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New scooter sharing startup starts rolling in DC

Washington DC, US - Sanjay Dastoor, the former CEO of electric skateboard manufacturer Boosted Boards, is branching out into two-wheeled modes of urban transport...

By Nick Lavars 21 May 2018

Services to resume as #BusStrike comes to an end

NEWSWATCH: Bus services are set to resume today, Tuesday, 15 May 2018 as the national bus strike by more than 17,000 drivers finally comes to an end...

By Ilse van den Berg 15 May 2018

Still no MyCiTi bus service in Cape Town

The MyCiTi bus service remains suspended as the nationwide bus strike action continues, the City of Cape Town said on Sunday...

14 May 2018

How Industry 4.0 can address logistics challenges, opportunities

Supply chain executives from several diverse industries recently gathered at the 7th Annual Eurasian Supply Chain Congress to listen to a broad range of topics, all with a common theme...

9 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: The power of smart technology in Africa

People across Africa face considerable challenges - many of them existential. But, without the right devices, connectivity, and skills, those who badly need their problems solved often can't access available solutions...

By Greg Morris 8 May 2018

MyCiTi service remains suspended as #BusStrike continues

NEWSWATCH: The MyCiTi service in the City of Cape Town remains suspended as the nationwide bus strike continues...

By Ilse van den Berg 7 May 2018

Don't forget buses: six rules for improving city bus services

Public transport that is safe, efficient and effective is a core priority when it comes to city-building. While trains get a lot of attention, buses can also deliver successful public transport services - if we can overcome some common problems...

By Jason Byrne and Emma Pharo 2 May 2018

SunCycles getting Namibia moving with "e-bikes"

"For a country with inadequate public transport systems and a general cultural aversion towards bicycles, the uptake in Namibia has been surprisingly good."

By Tom Jackson 30 Apr 2018

Tough week ahead for commuters as bus strike continues

NEWSWATCH: The nationwide bus strike which commenced on Wednesday, 18 April 2018, has entered its sixth day...

23 Apr 2018

Prasa Rail acting CEO removed

Mthuthuzeli Swartz was removed as acting CEO of Prasa Rail on Tuesday after the interim board deemed his continued leadership "too much of a risk"...

By Aidan Jones 18 Apr 2018

Pieces fall into place for new Hyperloop test track in France

Startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has been quite busy signing deals to explore the potential of high-speed transport routes all around the world, but has little in the way of functioning prototypes and test tracks to show for it...

By Nick Lavars 17 Apr 2018

Notice of Golden Arrow bus strike action issued

Golden Arrow has alerted its passengers to nationwide strike action which will affect the entire South African bus industry...

16 Apr 2018

Prasa's bizarre CEO appointment

Cromet Molepo, Prasa's acting group CEO for just four months, started retirement on Sunday with leave worth more than R1.3-million and a controversial legacy...

By Rebecca Redelmeier 6 Apr 2018

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