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Tru-Cape's successful harvest tempered by currency volatility

Despite challenges in terms of fruit size and quality, Tru-Cape says with all apple and pear trees picked, it has been a busy and successful harvest...

1 day ago

AfDB committed to building resilience of African agriculture

"The goal is nothing if not ambitious: we believe that by 2025, the continent of Africa can be a net exporter, not an importer, of food."

2 days ago

Better forest management needed for building sustainable agriculture

The key message of the FAO's "The State of the World's Forests" is an urgent need to promote more positive interactions between agriculture and forestry...

3 days ago

FAO calls for increased vigilance as avian influenza virus H5N1 advances

As the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, H5N1, spreads across countries in West and Central Africa, the region is on high alert...

15 Jul 2016

ENOUGH: Global food production under threat, innovation needed

On the current food production trajectory, we will lose the battle for a food-secure world. If declining production trends continue as a result of...

13 Jul 2016

Report urges more work to curb overfishing despite progress

Due to stronger aquaculture supply and firm demand, record hauls for some key species and reduced wastage, global per capita fish consumption has risen above 20 kilograms...

11 Jul 2016

Debunking African agriculture myths

Kenya- born Calestous Juma, a professor at Harvard University, explains the world has taken a generalised view of African agriculture and how this perception can be changed...

By Calestous Juma 8 Jul 2016

Growing food in thin air

African farmers constantly have to compete against climate change, adverse weather conditions, drought, affected soil and high costs...

7 Jul 2016

Africa not for sissies, especially agriculture

Africa is the continent with 46% of the world's underutilised land, the bulk of the ground water resources and the best climate for agriculture production, yet our farmers are the poorest...

5 Jul 2016

$24 billion investment boost for African agriculture

The African Development Bank has pledged 24 billion US dollars as an investment to ensure the implementation of the continent's agricultural transformation agenda...

1 Jul 2016

Faking food security

With less food and more people, demand is outstripping supply. One solution to this problem could be the creation of fake foods...

1 Jul 2016

African hunger policy silent on climate risks

A deal aimed to double agricultural production and end hunger in Africa has underestimated the impact climate change will have on the continent's food production...

By Baraka Rateng 29 Jun 2016

The state of agriculture in Africa

Agriculture has the potential to lift the African continent out of poverty and alleviate hunger, however, the sector has struggled to perform in recent history...

27 Jun 2016

Crop yields will fall within next decade due to climate change unless action is taken, says new study

Crop yields will fall within the next decade due to climate change unless immediate action is taken to speed up the introduction of new and improved varieties...

22 Jun 2016

Ancient African farming technique could help mitigate climate change

700-year-old African soil procedure could help offset global warming...

20 Jun 2016

Partnership makes strides in promoting sustainable land management in Africa

Improved land management strategies and technologies being used across sub-Saharan Africa are helping protect the environment, boost agricultural productivity...

20 Jun 2016

#CGFSummit: Reap the rewards of doing business sustainably

'Shared-value sustainability' was a hot topic on the third and final day of the Consumer Goods Forum, with insights shared by Nestlé CEO and former Consumer Goods Forum co-chair, Paul Bulcke.

By Leigh Andrews 17 Jun 2016

#CGFSummit: Food safety, not just a Western luxury

A customer buys meat and vegetables from your store. He goes home, eats that fresh produce, and contracts a serious illness. Possibly even dies. Here's how to prevent this nightmare from becoming a business reality...

By Leigh Andrews 17 Jun 2016

Cheap milk from South Africa, Europe hurts Kenyan exports

Kenya's dairy products are being hurt by cheaper milk on sale in the region from South Africa and Europe, denying local processors a lucrative export market...

By Gerald Andae 2 Jun 2016

PwC Agribusiness report on technological innovation

Agriculture is on the edge of a second green revolution...

1 Jun 2016

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