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Personal Income Tax hike predicted

A lower than expected real GDP growth revenue forecast and tax base with lower than previously estimated tax revenues have led PwC to predict a one percent increase for all Personal Income Tax brackets except the lowest...

By Danette Breitenbach 2 days ago

PPS Investments launches digital calculators to help investors

Investors face many questions when it comes to investing. To assist investors in answering theses questions instantly, PPS Investments has developed five calculators...

2 days ago

Brace yourselves - income tax increase likely for 2017

We encourage all employers, employees and payroll departments to prepare themselves for an income tax increase that will likely be announced during Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's upcoming National Budget Speech...

By Cathie Webb 15 Feb 2017

What is keeping service organisations' clients awake at night?

With the constant change being experienced in the regulatory environment, especially within the financial sector, there is an increased focus on controls over additional regulatory reporting requirements...

By Gustaaf Kruger, Dean Isaaks 15 Feb 2017

The age of uncertainty

While the (SONA offered little new detail, next week's Budget Speech will have more substance and is of far more interest to market watchers...

By Dave Mohr, Izak Odendaal 15 Feb 2017

An opportunity to increase your retirement savings

The government as part of its on-going retirement reform process continues to design policies aimed at encouraging South Africans to save and make adequate provision for their retirement...

By Hugo Malherbe 14 Feb 2017

Why recreational drone users need training to be insurable

South Africa's drone operation regulations have had significant licensing cost implications for businesses, but consumers may be at the highest risk for financial cost...

14 Feb 2017

Budget 2017/2018: what will this do to my pocket?

Given that South Africa, as a country, is still struggling financially, we can be confident that there will be more innovative taxes included in what is tabled...

By Cathie Webb 13 Feb 2017

Financial year end approaches - What you should be doing to save tax

As we approach the year end on 28 February and have a good idea of our overall income and tax position for the year, now is the time to take some critical decisions...

By Desiree Goodwin, Issued by Meredith Harington 10 Feb 2017

Unconstitutionality of FICA amendment needs resolution: SAIPA

President Zuma has been harshly criticised for delaying the FICA amendment bill, but the warrantless search change could be unconstitutional...

9 Feb 2017

Carbon tax is no silver bullet

Reducing greenhouse gases is a commitment under the Paris Agreement, but the proposed carbon tax will not yield the desired results on its own...

By Ettiene Retief 9 Feb 2017

SA companies not quite there yet in tax disputes

Financially strained governments pressing for higher revenue collections and media and public attitudes hardening against perceived corporate tax avoidance...

By Roula Hadjipaschalis 9 Feb 2017

Pub rules apply for Brexit bill, EU says

Britain must pay to leave the EU in the same way as friends going to the pub must pay for their round of drinks, the European Commission said on Tuesday...

8 Feb 2017

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