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SA government needs to stop the bleed

Finding small plugs to fix the monumental leaks that cause overspending, inefficiency, corruption and fraud is the answer to South Africa's growing public sector problems, says Professor Norman Faull of the Lean Africa Institute ahead of Africa's 8th Lean Management Summit...

Issued by UCT Graduate School of Business 3 days ago

A sugar tax can yield a R4bn sweetener for good health, says treasury

Taxing sugar could bring the government about R4bn in revenue, says the treasury's deputy director general, Ismail Momoniat...

By Pontsho Pilane 6 Oct 2016

Guidelines for dealing with cross-border payroll

Making salary payments to an employee working in another country raises a whole set of inter-related issues that payroll professionals need to consider carefully...

By Nicolette Nicholson 5 Oct 2016

Should South Africa be writing its own PSD2 regulations?

Europe's PSD2 is referred to the biggest development in banking history, one wonders why South Africa hasn't already followed suit...

By David Liu 4 Oct 2016

CGT on shares of SABMiller a point of dispute

Despite rumblings from SA's tax authority suggesting that the opposite could be true, Nedbank Private Wealth believes its offer to SABMiller shareholders - which would delay capital gains tax (CGT) liabilities on profit earned in the Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) takeover - is provided for in the Income Tax Act...

By Hanna Ziady 4 Oct 2016

Performance fee loophole closed on tax-free savings

The Treasury has published new draft regulations barring the levying of performance fees and extra charges on tax-free savings account (TFSA) investments, a move that will compel some of the largest providers of these accounts to make changes...

3 Oct 2016

Entrenched VAT system still has some challenges

It's been 25 years since VAT was introduced in South Africa, and although it's efficient, there are still some areas that need refining...

3 Oct 2016

King IV is just the next evolutionary step

The latest iteration of King guidelines is nothing more than the next evolutionary step for corporate governance to remain relevant...

28 Sep 2016

Estate duty abatements need overhaul

In its second report on estate duty, the Davis Tax Committee makes recommendations regarding tax on estates and trusts, especially inter-spouse and primary abatements...

By Graeme Palmer 27 Sep 2016

Treasury aims to extend tax incentives

The Treasury has proposed a two-year extension of the employment tax incentive and a five-year extension of the learnership tax incentive, both of which, it says, have yielded positive results.

26 Sep 2016

Tyre levy postponed to 2017

National Treasury has postponed to 2017 the implementation date of the environmental tyre levy that was meant to come into effect in October 2016...

23 Sep 2016

Treasury heeds public concern over tax laws

The Treasury has made far-reaching concessions on the draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill and the draft Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill after public hearings highlighted the concerns of tax experts and other stakeholders...

By Linda Ensor 22 Sep 2016

SARS could lose out on AB InBev bonanza

The Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) takeover of SABMiller may not prove to be as big a bounty for the taxman as initially thought, if South African-based retail investors opt to use Section 42 of the Income Tax Act to delay paying Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on their profits from the £45-a-share offer...

By Ann Crotty 21 Sep 2016

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