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Founder of Nawah-Scientific wins Africa 2017 "elevator pitch"

Omar Sakr, founder and CEO of Nawah-Scientific has been awarded the winning prize for the "elevator pitch" competition held at Africa 2017...

11 hours ago

New breed of leaders wanted throughout Africa to harness impact investment

The hunt for professionals who can successfully lead and grow companies with a dual mandate of economic and social returns is on throughout Africa...

14 hours ago

The 33 project collaboration lexicon terms every entrepreneur should know

If projection collaboration is important for your business, you should really become familiar with the corporate lexicon that's commonly used during collaborative projects...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 1 day ago

Four ways small businesses can make employees look more professional

One of the biggest concerns small business owners have is whether their company will be able to compete with more established brands in terms of the quality and professionalism...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 2 days ago

Webber Wentzel launches legal incubation programme in SA

Legal firm Webber Wentzel has launched Webber Wentzel Ignite, a legal incubation programme for entrepreneurs, in South Africa...

By Tom Jackson 2 days ago

Startupbootcamp Cape Town's top 10 startups sign 32 deals

The Startupbootcamp cohort showcased its top 10 startups, selected from a pool of 514 applicants, to global investors, sponsors, and partners at its first Africa-based demo day...

6 Dec 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: How Phillipa Geard recruited our moms

Five years ago, Phillipa Geard set out to prove that moms are still a valuable and highly skilled asset to the working world. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur, founder of RecruitMyMom and NSBC's National Woman in Business Champion for 2017...

By Shan Radcliffe 30 Nov 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: Ability is not defined by age

Kershen Pillay does not believe in luck. "I believe in working hard consistently and always staying focused on sharpening my skill. As an entrepreneur you have to be open to listening, learning and constantly developing yourself..."

By Shan Radcliffe 29 Nov 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: Creatively saving lives through Conceptual Eyes

Lindy Scott may not quite have reached her 30s yet, but this focused Wits Fine Art graduate and 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year nominee has certainly not let her youth dictate her aspirations and career path...

By Shan Radcliffe 27 Nov 2017

How to stop your passion from ruining your business

Passion is the driving force behind many entrepreneurial success stories, but it can also lead to the downfall of your business...

By Thati Segoatle 16 Nov 2017

How do we fast-track entrepreneurial growth in SA?

After the World Bank downgraded South Africa's 2017 growth forecast to 0.6% in September, the South African economy is in urgent need of more entrepreneurs to boost growth...

By Donna Rachelson 15 Nov 2017

#Newsmaker: Singularity University invites John Sanei to panel

John Sanei, business innovation strategist, trend specialist, futurist and author of South African bestseller What's your moonshot?, has been invited to join Singularity University's panel of global speakers...

By Jessica Tennant 15 Nov 2017

New app launched to connect people to places to work

Three South African entrepreneurs recently launched an app that connects people to places to work, collaborate and network...

14 Nov 2017

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These five US companies offer flex jobs for disabled and homebound workers

Although there are strong labor laws in effect for people with disabilities, few companies go beyond federal requirements for making the workplace accessible. This typically means providing specific types of restrooms with wide doors and ramps in lieu of stairs so that the disabled can enter the workplace. There are, however, top companies that go above and beyond what is mandated by law.

Issued by Monetary Library 20 Nov 2017

Top four ways to respond to an uncertain business climate

The economy is rarely stable. On some occasions, it's less stable than others, though. During those chaotic days, you must have a plan for how to run your company. Otherwise, you'll become another statistic about failed businesses. Here are four ways to respond to an uncertain business climate.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 16 Nov 2017

Four ways the wrong janitor can ruin your business

As a business owner, you'll need different functional departments for the smooth running of the company because you can't do it all on your own.

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 13 Nov 2017

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