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Apple's profits of $7.7bn in June quarter

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: - Apple reported that its quarterly profit climbed with strong iPhone demand, but a decline in its iPad tablet sales put a damper on its results.

23 Jul 2014 09:19


On-the-go gamers get new Tablet

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: US computer chip manufacturer Nvidia has launched a high-performance tablet aimed at gamers who want the convenience of a mobile device on whch to play games.

23 Jul 2014 09:02


Google's profit of $3.42bn in three months

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google reported its quarterly profit rose to $3.42bn and revenue climbed to $16bn for the year, an increase of 22%.

18 Jul 2014 11:06


Reorganisation sees Microsoft axe 18,000 jobs

NEW YORK, USA: Microsoft said it would axe 18,000 jobs from its global workforce over the next year, the majority coming from the integration of Nokia bought by it earlier this year.

18 Jul 2014 08:38


Musk donates $1m to Tesla museum

WASHINGTON, USA: - Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk has agreed to donate $1m to help fund a new museum dedicated to inventor Nikolai Tesla.

14 Jul 2014 09:16


Malware aimed at disrupting US and Europe's energy supplies

WASHINGTON, USA: Cyber-attackers, possibly even state sponsored, have been targeting energy operations in the United States and Europe since 2011 and were capable of causing significant damage, security researchers have claimed.

1 Jul 2014 09:10


Low-cost smartphone coming from Google

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google is working on a low-cost smartphone aimed at emerging markets as part of an initiative called Android One.

30 Jun 2014 11:19


With new technology, precision farming gains traction

WARWICK, USA: At Little Bohemia Creek Farm, a tractor pretty much drives itself, weaving through rows of corn using GPS technology as it injects carefully dosed amounts of fertiliser into the lands.

30 Jun 2014 08:57


Activite: a smartwatch that fuses fashion and fitness

NEW YORK, USA: Smart gadget specialty firm Withings introduced a fashionable Swiss-made time piece that doubles as a fitness tracker.

26 Jun 2014 08:56


Android software to be used in cars, watches, TVs

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google has set out to expand its Android operations beyond smartphones to cars, watches and televisions.

26 Jun 2014 07:56


Amazon sets 'Fire' to smartphone market

WASHINGTON, USA: Amazon has unveiled its "Fire Phone," a high-end handset boasting what it claims are "breakthrough technologies" in a move aimed at challenging Apple and Samsung.

19 Jun 2014 07:59


Tesla patents available to 'open source movement'

WASHINGTON, USA: Electric car manufacturer has Tesla announced it was giving up its patents on technology used in its vehicles to "the open source movement," to help spur electric vehicle technology.

17 Jun 2014 08:23


Samsung's new high-end tablet may challenge iPads

NEW YORK, USA: Samsung began selling a new line of high-end tablet computers that are aimed directly at the market-leading Apple iPad.

17 Jun 2014 06:39


Valeant's higher offer rejected by Allergan again

NEW YORK, USA: Botox manufacturer Allergan has rejected, for a third time, a takeover bid from Canadian drugs maker Valeant, claiming the increased offer still substantially under-values the company.

11 Jun 2014 06:53


Chrysler's US sales jump 17% in May

WASHINGTON, USA: Chrysler's US sales of cars and truck climbed by 17% in May from a year ago as Jeep and Ram brands racked up strong gains.

4 Jun 2014 10:13


Apple unveils HealthKit, HomeKit and new operating systems

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Apple has unveiled new operating software it hopes will create a seamless experience for users flitting between its coveted mobile devices and the popular Macintosh computers.

3 Jun 2014 07:45


Ford recalls almost 1.4 million cars in North America

WASHINGTON, USA: Ford Motor Company has issued safety recalls for nearly 1.4m cars in North America, mostly in the US, to fix potential steering and other problems.

2 Jun 2014 08:51


LG launches new flagship G3 smartphone

SAN FRANCISCO, US: LG Electronics went big in style with a flagship G3 smartphone aimed at turning heads away from market dominators Apple and Samsung.

29 May 2014 10:50


Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 computer and tablet

NEW YORK, USA: Microsoft has unveiled a new Surface Pro tablet designed as a powerful all-purpose computer fit to replace a laptop.

22 May 2014 11:37


Microsoft to negotiate with China after Windows 8 ban

NEW YORK, USA: Microsoft said it would maintain efforts to gain approval in China for its Windows 8 operating system after a ban announced by Beijing.

21 May 2014 11:54


Android out to conquer businesses with startup Divide

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google confirmed that it has bought a startup specialising in helping employees using their personal smartphones or tablets securely for work.

20 May 2014 12:00


Hyundai recalls 140,000 SUVs over airbag issue

WASHINGTON, USA - South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai is recalling 140,000 vehicles in the United States and Puerto Rico because of an air bag problem, according to documents filed with US safety regulators.

20 May 2014 09:49


General Motors recalls 2,9m more cars worldwide

NEW YORK, USA: - General Motors announced the recall of another 2,9m vehicles worldwide but 2,71m of them are in the United States and about 200,000 in other parts of the world.

16 May 2014 10:10


Google selling Glass internet eyewear in US

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google's internet-linked eyewear - hotly anticipated by some, feared by others - is now available to anyone in the United States with $1,500 to spare and a yen to become an "explorer."

15 May 2014 07:57


HP pledges US$1bn investment in cloud computing

NEW YORK, USA: Hewlett Packard unveiled an expanded offering of Internet "cloud" services and pledged to invest US$1bn in this technology over the next two years.

8 May 2014 08:29


Apple splitting stock as iPhone sales soar

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Apple courted investors with plans to split its stock as iPhone sales pushed up profits while underscoring pressure for the company to unveil "the next big thing."

25 Apr 2014 07:27


IBM hammered on earnings slump

WASHINGTON, USA: IBM reported a 21% slump in first quarter earnings, as the computer company saw weaker hardware sales and focused more on services and the Internet cloud.

22 Apr 2014 10:04


Honda's new ASIMO robot, more human-like than ever

NEW YORK, USA: It walks and runs, even up and down stairs. It can open a bottle and serve a drink, and politely tries to shake hands with a stranger. Meet the latest ASIMO, Honda's humanoid robot.

22 Apr 2014 09:02


GM seeks court protection from ignition lawsuits

NEW YORK, USA: General Motors (GM) plans to ask a bankruptcy court to rule that it is protected from lawsuits arising from faulty ignitions tied to 13 deaths and numerous crashes.

17 Apr 2014 07:42


GM has known about steering problems since 2011

WASHINGTON, USA: - Documents revealed this week show that General Motors' Chief Executive Mary Barra was told of steering problems on cars in 2011. The steering problem and an ignition switch problem has led to the company's recall of 2.6m cars worldwide.

16 Apr 2014 08:49

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