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Potential health benefit of taxing sugared drinks is overstated, economist says

Reducing the energy content of sugar-sweetened drinks would be a more effective way to combat obesity than implementing a sugar tax, according to research commissioned by beverage industry association BevSA...

By Tamar Kahn 12 hours ago

Heiress to Nina Ricci fortune launches tax fraud appeal

PARIS - The heiress to the fortune of French couturier Nina Ricci on Thursday launched an appeal to avoid jail time for tax fraud, in one of the toughest sentences of its kind in French fiscal history...

2 days ago

Two down, one to go...What will S&P's verdict be?

Having come through the ratings by Moody's and Fitch with minor bruises, the country is holding its breath for S&P's evaluation tomorrow...

1 Dec 2016

The good, the bad... and the ugly

The year ahead will see a tightening of the belts and the need by Treasury to increase revenues. We look ahead to see what challenges the taxman is likely to place before us in 2017...

By Glen Bresler, Issued by Meredith Harington 29 Nov 2016

Sweden to scrap taxes on solar energy in 2017

Sweden is set to ditch taxes on its production of solar energy in 2017 in a bid to run entirely on renewable energy by 2040...

23 Nov 2016

Tax still an obstacle to doing business in Africa

A survey confirms doing business in Africa is still arduous, with tax remaining the second biggest threat for companies...

22 Nov 2016

Lessening the financial burden of farmers essential to save SA agriculture

Affordability is becoming increasingly difficult for SA farmers, especially in terms of disposable income to purchase the necessary products they need to maintain their operations...

17 Nov 2016

Treasury scraps R20m cap on employer's employment tax incentive claims

The Treasury has accepted the plea by business to scrap the R20m cap on annual claims per employer under the employment tax incentive...

By Linda Ensor 16 Nov 2016

Increase in VAT off the table, says Davis

While the easiest way for the government to collect the revenue it needs is to raise VAT, this is not on the cards for political reasons...

By Carol Paton 16 Nov 2016

Sweetening the tax pot

The worldwide attempt to reduce obesity has been given the 'thumbs up' by a few forward-thinking fiscal departments in various countries, including South Africa...

11 Nov 2016

National Treasury tables carbon tax report

National Treasury has published a carbon tax modelling report that provides an assessment of the impacts of the proposed carbon tax policy...

11 Nov 2016

Top 500 to publish Pravin Gordhan's take on the way forward

Top 500 South Africa's Best Managed Companies showcases an exclusive interview with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in its eighth annual edition...

Issued by Topco Media 1 Nov 2016

Cannot delay tax rise pain, says Treasury

The tax increases in the pipeline in the next two years would undoubtedly be painful and would hurt growth but the alternative was far worse...

By Linda Ensor 28 Oct 2016

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