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SA increasingly marketed as top medical tourism destination

Although South Africa is renowned as a premium tourist destination and known to have world-class private medical facilities, the country has a very low key medical tourism industry...

15 May 2017

Cutting-edge radio-surgical technology arrives in SA

"The technology delivers powerful doses of precision-targeted radiation that acts as a surgeon's ‘scalpel'. This greatly reduces many of the risks associated with traditional cranial surgery."

9 May 2017

Conjoined twins successfully separated

Twin girls joined at the lower abdomen were separated in a six-hour operation...

23 Jan 2017

SA's first paediatric mucoepimoid tumour removal

In a first for South Africa, a mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the parotid was successfully removed from a three-year-old boy...

22 Dec 2016

#MovemberRSA: Prostate bot surgery minimises erectile dysfunction

One of the primary fears in men undergoing prostatectomies is loss of erectile function, but with robotic surgery, 78%of patients of all ages return to full potency in nine months...

17 Nov 2016

Urgent need to restructure SA's organ transplant process

The drop in the number of organ transplants is indicative of a need to change the procurement process under the auspices of a new authority...

By Danette Breitenbach 16 Nov 2016

SASA on the economics of patient safety during surgery

What are the real costs of safe surgery in South Africa? That is the question SASA attempted to answer recently...

31 Oct 2016

What are craniofacial syndromes?

In the first of a series of three, Professor Frank Graewe broadly outlines the exact nature of craniofacial deformities and syndromes...

By Frank Graewe 22 Jun 2016

New minimally invasive procedure for BPH

A cutting-edge procedure to treat the symptoms associated with a severely enlarged prostate is being introduced to the African continent for the first time...

24 May 2016

Ain't no mountain high enough

A group of Wits medical students will be tackling the highest peak in Africa to bring smiles to the faces of some very special children...

By Nicci Botha 5 May 2016

Breakthrough craniofacial surgery: Round 2

Almost a year after undergoing life-changing operations for serious skull defects, two young girls returned to South Africa for their final surgeries...

15 Apr 2016

First cardiac surgery performed in Zimbabwe in 13 years

After more than a decade, Zimbabwean patients will now have access to cardiac surgery within their own borders...

7 Mar 2016

300th cryo-balloon ablation procedure performed

300th cryo-balloon ablation procedure performed...

4 Mar 2016

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New UN-backed citizen-led alliance formed against mosquito-borne diseases

In an effort to escalate the global fight against mosquito-borne diseases, a new alliance between citizen science organisations and UN Environment will be launched under the name ‘Global Mosquito Alert'. Mosquito-borne diseases are responsible for killing close to 2.7m people annually and the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates overall mosquito-borne cases at 500m every year.

10 May 2017

Health brands use Instagram to become part of new cultural conversations

The rise of visual social sharing via platforms such as Instagram has provided brands with a new way to examine their complex relationships with people. Here's why social watching is so important and a handful of health and wellness brands using Instagram to become part of the new cultural conversations...

By Marilyn Dutlow Munga 28 Apr 2017

Creatives: enter Cannes Lions 2017 Young Lions Health Award this week

Entries to the Cannes Lions 2017 Young Lions Health Award, in association with Unicef and ‘la Caixa' Foundation, close on 24 April 2017.

20 Apr 2017

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