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Student of marketing, liver of life.
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Jordan Scott is a student of marketing and lover of life.
First Electric Vines is a hit

With tickets in hand, bags packed, car filled and drinks chilling we set off to Arabella for the very first Electric Vines music festival.

By Jordan Scott 9 Jan 2015

Lessons learnt as an RTD first-timer

I have been well and truly Rocked by the Daisies. I've never been to an outdoor music festival and I was slightly apprehensive as I like my home comforts. So I wrote up hundreds of lists, Googled every 'festival hack' I could find and eventually packed up on Thursday to head to Cloof Wine Estate.

By Jordan Scott 7 Oct 2014

Master Bartending Academy Awards 2014

I'd always thought that being a bartender was a thankless job and not a sought-after career; however I was proven wrong.

By Jordan Scott 13 Mar 2014

Front Row Friday with Blackbyrd

In preparation for K-Day, KFM and MTN have been hosting live studio performances over the last few weeks. Jordan Scott was privileged to have a few minutes with Tarryn Lamb, Samantha Heldsinger and Tamsyn Make of Blackbyrd at last week's Front Row Friday, here's what they had to say.

By Jordan Scott 7 Mar 2014

Front Row Friday with Goodluck

In preparation for K-Day, KFM and MTN have been hosting live studio performances over the last few weeks. Jordan Scott was privileged to have a few minutes with Jules and Ben from Goodluck at last week's Front Row Friday, here's what they had to say.

By Jordan Scott 6 Mar 2014

Caffeluxe - two-week challenge

I'm not sure whether it is a blessing or a curse, but I have never been one to need my "daily fix" of coffee. So when invited to do a taste test with Caffeluxe, I wasn't incredibly optimistic about my chances of getting anything right.

By Jordan Scott 8 Oct 2013

Alien Safari - Sprung

Now that I have recovered, I feel it is safe to write this all down. This was my first proper outdoor trance party and I can safely say that I survived. Apart from leaving my mattress back in Cape Town and sleeping on the ground and then in the car, all went well.

By Jordan Scott 12 Sep 2013

Kagga Kamma's calling you

Do you need to get away from it all, I mean truly get away and unwind where technology, cellular contact, or electronics can't tempt you to step back into everyday life?

By Jordan Scott 25 Jul 2013

Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure

Another magnificent five-day adventure through the world of Disney at the CTICC, with international, award-winning skaters. Sit back and enjoy the show as Mickey and friends skate you through the world of some of the most beloved Disney characters.

By Jordan Scott 5 Jul 2013

Eddie Izzard Force Majeure

I truly believe there was a time in Eddie Izzard's life when someone told him to stop talking nonsense and he decided to do the complete opposite. If you've ever watched a clip on YouTube, seen one of his performances on DVD, or been lucky enough to see him live then you will know that this action transvestite has literally become famous by talking nonsense.

By Jordan Scott 21 Jun 2013

Let your innner foodie out at the GFWS

The general consensus of the Good Food and Wine Show is that it is only for those who are wine connoisseurs or can identify every herb ever used. This is most definitely not the case, the Good Food and Wine Show brings out anyone's inner foodie and you only need to drink wine to be able to enjoy the variety of cultivars and blends on offer.

By Jordan Scott 29 May 2013

The beauty of Decorex

This was the 15th year that Decorex has graced the Mother City. It was originally started by Nicola Hadfield with a mere R800, who has now founded the A Beautiful Day exhibition. Decorex was taken over by the Thebe Exhibition and Project Group and it has done a sterling job in keeping it innovative and exciting for those attending.

By Jordan Scott 2 May 2013

A visit to 1Roodeberg

The launch of the 1Roodeberg was a beautiful and rich one. If you have ever driven passed the KWV building in Paarl you will know that even the sight of it is enough to send you back through the years. This is the home of Roodeberg and where the 1Roodberg room is situated, a room that has hosted foreign diplomats, dignitaries and celebrities in its time. It was once the KWV's directors' reception and is now where those who join the 1Roodeberg members club can entertain, have dinner and enjoy other benefits reserved for those in the club.

By Jordan Scott 4 Apr 2013

Atelier AHA launches

In the last few years we have watched Woodstock bloom into a creative space that is full of interesting and intriguing spaces. This week another has been added to the mix - Atelier AHA. This New York-style warehouse is situated in the heart of trendy Woodstock and has been converted into a creative space, but not for one specific purpose, it has been created to house all artistic disciplines.

By Jordan Scott 8 Mar 2013

Cape Town Tens

First things first, as a lady I don't understand rugby very well. I know that the ball goes through the poles and you can only throw backwards and that is the extent of it. However, I am all for learning and what better way than at the world's biggest Tens' tournament.

By Jordan Scott 7 Feb 2013

Made To Fly Met

This is the 36th year that J&B has sponsored The Met. The theme "Made To Fly" was actually based around the idea of "Made To Succeed", which J&B felt they have done over and over again. The race used to be run on Green Point common; British soldiers attached to the Cape Garrison would race and the ladies in all their attire would watch and cheer them on. Although not British, the jockeys of the 2013 Met are certainly soldiers and many ladies were in their very best - and the cheering was mind-blowing.

By Jordan Scott 6 Feb 2013

The Castle Cape Town Tens

This year will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Castle Cape Town Tens and it promises to be bigger and better than any previous year. For those of you who don't know, the Castle Cape Town Tens is the world's biggest Tens tournament - and who wouldn't want to be part of that?

By Jordan Scott 24 Jan 2013

Cape Town Festival of Beer: Blogger challenge

In the build-up to The Cape Town Festival of Beer (23 to 25 November) 10 bloggers received home-brewing kits from Keg King to begin their blogger brew master competition. Although the brewing kit comes with all the necessary instructions some went off the beaten track and decided to get creative. Almond was added, coriander, orange peel, various fruits and it is still under debate whether or not bubble gum was added to one blogger's brew.

By Jordan Scott 22 Nov 2012

The Bookmarks Awards: Hollywood Glamour... and the winners are...

Held at the Artscape, it was like stepping into a scene from the Oscar's. Everyone was dressed to the nines and the bubbles flowed as the who's who of the advertising world rubbed shoulders and waited in anticipation to see who would come out on top.

By Jordan Scott 5 Nov 2012

A side-splitting Stand and Deliver

If you haven't seen Nik Rabinowitz on YouTube or had a friend tell you: "You have to watch this guy, he's hilarious," then I'm not sure where you have been for the last two years. As the foremost Xhosa-speaking, Jewish comedian Nik brings something to the stage that is fresh and touches home.

By Jordan Scott 30 Oct 2012

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