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Banks need to be inquisitive to successfully ride the digital wave

New technology, the demographic shift, unstructured data, digital labour, cyber security and digital identity are the disruptors that customers and banks face today...

20 Apr 2017

Bangladesh trains teenage girls to fight cyber crime

DHAKA, Bangladesh: Bangladesh on Tuesday began training thousands of teenage girls to fight cyber crime, citing an "alarming" rise in social media-related abuses mostly targeting adolescents.

20 Apr 2017

Digital clutter makes you vulnerable to security threats

Digital clutter is growing due to an explosion in application usage and advances in the storage capacity of devices. But poor maintenance of these apps is leaving devices vulnerable to security threats...

13 Apr 2017

Company boards lack deep security knowledge - survey

According to a recent National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) survey, only 14% of directors at public companies have deep knowledge of cyber risk...

7 Apr 2017

Ransomware: more than just file encryption [part I]

While most ransomware families prevent their victims from accessing their documents by encrypting them and offering a decryption key in return for a ransom payment, others use different ways...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 6 Apr 2017

Hackers threaten to reset iCloud accounts, wipe devices

NEWSWATCH: It seems Apple is under a hacking attack... Not only by the CIA but, most recently, by a hacker group called Turkish Crime Family which is threatening to reset iCloud accounts and remotely wipe iPhones...

By Ilse van den Berg 27 Mar 2017

WikiLeaks unveils how Apple products have been hacked for years

NEWSWATCH: 23 March 2017 saw the release of WikiLeaks' Vault 7 "Dark Matter", a cache of documents which explains the techniques used by the CIA to gain 'persistence' on Apple Mac devices...

By Ilse van den Berg 24 Mar 2017

Study reveals South Africans' concerns about data security, privacy

Results of an international study from Verint Systems have shown that concerns around data privacy and security remain at the top of the consumer agenda...

17 Mar 2017

Hotels increasingly vulnerable to ransomware attacks

Hotels are doubly vulnerable because ransomware attacks may not only impede their systems but...

16 Mar 2017

Beware of returning that missed call!

NEWSWATCH: There's a new mobile scam doing the rounds – and it's affecting freelancers and those who do international business...

By Leigh Andrews 14 Mar 2017

The workplace is transforming, is your workforce future-ready?

In the first session of the workforce transformation breakout session at the Dell EMC Forum, Chris Buchanan, director of Client Solutions at Dell EMC covered the topic of the future-ready workforce...

By Ilse van den Berg 13 Mar 2017

New wiper malware discovered by Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab's Global Research and Analysis Team has discovered a new sophisticated wiper malware similar to Shamoon...

10 Mar 2017

Apple, Samsung vow to fix flaws after CIA hacking report

WASHINGTON: Apple and Samsung vowed on Wednesday to quickly fix any vulnerabilities in their products following WikiLeaks' disclosure of an alleged CIA hacking arsenal...

9 Mar 2017

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New FAO satellite tool helps African farmers optimise water productivity

With FAO's new tool, the WaPOR open-access database going live, measuring how efficiently water is used in agriculture, particularly in water-scarce countries, is going high-tech. The new tool taps into satellite data to help farmers achieve reliable agricultural yields and allows for the optimisation of irrigation systems.

20 hours ago

Cognifide reports on the Adobe US Summit 2017 in Vegas

In a dazzling splash of lights, big screens and booming sound, Adobe hosted over 12,000 attendees at their 2017 Summit in Las Vegas.

By Jay Smith 3 days ago

Alibaba backs decision to add video games to 'Asia Olympics'

BEIJING, China - Online retail giant Alibaba on Thursday batted down criticism over a decision to add e-sports to the lineup of the 2022 Asia Games in China, responding to scepticism about an event it will play a major role in promoting.

3 days ago

F8: Connectivity, artificial intelligence and more from day two

Day two of F8 2017, saw chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer, director of connectivity programs, Yael Maguire; director of applied machine learning, Joaquin Quiñonero Candela; chief scientist of Oculus research, Michael Abrash; and VP of engineering and building 8 Regina Dugan present their keynote thoughts.

3 days ago

Apple touts greater use of recycled metal in gadgets

NEW YORK, US - Apple wants to "one day" end the need to mine materials from the earth to make its gadgets, the technology giant said in its annual environmental responsibility report out Thursday.

3 days ago

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