Taking a 'human-centric' approach to security

Every time the details of a new security breach hits the headlines, something is made clear...

13 Sep 2018

Cryptojacking - a silent threat

An alarming number of online users are falling prey to a new wave of cyber attacks called cryptopjacking...

11 Sep 2018

Modern KPIs for effective cybersecurity

Faced with increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber-attacks, enterprises are scrambling to put technologies and processes in place to effectively detect and combat cyber risks...

By Martin Potgieter 10 Sep 2018

Human error: the main cause of data breaches

With news headlines regularly announcing a new data breach, one wonders whether hackers are becoming more skilled or...

By Drew van Vuuren 4 Sep 2018

IoT in your home: what are the risks?

Smart homes are getting even smarter, with IoT devices rapidly coming to market to make homes more efficient and daily life more convenient, but...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 3 Sep 2018

Suffer a data breach and lose up to one third of your customers

Findings from a recent survey revealed that 28% of customers have elected to boycott companies that have been shown to mishandle personal data...

30 Aug 2018

Using tomorrow's tools to solve today's security problems

Organisations that do not have a clear longer-term security roadmap in place are putting themselves at risk of being compromised...

30 Aug 2018

Data security in the cloud - whose responsibility is it really?

When moving data into the cloud, organisations should be aware that it is the responsibility of the information owner...

29 Aug 2018

Rethinking your business network

Most companies today are on a digital transformation journey...

By Riaan Graham 28 Aug 2018

Security - key to Africa's mobile fintech revolution

Africa has led the way in developing mobile fintech solutions for its largely unbanked populations...

By David Noel-Lardin 27 Aug 2018

Why your future digital ID should harness blockchain technology

In the aftermath of the far-reaching Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal and other, large-scale data leaks, it is undoubtedly time to adopt a more proactive approach...

By Colin Thornton 23 Aug 2018

SA needs to prioritise STEM education

South Africa already faces well-known challenges in its education system, felt nowhere more strongly than in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics...

By Rob Lith 22 Aug 2018

Securing the mobile enterprise

The rise of the Internet of things (IoT) is seeing our world and our lives become increasingly connected...

21 Aug 2018

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