How to sell your home quickly

Working with national home buyers can ensure that you have a speedy and stress-free sale...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 4 Sep 2017


Here's what the average London property price can buy you around the world

New research has revealed that Londoners could move abroad and swap their one-bed flats for a seven-bedroom mansion complete with swimming pool...

23 Jun 2017


Third of non-pension holders plan to 'live for the day' rather than invest

LONDON, UK: While lack of financial provision for the future is an issue that just won't go away, it seems that today, the majority of Brits are more focused on what their money can do in the here and now. Indeed, latest research from Mintel finds merely a third (34%) of non-retired adults have some form of pension savings - equivalent to just 12 million consumers.

By Mintel Oxygen reports 27 Jul 2011