Agriculture Trends 2018

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Climate change a top concern for agribusinesses
Climate change a top concern for agribusinesses

The Allianz Risk Barometer 2018 reveals that climate change or increasing volatility of weather is a top concern for agribusinesses. Farming is a high-risk industry faced with uncontrollable threats like hailstorms, floods, disease outbreaks and drought...

1 day ago

High-tech and higher-level training
High-tech and higher-level training

Moving your farm to high-tech solutions doesn't mean safety can take a backseat...

By Shanyn Silinski 2 days ago

Rik Schuiling via
Gender gaps: Bane of Africa's agricultural R&D

Africa's agricultural production is negatively affected by gaps in gender-responsive agricultural research. Increased production and dissemination of gender-responsive research and innovations in agriculture could be a significant game-changer for Africa...

By Gilbert Nakweya 1 day ago

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Fighting Fall armyworm? There's an app for that

FAO has launched the Fall Armyworm Monitoring and Early Warning System mobile app, which provides valuable insights on its behaviour in Africa and guide best response...

15 Mar 2018

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The economic impact of stock theft

During December 2017, 30% less livestock was slaughtered than the previous year - an indication that producers are rebuilding their herds. The decrease in supply resulted in an increase in the value of livestock, including stolen livestock...

14 Mar 2018

Kabai Ken via
Kenya launches pan-African skills development programme in agriculture sector

The two-year programme, targeting mid-level professionals working in the agriculture sector across sub-Saharan Africa, seeks to strengthen the capacity of Africa's young professionals to revolutionise agriculture value chains grappling with skills gap and low technology uptake...

13 Mar 2018

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Embattled bees face yet another potential threat - virus-carrying hoverflies

Many countries have banned or restricted the use of pesticides such as neonicotinoids in farming because of their links to bee decline. But bee decline is much more complex than the idea that pesticides are driving all pollinators to extinction...

By Emily Bailes 13 Mar 2018

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How safe is the food on your plate?

In an ideal world, a farmer might sell a harvest of fresh produce to families nearby, who would eat that produce within the week. The more common reality in South Africa and the world, however...

12 Mar 2018

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Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on release of Statistics South Africa jobs data for last quarter of 2017

According to the Stats SA Quarter Four Labour Force Survey, agriculture created an additional 39,000 jobs...

12 Mar 2018

Partnership beefs up veterinary services across Africa, Asia and Middle East to tackle animal disease
Partnership beefs up veterinary services across Africa, Asia and Middle East to tackle animal disease

In just 12 months a USAID-FAO partnership, which works to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to manage outbreaks of diseases in farm animals, trained more than 4,700 veterinary health professionals in 25 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East...

12 Mar 2018

lqlqlqlq75 via
Can the digital revolution transform agriculture?

Digital solutions have huge potential for helping farmers boost productivity and connect to financial tools and markets around the world...

By Heinz Strubenhoff and Roy Parizat 8 Mar 2018

Bernard DUPONT via
From foe to friend: How carnivores could help farmers

Our new study showed that far from causing problems for farmers, carnivores could actually be beneficial by controlling rodent pests...

By Sam Williams, Lourens Swanepoel & Steven Belmain 6 Mar 2018

Kate HoltAusAID via
Beyond profit: How innovation is helping Africa's agri-industry feed the world

For Africa's agricultural sector to reach its potential and meet the food needs of a growing global population, improvements in four key areas need to be achieved...

By Paul McKane 22 Feb 2018

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Halting deforestation: Striking the right balance between human and planetary needs

Rapid population growth accelerates global demand for forest products and services. On the other hand, the population growth also increases demand for agricultural production and converting forests to arable land...

22 Feb 2018

jill111 via
Improving responsible agricultural supply chains critical to fulfilling SDGs

Enterprises involved in the agricultural sector are critical for the fulfilment of the SDGs - playing a key role in generating much-needed investment, decent employment, developing productivity and supply chains that benefit producers and consumers...

21 Feb 2018

pixel2013 via
Top 10 research projects in agri for 2018

A list of ten interesting and important agricultural research projects being started or completed in 2018...

13 Feb 2018

Connected Network in the battle to control plant disease in sub-Saharan Africa
Connected Network in the battle to control plant disease in sub-Saharan Africa

A ground-breaking project which aims to build a sustainable network of international scientists and researchers to tackle vector-borne plant disease that devastates crops in sub-Saharan Africa...

13 Feb 2018

Jameserickuzwa via
Towards a food-secure Africa

"To achieve food sufficiency and turn the continent into a net food exporter, Africa must empower smallholder farmers, who constitute 70% of the population and produce 80% of the food consumed in the continent."

By Raphael Obonyo 12 Feb 2018

Kuzkid via
€50m funding facility launched to support climate change adaptation and mitigation in SA

The funding, set to strengthen the capacity of farmers to prepare, adapt and become resilient to the impacts of a changing climate, couldn't be timelier given the challenges being experienced in the local agricultural sector...

8 Feb 2018

Bjvisser via  - Ethiopian farmer at work on his land.
Keeping up with climate change: Climate zoning as a tool to fight hunger

In countries around the world, farming households are facing the wrath of unpredictable climate patterns, especially in Africa where vulnerability is high...

By Ariong Moses 6 Feb 2018

Dr Thomas Duve (KfW Director for Sub-Saharan Africa) and Bennie van Rooy (Land Bank Chief Financial Officer) conclude the signing of a R900-million loan agreement to boost development in the agricultural sector. (Image Supplied)
Land Bank, KfW partnership to further agricultural development and transformation in SA

The Land Bank has signed a R900m term loan facility, secured through KfW. The funds are earmarked for agricultural development and will supplement the Land Bank's sources of transformational and development funding...

2 Feb 2018

2DU Kenya 84 via
First Malabo Biennial Report: More needs to be done to address threats of climate change to farmers and food security

"The future of agriculture depends on the management of climate change. There is a need for national investments that are targeted at efforts that address the threats to food and nutrition security within the context of the changing climate."

1 Feb 2018

Dizaphotographer via
International community must work together to achieve a sustainable, low-carbon livestock industry

"With improved and climate-smart practices, we can quickly put in place more sustainable and 'greener' livestock supply chains."

22 Jan 2018

jackmac34 via
On land expropriation without compensation: Be aware of the risks

NERPO has, according to reports, come out in favour of expropriation of farmland without compensation. We expect that there are other groups that will do the same over the coming weeks. However...

By Kerwin Lebone 19 Jan 2018

Five major trends in South Africa's agro-food system
Five major trends in South Africa's agro-food system

Agro-food systems often differ considerably from country to country, depending on the level of development, resource availability, business sophistication and agro-food policies and legislation adopted...

By John Purchase 12 Jan 2018

AAC Executive Director Ben Leyka. Image Source:
Planting the seeds of growth

By growing its agricultural economy, Africa ensures a better life for all its people. By becoming an agricultural powerhouse, it serves African people with food security and agribusiness opportunities...

10 Jan 2018

skeeze via
Innovation key to improved commercial and smallholder farming in South Africa

The many challenges on the continent reinforce the critical role of innovation to make agriculture more competitive and sustainable. Innovation is the new normal in agriculture...

5 Jan 2018

African solutions urgently sought for agricultural revolution
African solutions urgently sought for agricultural revolution

GMO technology could kick-start "an agricultural revolution" in Africa, but the continent's failure to invest in agriculture could create an opportunity for companies such as Monsanto, Bayer and others...

By Hans Wetzels 3 Jan 2018

Eyibeauty Oyelowo via
More people went hungry in Africa in 2017. But new initiatives also bore fruit

Though the 2017 rise in food insecurity is disheartening, some African countries have made progress over the last decade. And there were some initiatives that deserve a special mention for the precedents they set...

By Esther Ndumi Ngumbi 3 Jan 2018

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