One more box ticked - our Samrand Data Centre is PCI-DSS compliant

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is an important requirement for merchants who store, process or forward cardholder data...

Issued by Hetzner 2 days ago

Top cybersecurity risks for business

AIG's 2017 cyber claims statistics reveal business's key vulnerabilities, and indicate areas of focus for risk committees and business continuity providers...

Issued by AIG South Africa 3 days ago

Namibia shines at Collegiate Cyber Defence Invitational

Namibia recently participated in the International Collegiate Cyber Defence Invitational - a cybersecurity competition which aims to create awareness of cybersecurity and encourages peer-to-peer learning...

17 Jul 2018

Why 50,000 ships are so vulnerable to cyberattacks

The 50,000 ships sailing the sea at any one time have joined an ever-expanding list of objects that can be hacked. Cybersecurity experts recently displayed how easy it was to break into a ship's navigational equipment...

By Keith Martin and Rory Hopcraft 16 Jul 2018

Study shows companies lack data awareness, skills

A recent study by Gemalto reveals that two in three companies are unable to analyse all the data it collects, and that only half of companies know where all of its sensitive data is stored...

12 Jul 2018

How safe are tap and go payments?

Banks and retailers are increasingly adopting tap and go or contactless card payments and consumers, who have access to the technology-enabled cards, are benefitting from the efficiency and ease that it offers...

9 Jul 2018

Liberty cyberattack underscores high threat level for SA businesses

With breaking news of major South African insurer Liberty Holdings falling victim to a cyberattack, local companies have to heed the warning and pay more attention to their internal systems and processes...

By Colin Thornton 4 Jul 2018

Mobile crypto mining malware is a growing smartphone threat

According to a report by Kaspersky, the number of internet users affected by cryptocurrency mining software has jumped by a considerable margin this year, when compared to last...

By Andy Walker 29 Jun 2018

6 ways to keep your data safe this Social Media Day!

Today, 30 June is the ninth official celebration of Social Media Day. While it was created to celebrate the positive outcomes of social media, it's also a good time to ensure you're keeping your personal data safe online...

29 Jun 2018

Youth might be at risk online with too much data sharing

As Youth Month draws to a close, I am concerned about data and the security issues that pertain to it. Where do millennials stand in this era of unlimited data and heightened vulnerability?

By Manie van Schalkwyk 27 Jun 2018

Hacking your holiday: how cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the tourism market

Imagine if a hacker shut down the baggage handling system of one of the world's busiest airports. Or took control of a fleet of autonomous delivery trucks and re-routed them to disrupt rush hour traffic...

By Joe Burton 27 Jun 2018

Looking at Liberty: How big is the human factor in the cybercrime epidemic?

Last week, Liberty reported that hackers had infiltrated its IT system and threated to reveal critical customer data should a ransom not be paid...

By Nicol Mullins 19 Jun 2018

Information regulator requests urgent meeting with Liberty

The information regulator says it has requested an urgent meeting with Liberty Holdings to get an understanding of how its data was breached by hackers at the weekend...

19 Jun 2018

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