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US bans 'unsafe' trans fats in food

WASHINGTON: Artificial trans fats found in everything are not safe to eat and must be removed from food in the next three years...

18 Jun 2015 12:35


Female millennials are the most confident and ambitious of any female generation

New PwC survey dispels myths about women and work...

5 Mar 2015 09:17


Hyundai, Kia to pay USD100m over fuel economy suit

WASHINGTON: Hyundai and Kia agreed to pay $100 million on Monday, 3 November, to settle a US government investigation into exaggerated fuel efficiency on 2012 and 2013 car models sold in the United States by the South Korean automakers.

5 Nov 2014 11:12


Warning of major hacking attack on the USA

WASHINGTON, USA: Cyber attacks might be taking a toll now, but just wait: a survey of experts says things are likely to get even worse in the US over the next decade.

30 Oct 2014 11:28


Amazon's Fire Stick streams Netflix, Hulu and others

NEW YORK, USA: Amazon has unveiled a new media stick allowing users to stream content to television sets, challenging Google's Chromecast device released last year.

28 Oct 2014 10:55


Amazon's loss reaches $437m but outlook is confusing

NEW YORK, USA: Amazon says its loss in the last quarter rose to $437m after a series of product launches including new phones, tablets and television programs had failed to provide profits for the company.

24 Oct 2014 12:46


Microsoft's earning are pie in the cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Microsoft reported quarterly profits ahead of most expectations, as revenues got a boost from its Xbox consoles and Internet "cloud" services for enterprises.

24 Oct 2014 13:09


IBM sells chip unit but bleeds money

NEW YORK, USA: IBM reported a collapse of its third-quarter profits because of the $4.7bn cost of offloading its micro-chip business to GlobalFoundries.

21 Oct 2014 09:59


GTAT wants court to cancel Apple's sapphire contract

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: A supplier enlisted to make sapphire screens for Apple mobile devices has asked a bankruptcy court to free it from contracts that it branded "oppressive and burdensome."

14 Oct 2014 10:00


iPhone 6 prototype selling for $99,800 on eBay

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Bidding for a rare prototype of Apple's new-generation iPhone 6 neared a whopping $100,000 on eBay, after the device appeared to have accidentally landed in a buyer's hands.

7 Oct 2014 10:20


Hewlett-Packard to separate into two divisions

NEW YORK, USA: Hewlett-Packard said it would split into two separate, listed companies with its computer and printer businesses in one company and its corporate hardware and services operations in another.

7 Oct 2014 10:47


Toyota recalls 690,000 pick-ups over fire risk

WASHINGTON, USA: Toyota said it is recalling about 690,000 Tacoma pick-up trucks in the United States to fix a suspension system flaw that could result in vehicle fires.

1 Oct 2014 12:20


iPhone mess: software glitch and phones bend

WASHINGTON, USA: Apple released and then abruptly pulled back an update for the iOS software used on the iPhone after users complained of bugs, including one that disabled cellular service.

26 Sep 2014 10:49


More than 10m iPhone 6 units sold last weekend

WASHINGTON, USA: Apple broke its sales record for an opening weekend delivering 10m iPhone 6 unites in the first three days and boasting it could have sold more if it had them.

23 Sep 2014 10:05


Samsung's 'phablet' Note 4 on sale from 17 October

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Samsung announced that its eagerly-anticipated Note 4 "phablet" will be released on 17 October.

22 Sep 2014 09:43


Apple's encryption tool locks out governments

WASHINGTON, USA: Apple is rolling-out new privacy protection for iPhones and iPads, with a system that makes it impossible for the company to unlock a device even with a warrant.

19 Sep 2014 10:05


Bezos in deal to build rocket engines

WASHINGTON, USA: The aerospace company Blue Origin has struck a deal to build a US-made rocket engine that aims to eliminate reliance on Russian engines for American satellite launches.

19 Sep 2014 10:56


Record demand for iPhone 6

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Apple said it had received record pre-orders for its new iPhone models, and that some customers will have to wait for the larger-screen versions of the smartphones.

16 Sep 2014 12:15


Android One smartphone to cost $105 in India

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google has launched a $105 smartphone in India, taking aim at emerging markets as part of an initiative called Android One.

16 Sep 2014 12:39


RadioShack faces bankruptcy

NEW YORK, USA: RadioShack said it was seeking to restructure its finances and warned of possible bankruptcy as it reported a bigger loss for the second quarter.

12 Sep 2014 11:45

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