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Junior officials blamed for cellphone jamming

Ministers in the Cabinet's security cluster have blamed junior officials for last week's jamming of cellphone signals in the National Assembly, saying the executive was not involved at an operational level as this had been left to officials...

23 Feb 2015 10:23

Jamming not a political decision, says Mahlobo

State Security Minister David Mahlobo says it was not an executive or political decision to use a cellular network jamming device that disrupted the start of SONA last week...

By Wyndham Hartley and Paul Vecchiatto 20 Feb 2015 10:10

Brands, cats and the ANC all have nine lives

I was asked to comment by a few business newspapers last week about the impact on the Ocean Basket restaurant brand following a complaint that it sold some dishes using freshwater fish...

By Chris Moerdyk 19 Feb 2015 06:51

SABC: Muthambi, Motsoeneng accused of hostile takeover

The DA claims Communications Minister Faith Muthambi has signed a secretive SABC Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI) that strips the SABC Board of its statutory powers...

9 Feb 2015 10:36

SA condemns gruesome murder of Jordanian pilot

The South African government has condemned in the strongest possible terms the barbaric and gruesome murder of Jordanian pilot Muath Kasasbeh by the extremist terror group, ISIS...

5 Feb 2015 12:17

Minister explains ad spending

Communications Minister Faith Muthambi has addressed a Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary question relating to government advertising spending on The New Age newspaper...

2 Feb 2015 11:53

Have your say on SONA

South Africans have been called to have their say on what should be included in President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Address (SONA), scheduled for next week...

2 Feb 2015 11:47

Muthambi vs Davis... Shock, horror, race

Minister Faith Muthambi has responded to an article on 19 January in Politicsweb by Gavin Davis, DA Shadow Minister of Communications...

22 Jan 2015 07:16

Zille to Survé: Is Independent a mouthpiece for the Zuma faction of the ANC?

NEWSWATCH: DA leader Helen Zille has some questions for Independent Media head Iqbal Survé, reports Times Live, and the DA won the Nkandla SMS fight, reports BD Live...

20 Jan 2015 07:46

An unwise display?

NEWSWATCH: Independent's senior group editors Karima Brown and Vukani Mde have been criticised for attending the ANC anniversary celebrations wearing party gear...

15 Jan 2015 08:38

SABC: Khumalo's resignation 'tip of the iceberg'

NEWSWATCH: Professor Bongani Khumalo resignation from the SABC board is just the 'tip of the iceberg', and the DA's Gavin Davis wants answers from Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi...

14 Jan 2015 07:39

Economy, not politics, may decide land reform model

The government may be experiencing a growing sense of reality regarding the fact that real impediments to land reform were not necessarily the farmers...

By Nan Smith 12 Jan 2015 11:30

Tribute to Charlie

PARIS, FRANCE: They are alarming statistics. 61 dead. 70 dead. 74 dead. 47 dead. 44 dead. 74 dead... (Video)

By Andrew Heslop 12 Jan 2015 08:01

Confronting racism on the internet: A response to Nzimande

Minister of Higher Education and Communist Party chief Blade Nzimande is right to be concerned about hate speech and racism on the internet - but what is to be done about it?

By Anton Harber 8 Jan 2015 14:10

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