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The 'certifiable' are running universal analytics on Google - a game changer in web analytics

Once a year the 'certifiable' meet just off Google's campus in Mountain View, San Francisco and share new developments with like-minded visionaries with a passion for the user journey and website optimisation through Google Analytics.
As iProspect is only one of two certified partners in Southern Africa this was an opportunity for us to be able to experience the new developments first-hand and be able to return to home soil and implement these technologies into our system, offering our clients that edge that they will need in the new converged marketing world.

Marketers are only now starting to truly get to grips with the real value of data analytics, conversion from click to consumer and user centric websites are key. The Google Analytics development team truly understand the journey and pain points that marketers experience and have developed tools that are needed to ease the journey directly to the consumer.

The re-invention of web analytics

In a bold move they have reinvented web analytics to ensure that the data mined gives a truer reflection of the way consumers search and engage, taking into consideration that they do this now across a number of devices and track across bought, owned and earned media to deliver to the analyst 'moments that matter'. This in turn gives us the edge in the market to determine a higher conversion into true brand engagement.

Being a GOOGLE Analytics partner means that we are truly able to measure your brands business goals on the web, allowing us to work in tandem with you ensuring that your online presence allows conversion from browser to engaged consumer.

How does this help us to help you?

We can now offer our clients via Google Universal Analytics a true measurement via their new Measurement Protocol (an API that enables you to send your data to Google Analytics) allowing us to measure how your consumers actually become and remain loyal customers.

Consumers use multiple devices

Managing data on your website is no longer sufficient - brands are increasingly asking for a cross-platform view of their data in Analytics. The tools from the Measurement Protocol allow us to send your own data about your customers and business seamlessly (from any digital device that you are measuring) to your Analytics account. This helps us see how users interact with your brand from multiple touch points - phones, tablets, laptops or more - in one place.

The world is mobile

Mobile App Analytics was launched earlier this year as a beta and it's been delivering great results so far and Universal Analytics now enables us to measure your marketing more holistically by integrating this data with your Google Analytics account.

Cross-channel measurement

Cross-channel information is more important and more diverse than ever before. Universal Analytics, via the Measurement Protocol, lets us sync your own data from across various marketing channels, so you can discover relationships between the channels that drive conversions.

Your business is unique

Not every campaign (or app, or website!) is the same, and sometimes, depending on your business and goals, you want to learn more about a particular aspect of the way visitors interact with your business. With Universal Analytics, we can integrate your own data and customise the metrics that matter to you - beyond website visits. Google Analytics can deliver the custom metrics you want, in the same report you're used to, based on the customised data you provide.

Measurement today is evolving from technology that counts site traffic into a broader system that measures your effectiveness in advertising, sales, product usage, support, and retention. Ultimately, this sort of integrated measurement can help you deliver the best service, products, and experiences for your customers and IProspect are ready to take your brand to the next level with Google's Universal Analytics.

About Anne Scharlow

Anne Scharlow is director of Product Development at IProspect, a leading, global digital performance agency, focused on delivering digital performance on a global scale.
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    You are spot on Anne. It's fascinating watch Google Analytics revolutionize how we look at online business.Ron Lee, MBAAuthor
    Posted on 4 Nov 2012 14:03