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Investment in agriculture helps tackle pressing SDGs

Apart from the sound investment case for investing in the global agriculture and food value chain, investments in agriculture address a number of critical SDGs by tackling issues such as extreme poverty, food security and lack of job opportunities...

1 day ago

#WTMA18: Wesgro's water-offset tool for visitors to boost water-wise tourism

The tool allows visitors to the Cape to calculate their daily water usage, and then to offset this usage by donating money to water conservation projects...

3 days ago

Two SA women awarded Goldman prize for halting SA-Russia nuclear deal

Makoma Lekalakala and Liz McDaid are the recipients of this year's Goldman Environmental Prize...

3 days ago

Sustainability trends shaping retail in 2018

Sustainability issues are increasingly shaping trends in the retail sector. In this year's World Economic Forum Global Risks Report, three of the top global risks in terms of likelihood and impact are environmental...

By Feroz Koor 3 days ago

City Sightseeing water conservation efforts reduces consumption to 20 litres a day

With effective water-saving habits and a desalination plant, City Sightseeing has reduced its municipal water usage from 8,000 litres of water a day to 20 litres...

3 days ago

Millions of urban Africans still don't have electricity: here's what can be done

Urban communities often face many challenges in obtaining electricity access...

By Rebekah Shirley 3 days ago

This is what's on the agenda for Sustainability Week 2018

This year's Sustainability Week, set for 5-7 June at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Tshwane, will cover sustainable development in Africa at various scales, from Africa's capital cities to the people who sustainable development affects.

18 Apr 2018

Proper water management key to viability of solar-powered irrigation systems

According to a new report, solar-powered irrigation is now an affordable solution to both commercial and small-scale farmers in developing countries, but adequate management and regulations to avoid the unsustainable use of water are needed...

13 Apr 2018

Woolworths invests R1.5m in water infrastructure for schools

Woolworths has announced a R1.5m investment in water infrastructure for schools via the newly launched MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet LoveH2O Water Fund...

10 Apr 2018

The next great water crisis may be under our feet

Around 44% of irrigated food production worldwide uses groundwater as a water source. And as surface water becomes more scarce or polluted, agriculture will demand more and more groundwater...

By Karen G. Villholth 10 Apr 2018

The Maslow Sandton offsets conferencing carbon emissions by funding Wonderbag project

The hotel will offset the carbon emissions generated by the use of their meeting rooms and conference facilities by investing in carbon offsets which will be used to fund the Wonderbag Project...

10 Apr 2018

Eco-farming can solve hunger, climate crises, experts say

Asian farmers are growing rice and rearing fish in the same fields to increase their income and reduce weeds, while Ghanaians are using crop residues as compost to boost yields. Such eco-farming techniques could deliver nutritious, environmentally friendly food for a growing world...

9 Apr 2018

Five key lessons other cities can learn from CT's water crisis

Postponing Day Zero in Cape Town for 2018 comes as no surprise...

By Kevin Winter 6 Apr 2018

RBF Africa 2018 set for June

Global Initiatives and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will be hosting the second Annual Responsible Business Forum (RBF) on Sustainable Development Africa from 25-27 June 2018...

6 Apr 2018

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