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Z-Card Kenya's production hub in full swing

Z-Card Africa, Middle East, India and Turkey (ZAMI) launched Z-CARD Kenya as its PocketMedia hub for East Africa in October 2011, after entering into a distributor agreement with Kenya-based Ramco Printing Works Ltd.
"The machinery and equipment has arrived in Kenya and as of the beginning of June 2012, the production hub is in full swing," says Amit Patel, managing director of Ramco Printing.

"Africa is the world's third fastest growing region. The opportunities for ZAMI in countries like Kenya are endless, especially within the telecommunications, tourism and banking sectors," says John Davis, managing director of ZAMI.

"All of the Z-Card formats, as well as other innovative forms of PocketMedia, are already on offer by Z-Card Kenya. These range from the Star Fold and Flip Window to Unidentified Folding Objects, dispensers, plastic loyalty or medical aid cards and die cut covers," says Patel.