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Energy minister appoints Nersa and Necsa CEOs

Minister of energy,Tina Joemat-Pettersson, has appointed Christopher Forlee as CEO of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) and reappointed Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa) CEO Phumzile Tshelane for another term. The two will hold these positions for five and three years respectively, from 1 January 2017.
Prior to his appointment, Forlee was responsible for regulation of the petroleum pipelines industry within Nersa. He is a highly experienced executive previously employed at various institutions within the energy sector including, BP South Africa as manager: regulatory affairs, the department of public enterprises as deputy director general: energy and broadband, and Eskom as chief energy consultant.

Acknowledging Forlee's extensive experience of the sector, Joemat-Pettersson said, "I look forward to the meaningful and progressive impact and stability that Forlee will bring to the wider energy sector in general, and Nersa in particular. I hope that his tenure will allow his professional fulfilment to reach new heights in the sector."

The reappointment of Tshelane to serve a second and final term of office as Necsa CEO was supported by the body's board and was approved by cabinet on December 7.

“He is a highly experienced senior nuclear physicist, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the nuclear industry and his reappointment as CEO will provide the organisation with valuable continuity and stability during this critical period of nuclear new build programme," said the minister.