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Africa pays for fragmented cities, study finds

In a city such as London, commuters who travel for an hour to get to work pass 2.5-million jobs on the way...

By Hilary Joffe 16 Feb 2017

How tech could usher in a new era of ‘personalised public transport'

Many of us have experienced the simplicity and convenience of hailing an Uber. It seems like the 180-degree opposite of SA's fragmented, informal public transport networks...

By Craig Heckrath 10 Feb 2017

The rise of the sharing economy in urban transport

The rise of the sharing economy is mainly due to the saturation of markets and exorbitant pricing models...

31 Jan 2017

Paris experiments with driverless buses

Paris began its first experiment with driverless buses, with city officials saying they were eager to prepare for the coming "revolution" of autonomous vehicles...

25 Jan 2017

Digitally transformed, integrated public transport vital for Africa's economic growth

The use of innovative technology emerges as an ideal solution to help transform the transportation industry, by driving a world class service through real-time collaboration and monitoring...

25 Jan 2017

Stricter tyre tread regulations could save lives

It's startling to comprehend that a mere 6.4mm can be the difference between life and death, but those are odds most South Africans motorists are exposed to...

By Nobuzwe Mangcu 24 Jan 2017

Cape Town wants to boost commuter bike use by 800%

A factory producing affordable bicycles, and bike racks at public transport stations are on the cards as Cape Town aims to increase two-wheeled commuter trips...

20 Jan 2017

Uber gets into Uganda Breweries red card strategy

Uganda Breweries under the "Red Card Campaign" has partnered with Uber where their consumers will receive free Uber rides to encourage zero tolerance to drunk driving...

18 Jan 2017

New taxi app books a ride for Ivory Coast middle class

In bustling Abidjan, a homegrown company has tapped into the global taxi app revolution that has spawned Uber and other online transport networks...

16 Jan 2017

Imperial diversifies, buys into commuter bus service market

In line with Imperial Logistics' strategy to diversify into other, related industries, the company has acquired a majority stake in the largest commuter bus operation in the Free State, Interstate Bus Lines...

13 Jan 2017

Hoverboards make comeback at Vegas electronics show

Hoverboards are aiming for a comeback after a series of debacles and recalls for the quirky wheeled personal transport devices...

10 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: The three hottest trends in transport and logistics

For businesses and consumers alike, here are the three hottest trends to watch in 2017...

By Harry van Huyssteen 10 Jan 2017

Special deals for businesses part of new parking scheme

Corporate packages will be part of the measures considered for companies dependent on street parking in parts of the central area of Port Elizabeth, where a new parking system could be rolled out...

By Avuyile Mngxitama-Diko 29 Dec 2016

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