Agriculture Trends 2018

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R37.5m biorefinery facility launched in Durban to extract maximum value from biomass waste

In a first for South Africa, the government has launched a R37.5m biorefinery facility in Durban. The facility will support innovation in a range of industries, including forestry, agro-processing and other biomass-based industries...

2 days ago

Why African farmers should balance pesticides with other control methods

Agriculture needs a way to manage harmful insects without destroying the ecological balance of the environment...

By Esther Ndumi Ngumbi 2 days ago

Ikea's "fast food of the future" includes worm balls, bug burgers and algae hot dogs

Space10 is Ikea's research hub and innovation lab, devoted to developing bold and sustainable new business models. The latest project to come out of the lab is a selection of five iconic fast food dishes...

By Rich Haridy 1 day ago

Scientists to turn chicken feathers into socks

Nearly one billion broiler chickens were slaughtered locally in 2013, leaving behind a pile of nearly 240 million kg of feathers every year that was mainly dumped in landfill sites. To turn this mountain of feathers into something more valuable...

1 day ago

Agri-Teen Symposium to foster youth participation in agriculture

The symposium aims to establish a practical network of mentors for South African youth to tap into enhanced programmes that not only encourage greater youth participation in the sector but also facilitate this in a sustainable manner...

2 days ago

Sustainable diets will remain a minefield until we change the way we approach food

With profit-making still at the top of the food industry agenda - and the environmental costs of many food products hidden by complex supply chains - we need more than consumer power alone to achieve a truly sustainable food system...

By Chris West, Bob Doherty & Tony Heron 20 Mar 2018

Gender gaps: Bane of Africa's agricultural R&D

Africa's agricultural production is negatively affected by gaps in gender-responsive agricultural research. Increased production and dissemination of gender-responsive research and innovations in agriculture could be a significant game-changer for Africa...

By Gilbert Nakweya 20 Mar 2018

Climate change a top concern for agribusinesses

The Allianz Risk Barometer 2018 reveals that climate change or increasing volatility of weather is a top concern for agribusinesses. Farming is a high-risk industry faced with uncontrollable threats like hailstorms, floods, disease outbreaks and drought...

20 Mar 2018

High-tech and higher-level training

Moving your farm to high-tech solutions doesn't mean safety can take a backseat...

By Shanyn Silinski 19 Mar 2018

Fighting Fall armyworm? There's an app for that

FAO has launched the Fall Armyworm Monitoring and Early Warning System mobile app, which provides valuable insights on its behaviour in Africa and guide best response...

15 Mar 2018

The economic impact of stock theft

During December 2017, 30% less livestock was slaughtered than the previous year - an indication that producers are rebuilding their herds. The decrease in supply resulted in an increase in the value of livestock, including stolen livestock...

14 Mar 2018

Kenya launches pan-African skills development programme in agriculture sector

The two-year programme, targeting mid-level professionals working in the agriculture sector across sub-Saharan Africa, seeks to strengthen the capacity of Africa's young professionals to revolutionise agriculture value chains grappling with skills gap and low technology uptake...

13 Mar 2018

Embattled bees face yet another potential threat - virus-carrying hoverflies

Many countries have banned or restricted the use of pesticides such as neonicotinoids in farming because of their links to bee decline. But bee decline is much more complex than the idea that pesticides are driving all pollinators to extinction...

By Emily Bailes 13 Mar 2018

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Carrefour's chicken blockchain set to lay eggs

PARIS, France - French supermarket group Carrefour said on Tuesday it would expand its blockchain-based food traceability programme, which is currently in place for some chickens, to eight other products including eggs by the end of the year.

7 Mar 2018

#DesignIndaba2018: Seeing the world through a grain of sand

The moment designer Lonny van Ryswyck took her shoes off on the Design Indaba stage, she opened many eyes to see the same thing in a different way. Isn't that what design is really about?

By Jessica Tennant 23 Feb 2018

Western Cape showcases at Gulfood in Dubai to promote halal sector

In an effort to promote exports and the Western Cape halal sector, Wesgro has been supporting the South African Department of Trade and Industry and Western Cape companies at Gulfood in Dubai - an internationally recognised food and beverage trade show featuring 5,000 exhibitors and 120 national pavilions covering one million square feet. It is expected that over 100,000 traders and visitors will visit the show.

21 Feb 2018

Lab grown meat to cause labeling issues

The United States Cattlemen's Association (USCA) has petitioned the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to exclude products not derived directly from animals raised and slaughtered, from the definition of 'beef' and 'meat'.

19 Feb 2018

Concerted campaign helps women in Kenya's flower industry get a better deal

This Valentine's Day florists are predicting sales of $95m in the UK alone. But where do they all come from?

By Lara Bianchi 16 Feb 2018

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