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Cultivate your employer brand and witness results

A question mark is often raised about the relevance of employer branding within South Africa, especially with the high unemployment rate as it stands...

By Celeste Sirin 26 May 2015 11:57

Educate youth for a better Africa: Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister in the Presidency responsible for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Buti Manamela, has called for the youth to be educated and skilled so they can build a better future for Africa...

25 May 2015 08:55

HR departments not prepared for escalating war for talent

After years of strong economic growth across the continent, African organisations face an enormous demand for skills to keep expanding their businesses...

By Anja van Beek 18 May 2015 12:43

Getting to grips with the complexities of employment contracts

An effective, flexible and understandable employment contract is the basis of a good employee-employer relationship. Let's look at the basics of creating a sound employment contract...

By Madelein van der Watt 15 May 2015 09:51

GM predicts top 10 jobs for 2025

"In the automotive industry we have the opportunity to make our technologies impact real change," says Gary Smyth, executive director of global research and development at General Motors...

11 May 2015 07:29

Apprenticeships have significant financial benefits

The benefits that accrues from making apprenticeships, internship and mentorships part of a business plan, is overwhelming...

4 May 2015 07:21

SACAP launches postgraduate psychology honours programme

The South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) recently launched a new postgraduate psychology honours programme on both its Cape Town and Johannesburg campuses...

30 Apr 2015 14:35

SABC Education Career Indaba draws 5000 students to the Sandton Convention Centre

Radio pioneer, Gareth Cliff, The Parlotones frontman, Kahn Morbee and leading organisations such as Rand Water, Liberty and South African Airways, are just some of the exciting names to look forward to having at this year's SABC Education Career Indaba...

Issued by Spintelligent 30 Apr 2015 13:14

How to speak on the telephone

You may have your reception area perfectly set up for creating the ideal first impression, but are your receptionists and employees extending that impression on the telephone?

By Roane Swindon 30 Apr 2015 09:25

Women involvement in science still limited

The Department of Women's Director General, Jenny Schreiner, says women are still not getting involved in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines at a satisfactory rate.

30 Apr 2015 06:44

Postal strikes throw spotlight on value of negotiation skills

Gripped by five strikes since 2011, and narrowly escaping a sixth in March, the SAPS situation highlights the need for good negotiation skills for businesses and consumers...

Issued by UCT Graduate School of Business 29 Apr 2015 15:11

Cell C launches girl child alumni programme

Cell C's Take a Girl Child to Work Day alumni programme was launched this year to link former participants with this year's girl learners...

29 Apr 2015 11:40

Skills shortage far worse than admitted

There are as many as 829,800 vacant positions for high-skilled workers across a diverse spread of occupations in South Africa and this includes a dire lack of artisans, says Sean Jones, co-founder and director of black empowered artisan training academy, Artisan Training Institute (ATI)...

29 Apr 2015 07:50

Six ways to balance work and family

In today's modern age, it is difficult to live a life that balances your professional responsibilities with your family duties...

24 Apr 2015 07:50

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