival telecommunications operators to share services so that consumers can access them at affordable charges.

By Gregory Gondwe 7 Apr 2008 08:47

African nations agree to $1 billion Indian satellite project

A critical mass of countries are signing on to a plan for India to invest $1 billion in the Pan-African e-Network satellite project, a joint initiative with the Africa Union aimed at developing the region's information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.

30 Nov 2007 12:04

Nigeria launches DVB-H mobile TV

Nigeria has beaten South Africa in the roll-out of the DVB-H mobile TV... Details Nigeria, MultiChoice Africa's local business partner in Nigeria, recently launched Africa's first commercial mobile broadcast TV service in the city of Abuja.

30 Aug 2007 07:55

Covering Africa's elections and promoting press freedom by phone

Mobile phones have revolutionised communication in Africa - even during elections.

30 Jul 2007 13:41

VoIP goes mobile
VoIP goes mobile

Cape Town-based telecommunications company, Yeigo, is one of the first companies worldwide to have developed mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), enabling it to offer cheaper and even free mobile calls.

4 Jun 2007 15:33

Culture of secrecy hinders Africa’s information society

Everyone needs and wants to communicate, and they do so with the tools at hand. Africa’s needy urban people are using the most readily available communication technology for them, mobile phones, in innovative ways. But there is still a question over whether this access gives them true inclusion in the global ‘information society’ – the people with access to communication technologies and the information they share.

By Mawaki Chango 14 Mar 2007 19:57

Vodacom’s latest move in Mozambique

Vodacom has announced that Intelec Holdings Limitada has taken up a shareholding in V.M. S.A.R.L., trading as Vodacom Mozambique.

14 Mar 2007 19:32