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#OnTheBigScreen: Dickens, Jedi, Met Opera

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Man Who Invented Christmas, The Foreigner, The Wedding Party 2 and Adès's: The Exterminating Angel open at local cinemas this week.

By Daniel Dercksen 11 hours ago

Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival to screen 32 films

The Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival will be held at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town on 7-10 December 2017. This year, the festival will screen a record of 32 films, several of which are premieres.

7 Dec 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Dirty Laundry, Wonder and Zola Budd

Vuil Wasgoed, Kidnap, Beauty And The Dogs, Wonder, The Fall and Barbie: Dolphin Magic open at local cinemas this week.

By Daniel Dercksen 7 Dec 2017

A festival of African creativity launched by Absolut

Capitalising on the success of its One Source campaign, Absolut Vodka has launched a festival of African creativity in 2018...

5 Dec 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Zulu Culture, Battle Of The Sexes and Bolshoi Ballet

She is King, The Accident, The Battle Of The Sexes, A Bad Mom's Christmas, Paddington 2 and Le Corsaire open at local cinemas this week.

By Daniel Dercksen 30 Nov 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Agatha Christie, J. D. Salinger and David Hockney

Murder on The Orient Express, Rebel in The Rye, Coco, Olaf's Frozen Adventure, Daddy's Home 2, Potato Potahto and David Hockney at The Royal Academy of Arts open at local cinemas this week.

By Daniel Dercksen 23 Nov 2017

Wonder Woman saves the day for Justice League

The last time director Zack Snyder was left in charge of a DC movie, he produced the dreadful Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Undeterred, he's returned at the helm of Justice League.

By Natalie Le Clue 20 Nov 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Father Christmas, Mozart and superheroes

Liewe Kersfeesvader, Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, Justice League, The Star, The Man With The Iron Heart and Mozart's Magic Flute open at local cinemas.

By Daniel Dercksen 17 Nov 2017

Wavescape unveils female-centric line-up

This year, the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival will focus on women in its ocean-conscious event line-up. From 20 November to 10 December 2017, Wavescape will showcase the talents of female scientists, artists, photographers, and activists who use the ocean as their muse to advocate change

15 Nov 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Horror, faith, passion and revenge

Mother!, All Saints, Amityville: The Awakening, Suburbicon, Wolf Warriors 2 and Norma open on the big screen this week.

By Daniel Dercksen 9 Nov 2017

#MusicExchange: Spencer Proffer

In an exclusive interview with Bizcommunity, we speak to an extraordinary man and talent, international music and media producer, Spencer Proffer. Spencer is visiting South Africa this week to produce a groundbreaking new way to expose a film.

By Martin Myers 7 Nov 2017

Bringing the best African movies to the world

Africa's first all-Africa movie review platform calls for collaboration to showcase and crowdsource the best African-made movies to a local and global audience...

7 Nov 2017

#OnTheBigScreen: Sinister Demons, Afterlife Experiments and Heroic Firefighters

The House On Willow Street, Flatliners, Wind River, Only The Brave and Hotel Salvation open at local cinemas this week.

By Daniel Dercksen 3 Nov 2017

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How to claim if you're injured on holiday

Accidental injury is the worst thing that can happen to you when you are abroad in an unfamiliar environment. Not only will you be far away from friends and family, you will have no access to your usual doctor or local hospital - and the challenges can continue to grow! As well as putting the dampener on the fun you have been having sipping fruity cocktails on the poolside garnished with cherries or listening to the waves repeatedly lap against the sand under a multi-coloured parasol, understanding how to make a holiday injury claim can be quite the challenge. It doesn't matter whether you have been involved in a car accident that was due to somebody else, injured skiing down the marked slopes of the Alps or have tripped, slipped or fallen to injury, you can make a claim.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 23 Nov 2017

It may not be possible to slow down fast fashion - so can the industry ever be sustainable?

The fashion industry has some major sustainability problems. By 2030, it is predicted that the industry's water consumption will grow by 50% to 118 billion cubic metres, its carbon footprint will increase to 2,791m tonnes and the amount of waste it creates will hit 148m tonnes.

By Mark Sumner 23 Nov 2017

Wood watches designed to stand out

A brand created for the ones who dare stand out, the trendsetters and the risktakers. The Garwood Wood Grain Watches was created with these values in mind in 2013, representing a dynamic juncture between the modern and the classic.

Issued by Monetary Library 10 Nov 2017

Nialaya Jewelry from Los Angeles

Almost eight years ago, Entrepreneur and Designer Jannik Olander started making bracelets by hand in his Hollywood hills garage. Today, Nialaya Jewelry is a world-renowned brand for men and women with headquarters on Melrose Avenue in sunny Los Angeles, and the go-to for handcrafted, unique beaded bracelets and necklaces with a spiritual touch!

Issued by Monetary Library 30 Oct 2017

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