SA's SkillUp Tutors launches online lesson space

South African ed-tech startup SkillUp Tutors has launched an online lesson space that allows tutors to conduct lessons with students anywhere in the world...

By Tom Jackson 4 Jul 2018

#YouthMonth: Do's and don'ts to consider for lifelong learning

"The most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it." - Brian Tracy. Lifelong learning is just that - constantly investing in your mind and therefore, your life. This #YouthMonth, I share my take on the importance of lifelong learning and why it's critical to future success...

By Leigh Andrews 21 Jun 2018

EduWeek Africa education award winners

In celebration of all the innovators and service providers that are bridging the gap between education today, EduWeek Africa hosted its annual Education Insutry Awards ceremony on 15 June 2018...

20 Jun 2018

Why we cannot ignore the benefits of cloud-based training apps

Despite the fact that Africa's e-learning market doubled from 2011 to 2016, reaching $513 million, the continent's three biggest economies, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, are not yet moving their training applications to the cloud en masse...

By Matthew Barker 13 Jun 2018

Wikipedia Conference to be held in sub-Saharan Africa for the first time

A first-ever gathering in the sub-Saharan African region will be held in Cape Town, bringing together more than 700 people to discuss how to improve the diversity of knowledge represented on Wikipedia and Wikimedia sites...

1 Jun 2018

#AfricaMonth: The power of smart technology in Africa

People across Africa face considerable challenges - many of them existential. But, without the right devices, connectivity, and skills, those who badly need their problems solved often can't access available solutions...

By Greg Morris 8 May 2018

What happens when you put African philosophies at the centre of learning

What happens when African philosophies and practices are placed at the centre of learning? How can teachers and students on the continent use the concepts of ubuntu (human interdependence) and ukama (relationality) to come up with homegrown solutions for societal and educational concerns?

By Yusef Waghid, Faiq Waghid and Zayd Waghid 4 May 2018

20 out of 65 Seedstars Summit finalists from Africa

With the Seedstars World Summit taking place on Thursday, 12 April 2018, the organisers have announced the final 65 finalists that will get the chance to pitch their ideas on the global stage. 20 out of the 65 finalists are from Africa...

By Ilse van den Berg 11 Apr 2018

Apple goes back to school with new iPad, apps

CHICAGO, US - Apple on Tuesday unveiled new applications and a discounted iPad tablet aimed at the education market as it tries to regain momentum lost to Google in the world of classroom technology.

29 Mar 2018

No barriers to entry for digital learning

Newly-elected president, Cyril Ramaphosa says South Africa's success depends largely on its ability to capitalise on the demands of the 21st century, and using advanced technology effectively to help move the country forward is one of them...

23 Mar 2018

Why we need to disrupt learning

In an effort to keep children moving through the country's struggling school system, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is looking at lowering the pass rates for schools yet again - but is this the answer...?

16 Mar 2018

The Training Room Online: At the forefront of an education revolution

The world is currently at the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - also called Industry 4.0 - which is described as the stage in our development when technology becomes embedded in every aspect of society...

Issued by Luxury Brands 12 Mar 2018

Digital the key to educational success in South Africa

South Africa's ongoing education crisis, specifically access to schooling and learning material has been well publicised, but the promise of financial aid simply will not solve the crisis...

8 Mar 2018

How to put the youth back in agriculture

We need to grow emerging, small-scale farmers while developing a young and vibrant group of agripreneurs who are looking further into the future, where their more advanced skills and understanding of technology will provide them with a wealth of exciting and dynamic careers in this industry...

By Cari Coetzee 26 Feb 2018

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