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Samsung gives employers access to online Employee Purchase Programme

Samsung South Africa is offering companies the opportunity to provide members of staff with the ability to purchase Samsung products through an Employee Purchase Programme (EPP).
This gives organisations additional benefits to offer employees and can also be used as a rewards programme to assist with staff retention in an increasingly competitive job market for skilled professionals.

"Samsung is not just one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the world offering people a variety of innovative solutions to meet their diverse requirements for the digital lifestyle but it also gives companies solutions tailored to meet the requirements of their staff," says Matthew Thackrah, Deputy MD and director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

Through the EPP, Samsung provides a secure purchasing portal which employees can access to purchase all Samsung products ranging from fridges, digital cameras, and printers, to televisions, tablets, and notebooks. Based on pre-arranged agreements with the employer, products can be financed through monthly salary deductions or third-party financial institutions.

"One of the advantages of the EPP is that Samsung is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer of a comprehensive range of consumer electronics devices and that customers can get all of them from one convenient and secure source," says Thackrah.

Easy to use

The EPP has been designed to be as easy as possible to use. The employer signs up to be registered on the Samsung e-commerce portal and can select from a range of products to be loaded as per their requirements.

"We work closely with the human resources departments of companies to set the parameters which will ensure that both the employer and the employees can get the most benefit out of the EPP," adds Thackrah.

Once an employee has selected the product to purchase and the transaction has gone through the HR and finance departments for approval, delivery will take place within seven days as soon as payment is received.

"Unlike a traditional store, the EPP is available to employees around the clock. We frequently update the portal with new product releases to make sure that users are always able to select from the latest solutions in the market. This gives all the advantages of online procurement and provides an automated platform that takes care of checkout, billing, payments, inventory management, and the like to reduce the costs of the products," concludes Thackrah.