[BizCareers]: How do I get that promotion?

Asking for a promotion can somewhat be a stressful experience

By Juliette Attwell 29 Sep 2015

[BizCareers] Let's talk about salary

The BizCareers Column returns and this week and we look at issues surrounding your salary...

By Juliette Attwell 8 Jul 2015

[BizCareers] Should you ask for help?

In this week's column we look at how to ask for help when thrown in the deep-end...

By Juliette Attwell 13 Apr 2015

[BizCareers] Is entrepreneurial flair good or bad? How does my salary compare?

The BizCareers column returns once again and tackles the question of "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" as well as the issue of salaries for specific job titles...

By Juliette Attwell 18 Mar 2015

[BizCareers] What do I do when you've had a career blip

In the first BizCareers Column for 2015 we look at what to do when you feel you have chosen the wrong job - should you, or should you not add it to your CV?

By Juliette Attwell 17 Feb 2015

[BizCareers] Read the fine print of your contract

This week we bring to light that it is imperative to read the fine print of your employment contract...

By Juliette Attwell 25 Nov 2014

[BizCareers] How to tackle contract and discrimination issues

In this week's BizCareers column, Juliette Attwell answers questions related to contract and discrimination issues...

By Juliette Attwell 3 Nov 2014

[BizCareers] What to do when you aren't equipped for the job

This week in the BizCareers column, we take a look at what to do when you don't think you have the necessary skills to fulfil certain tasks.

By Juliette Attwell 6 Oct 2014

[BizCareers] How to tell whether you've got the class bully as a boss

In this week's column, we take a look at the difference between your boss doing their job or if you're just being bullied.

By Juliette Attwell 15 Sep 2014

[BizCareers] Interview woes - what to do before and after

In this week's column, we look at what can you do to really nail that interview and what to do afterwards...

By Juliette Attwell 25 Aug 2014

[BizCareers] Is having broad experience good or bad?

In this week's column we look at what to do when you have a vast amount of work experience. Is it a good or bad thing?

By Juliette Attwell 5 Aug 2014

[BizCareers] How to add value to your CV

This week we take a look at how to add value to your CV as well why it is good to ask questions in your interview. Remember that your CV isn't static, you need to try and target it to...

By Juliette Attwell 14 Jul 2014

[BizCareers] Job hopping - what does it mean, how can I avoid it?

This week's BizCareers column looks at what it means to jump from job to job.

By Juliette Attwell 23 Jun 2014

[BizCareers] The power of your LinkedIn profile

In this week's BizCareers column we look at how to use your LinkedIn profile effectively, as well as the pitfalls of job-hopping.

By Juliette Attwell 17 Jun 2014

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