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Wolwedans in die Skemer

Finally we can say that a new era for South African films has dawned. These are exciting times - time to say goodbye to the slapstick, badly executed films that South African audiences have had to put up with until now.
Wolwedans In Die Skemer follows the story of a young woman, Sonja Daneel, who has an accident just outside Hotel Njala in Hazyview and loses her memory. She soon gets involved in the unpredictable lives of the family that owns Hotel Njala, which has a mysterious (and sometimes spooky) feel about it. We follow Sonja as she meets the resident tour guide, Ryno Lategan, who promises to help her get her memory back. As the story develops, you can't help but wonder whether Sonja really wants to remember everything; sometimes the truth can be a scary thing, especially when it involves the people of Hotel Njala.

Mysterious people and their secrets

What Wolwedans In Die Skemer manages to achieve is magical. From the start of the film, you are sucked into a fictitious world of mysterious people and their secrets, where scary things happen and no one knows why. As if that is not enough, you are thrown between realities with all the twists and dark corners of the plot, only to be spat out at the end of the movie with so much information to process that you feel like bursting out in tears.

The movie showcases some favourite South African actors at their best. They managed to give the characters depth and watching them come to life on the silver screen gives you goose bumps. The strength and magnitude of their performances is truly astonishing. But I have to mention, you can only expect brilliance if you cast real actors (be gone with the music artists in films).

Wolwedans In Die Skemer was written by Leon van Nierop and directed by the amazing young director Jozua Malherbe - be sure to watch out for this guy in the future. The cast includes: Lelia Etsebeth, Karen Wessels, Rolanda Marais, Desire Gardner, David Louw, Andre Roothman, Riana Wilkens, Jaques Bessenger, Gerard Rudolf, and Illse Roos.

Wolwedans In Die Skemer will be released in cinemas on 5 October, 2012. It is in Afrikaans with English subtitles. Watch the trailer here:

You can find out more about Wolwedans In Die Skemer by visiting its website and connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

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