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Agri SA: positive policy decisions, not ideologies, should drive Mangaung

According to, Agri SA said on Wednesday, 12 December 2012, that the ANC elective conference in Mangaung required exceptional leadership skills to address the country's problems.
Johannes Möller, president of the agricultural trade association said that problems such as fiscal constraints, labour unrest and reduced foreign direct investment "undoubtedly require sound domestic policies as a point of departure if the country is to be prevented from entering ... a downward spiral."

"Policy decisions taken at Mangaung should be aimed at positively influencing the country's economy... whilst preoccupation with ideologies should certainly not be on the cards," Möller said, adding that Agri SA wished to add its voice to that of big business leaders calling for drastic steps to deal with problems in education, with corruption and unemployment.

Möller said Agri SA was approached to participate in the business programme of the ANC's progressive business forum, which would run parallel to the conference. The elective conference of the ruling African National Congress is to get underway in Mangaung on Sunday. It ends next Friday, says.

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