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WWF: 'Pirate' fishing cheats everybody involved

Fishing was on the agenda at a recent Gordon Institute of Business Science forum, Independent Online says. World Wide Fund (WWF) director general Jim Leape told the audience that leading companies "are starting to realise that sustainability is a core business interest."
He added that 'greening' one's business was more than a philanthropic gesture -- it simply made good business sense.

Overfishing didn't affect only coastal communities. It was universal, the second-largest environmental threat after climate change. "Fishing has increased five times over since 1950," Leape said, "we are basically vacuuming fish from every corner of the Earth today.

IUU fishing "cheats everybody involved," said Leape, especially developing countries without the naval resources to patrol their coastlines and ward off foreign vessels from pillaging their waters, Independent Online reports.

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