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A side-splitting Stand and Deliver

If you haven't seen Nik Rabinowitz on YouTube or had a friend tell you: "You have to watch this guy, he's hilarious," then I'm not sure where you have been for the last two years. As the foremost Xhosa-speaking, Jewish comedian Nik brings something to the stage that is fresh and touches home.
Nik's opening act was a refugee from the Eastern Cape: Tats Nkonzo, who recently won the Blackberry Breakthrough award at the 2nd annual South African Comics Choice awards in 2012. He comes equipped with a guitar and a wicked sense of humour that takes observational comedy to a whole new level, especially with his "White Struggle" song! He has opened for Nik before and it is definitely a duo that works, as you see when they sing together.

Outstanding originality

I have been lucky enough to see many comedians live, but the problem is that they all seem to go through phases when they use similar jokes and routines. But not Nik, his originality is outstanding and that sets him apart from the crowd.

Nik's funny nature and natural interaction with people has seen him as the host of the Coca-Cola Mega Millions game show and he has made an appearance on British panel show Mock the Week. He is also the host of "The Week That Wasn't". Along with these accolades he is an original comedian who has a way with an audience and a quirky smile that gets you all laughing.

Nik sees the funny side of everything, whether it is the way that adults speak to children or the politicians in our country. But the thing that will have you in stitches is his spot-on impersonations of the various ethnic groups in South Africa and the people who lead us. He is flawless and will have your sides hurting, not simply because it's hilarious but because it is true!

Don't miss Joburg

How can you get taxi drivers flying planes, the statement "Dada make hot for sossy", skiing in Cape Town and the Chinese overlords into one show? It may seem impossible but Nik certainly makes it seem easy. A side-splitting, cheek-hurting performance that can never be duplicated.

Unfortunately his show in Cape Town was a one-night show, but he will be in Joburg at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City on Saturday 10th November 2012 at 9pm. Tickets cost from R120 to R150 via Computicket, with special discounts available to early bookings and groups of ten or more. For meal/show packages, call 011-248-5000. Advance booking is recommended. PG 13.