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2 days ago

9 tips to make your fuel go further

South Africans have already been hit by steep petrol price hikes this year, with more likely to be on the way. Although none of us can do anything about the price we pay at the pump, there are ways to ensure that the fuel in our tanks lasts longer...

Issued by Old Mutual iWYZE 31 May 2018

Understanding the lifespan of vehicle parts: car coolant

Coolant (or antifreeze and summer coolant) protects your engine from freezing and/or over-heating while defending components against corrosion. It also plays a critical role in sustaining overall engine heat balance by removing heat...

9 May 2018

Importing that dream car is easier said than done - but possible

One can import just about anything to South Africa, including cars, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy...

By Jeff Osborne 9 May 2018

Formal skills certification now available for taxi rank technicians

Independent financer of minibus taxis, SA Taxi, has announced that it will be providing training for unqualified technicians currently repairing vehicles at taxi ranks...

9 Apr 2018

Inferior lubricants could be increasing your fleet maintenance costs

Fleet management is all about controlling the costs that you can manage and about mitigating those that you can't...

By Patrick Bergman 27 Mar 2018

Understanding the lifespan of vehicle parts: brake fluid

So how often should you change your brake fluid? This is a common question workshop mechanics get asked. The braking system of the vehicle remains one of the most overlooked systems in the vehicle and can be one of the most critical too...

By Dewald Ranft 12 Mar 2018

How to know when to upgrade your fleet

If your fleet is made up of cars which are costing more in their service and repair bills and which make you seem unreliable to customers, it could be time to upgrade your fleet...

21 Feb 2018

Understanding the lifespan of vehicle parts: tyres

Fleet and vehicle owners need to realise that many accidents on our roads are caused by worn and old tyres...

By Pieter Niemand 16 Feb 2018

Built-in service plans - what are your options?

So, you've made the decision - you want to buy a car and you've decided which one. A big question you should be asking is how you want to service the car?

By Les Mc Master 12 Feb 2018

Women in the motoring industry

Manufacturers across the world are embarking on radical transformation in all areas of their business and automotive companies looking to develop a competitive advantage would do well to embrace diversity, taking advantage of the opportunity to foster disruption and innovation...

By Liz Segal 2 Feb 2018

Land Rover kicks off 2018 with restoration of original launch vehicle

Land Rover will celebrate its 70th anniversary year throughout 2018, starting with the restoration of the original launch Land Rover launch vehicle... (video)

16 Jan 2018

Ford offers Kuga owners settlements to squash class action suit

Global motoring giant Ford is offering to settle the bank loans of Kuga owners whose vehicles have either caught alight or malfunctioned...

By Graeme Hosken 12 Jan 2018

#BizTrends2018: A wave of change

I foresee three major trends for the automotive industry that will challenge the status quo and bring about noticeable change.

By Pieter Niemand 10 Jan 2018

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