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Act now On MAC Codes

The new Marketing Industry and Communications (MAC) B BBEE sector code has been finalised, placing the onus on measured entities such as large media agencies to transform...

By Dharmesh Nagar 3 days ago

The great career switch - what to consider

It is estimated that a person will change careers about 5-7 times during his or her lifetime, often within the same discipline...

27 Jun 2016

#YouthMonth: The creation of a connected Geekulcha

It was the era of mig33, Nokia 3310s and the much-loved Snake mobile game that ignited Geekulcha founder Mixo Ngoveni's love affair with technology...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 27 Jun 2016

Why we should nurture young talent in SA's mining industry

There is an ever-increasing demand for young graduates entering the mining services industry to have both educational skills and practical experience...

24 Jun 2016

First KZN Techno Hub to be introduced at innovation day

The Port Shepstone Techno Hub, currently in the construction phase, will be hosting an Innovation Day on 30 June 2016 to introduce the science and technology park to interested stakeholders...

24 Jun 2016

Change management

We are constantly bombarded with the rapid rate of change and speed at which things like the 4th Industrial Revolution are moving along...

By Shaun Evertse, Issued by Eazybranch 22 Jun 2016

Empowering your workforce through m-learning

With over 23-million smartphones in use in the country, mobile learning is truly coming of age in South Africa, and managers should look to using technology to upskill their workforce...

By Dennis Lamberti 22 Jun 2016

Professional personality traits of payroll practitioners

Payroll management is one of the pillars holding up the business, handling one of its biggest costs and providing strategic insight, which transforms corporate communication and impacts on the bottom line. Its practitioners must have strength of character, an ethical attitude and a professional mind-set...

21 Jun 2016

New healthcare training and skills institute opens in Kenya

Sustainable healthcare in Kenya has received a $13m investment boost through a new training facility committed to train 10,000 health professionals by 2020...

17 Jun 2016

The value of intercultural fluency

Many students face their final year of studies, be it in matric or tertiary education. The question on many minds is what the South African job market holds for them when they enter it...?

15 Jun 2016

Transforming the MAC industry through education

On Thursday 9 June in Cape Town and on 13 June in Johannesburg, the Red & Yellow School hosted information sessions to address the changes and updates to the B-BBEE Sector Code for the South African MAC industry...

By Beverley Klein 15 Jun 2016

Youth Day is 40 years old ... and it's time to wise up

By the time you're 40 you've learnt a few things about life, about goals and reaching them, about responsibilities and taking them. You still have your dreams, but you're no longer naive.

By Mosima Selekisho 15 Jun 2016

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