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New study centre for PE

A unique tertiary institution, where there are no lecturers on campus and students attend classes after work with a lecturer who is more than 1,000km away, will open its doors in Nelson Mandela Bay next year.
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Registration is open for Akademia Studiesentrum Port Elizabeth, which is the 12th fully Afrikaans centre of its kind in the country.

The institution is located in Broadway Avenue, Fernglen, and will open in January.

Currently Akademia has 720 registered pupils.

Unlike most tertiary institutions, it only provides late classes - between 5pm and 10pm - with classes for postgraduate diplomas taking place on Saturdays.

In contrast to other institutions, Akademia lecturers are not physically present in lecture rooms - instead they are live-streamed across all campuses simultaneously.

Akademia operational manager Paul Vogel said the live-streaming opened the respective topics up to a wider scope of questioning and understanding, with pupils interacting with one another from all corners of the country.

"Most people would love to continue their studies but don't have the time to attend classes.

"At Akademia, we operate with those individuals in mind, providing daily late lectures and with all of the classes and courses being completed via the internet," Vogel said.

"With the electronic format, pupils are able to download lectures, books and notes. So even if they are unable to attend a class they won't miss out on anything.

"However, there are attendance requirements."

The degrees on offer include BCom Management Accounting, Economics and Law, Financial Planning and Enterprise Management.

The institution also provides postgraduate diplomas and a number of short courses.

"Because pupils from all around the country are interacting in the lectures, questions might be asked by a Western Cape student that someone in PE would never have thought of because it might not apply in their region," Vogel said.

"So students are given a broader understanding, instead of simply referring to textbook scenarios and questions.

"They are able to introduce real-life scenarios and theory application," he said.

The lectures are conducted by lecturers based at the Akademia head office in Pretoria.

In the classrooms around the country, there are two screens, one displaying the class notes and the other streaming the lecture.

Tablet computers for students to receive their work were included in their study fees, Vogel said.

"Akademia is focused on providing accessible and affordable education in Afrikaans, to enable students of all ages to obtain quality education and training and make a difference in their communities."

Source: Herald