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Facebook Africa, Digify Africa launch online safety programme for SA youth

Facebook Africa and Digify Africa have partnered to launch an online safety programme called Ilizwe Lam, Xhosa for my world...

By Jessica Tennant 23 hours ago

Making technology in retail work

A shop sends its valued customer, John, a text message about a sale on a brand of shower gel. It is John's favourite scent, the perfect size, priced at a discount...

By Edwill Nel 1 day ago

The smart hotel of the future: How to leverage IoT to create the guest experience

Regardless of the size or type of property, every hotel operator that wants to remain competitive and relevant will have to embrace IoT devices and related wireless innovations over the next year to enable next-generation guest experiences...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 1 day ago

Five important things to remember about GDPR

With the large quantities of personal data financial services providers handle, they have had their hands full preparing for the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI)...

20 Apr 2018

14-18 May 2018 is Business Continuity Awareness Week

The annual Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW), taking place from 14 to 18 May 2018, is a global event facilitated by the Business Continuity Institute to raise awareness of the latest trends in business continuity...

19 Apr 2018

With smart cities, your every step will be recorded

Modern cities are brimming with objects that receive, collect and transmit data...

By Sara Degli-Esposti and Siraj Ahmed Shaikh 18 Apr 2018

This is how AI will change the way you drive

While there have been some recent setbacks (and there will doubtless be more) it appears that, with the massive investments in R&D, driverless cars will one day become a reality...

By Sherry Zameer 18 Apr 2018

IT Leaders Africa Summit to focus on the evolution of the CIO

The ninth Annual IT Leaders Africa Summit, which is taking place from 9-10 May 2018 in Cape Town, will zoom in on the evolution of the African CIO...

16 Apr 2018

Three reasons BYOD dominates in tourism

'Bring your own device' is frowned upon in many professional sectors, with legitimate fears around data security. Hospitality-based businesses, however, should not ignore the fact that their market is dedicated to a culture of BYOD...

By Wynand Smit 12 Apr 2018

Cybercrime is everywhere because businesses aren't educating

Cybercrime has overtaken all other types of crime as humans have embraced digital technology without really understanding it...

By Simeon Tassev 11 Apr 2018

Don't spend another cent on cybersecurity until real risks have been assessed

IT security has become a business necessity against the backdrop of proliferating threats from the web, malware and cyber extortion...

By Charl Ueckermann 6 Apr 2018

How to avoid falling prey to a Facebook/Cambridge Analytica-type scandal

Following revelations that Cambridge Analytica exploited the personal data of millions of Facebook users, the social network is finding itself in a remarkably anti-social predicament...

By Ilse van den Berg 26 Mar 2018

A cybercriminal's tricks and trades to get into your phone

While analysts figure out new methodologies for analysing malware and users begin to understand how all this works, cybercriminals are seeking new ways to hide in phones and compromise devices, says Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO of ESET Southern Africa...

By Carey van Vlaanderen 23 Mar 2018

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