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Episode 132: Digicape launches iBeacon technology in South Africa.

Date: 22 May 2015
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IWMF announces Courage in Journalism Award winners

WASHINGTON DC, US: The International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) has announced the 2015 Courage in Journalism and Lifetime Achievement Award winners

22 May 2015 07:48


ICANN chief stepping down in early 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, US: The head of the group that oversees all internet addresses will step down early next year, after a plan to end US oversight is delivered to Congress...

22 May 2015 08:08


China makes major changes to its advertising laws

NEW YORK, USA: Responding to changes in the marketplace and the increasing importance of the internet to advertisers, China recently enacted its first major changes to its advertising laws in twenty years...

21 May 2015 12:35


Streaming giant Spotify expands into video, original content

NEW YORK, USA: Streaming leader Spotify on Wednesday announced an entry into video and original content, hoping to expand its reach beyond music...

21 May 2015 10:22


Free retail fraud conference in New York in September

NEW YORK, USA: Retail Knowledge will stage a free conference on Retail Fraud in New York on 24 September 2015, in association with the National Anti-Organised Retail Crime Association of America NAORCA...

21 May 2015 11:23


Twitter-Google deal puts tweets in search results

SAN FRANCISCO, US: Google and Twitter announced a partnership Tuesday to display tweets in search results, renewing a tie-up that ended in 2011...

20 May 2015 12:50


How data entry can help companies to establish a quick and secure database?

Information is king! We live in an information-driven world; where strong database is like half the battle won! It has gained so much prominence...

By Ritesh Sanghani 20 May 2015 09:38


Tweeter-in-chief Obama gets own account

WASHINGTON, USA: "Hello, Twitter! It's Barack. Really! Six years in, they're finally giving me my own account..."

19 May 2015 14:36


Mixed decision for Samsung appeal in Apple patent case

WASHINGTON, US: A US appeals court on Monday upheld most elements of the blockbuster patent case, in which Samsung was found to have violated Apple iPhone patents, but invalidated some of the damages...

19 May 2015 08:15


Microsoft's Bing search engine to go 'mobile friendly'

WASHINGTON, US: Microsoft said on Thursday its Bing search engine would be reconfigured to give more prominence to "mobile-friendly" websites...

18 May 2015 08:11


ICANN sees privatisation of internet management soon

SAN FRANCISCO, US: The head of the non-profit group that oversees the world's internet addresses expressed confidence on Thursday that it would be privatised and out of US government control...

18 May 2015 10:39


Reddit cracks down on harassment

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Reddit on Thursday said it is cracking down on abusive behaviour that is keeping people from expressing opinions at the news-focused social network...

15 May 2015 11:20


Facebook dives deep into news with publisher deal

WASHINGTON, USA: Facebook moved deeper into the media business on Wednesday by crafting a deal with news publishers which allows the social network to deliver articles directly to readers...

14 May 2015 08:29


Etihad Airways partners Brand USA

Etihad Airways has entered into a partnership with Brand USA, a destination marketing organisation for the United States, in order to boost tourism to the US. The airline sponsored a Brand USA reception at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, as part of the annual Arabian Travel Market global travel and tourism exhibition...

13 May 2015 11:30


Mischief makers prompt Google to halt public map edits

SAN FRANCISCO, US: Google on Monday said it is sidelining its crowd-sourced map-making tool to implement a way to prevent bogus edits, some of which have proven embarrassing...

13 May 2015 10:12


Google's new mobile search algorithm and why it matters to you

While Google's ranking algorithm is always foremost in the minds of SEO's around the world, there are generally only small ranking alterations we need to be mindful of on a month to month basis...

By Boris Dzhingarov 13 May 2015 13:11


AOL signs off after 30-year connection

WASHINGTON, US: Over its 30-year history, the company got America on the internet, became a corporate power, lost its lustre and reinvented itself several times in an effort to stay relevant...

13 May 2015 11:05


Verizon buys faded internet pioneer AOL for US$4.4bn

WASHINGTON, US: Verizon said on Tuesday it is buying internet pioneer AOL for approximately $4.4 billion, enabling the US telecom giant to boost its presence in online media and advertising...

13 May 2015 11:00


Smartphones among top gadgets for Americans: survey

WASHINGTON, US: Smartphones are now used in 72 percent of US homes and have become the third most-owned electronics item for Americans, a survey showed on Monday...

12 May 2015 13:54


Top content marketing tips for SEO success

Content marketing is an important part of search engine optimisation. If you don't get this bit right, your website traffic will plummet and other, more competitive brands, will steal your business away...

By Boris Dzhingarov 19 May 2015 11:38

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