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SU's second successful penis transplant
SU's second successful penis transplant

Stellenbosch University's faculty of medicine and health sciences announced today that it has performed a second successful penile transplant...

By Nicci Botha 22 May 2017

Urgent need to restructure SA's organ transplant process
Urgent need to restructure SA's organ transplant process

The drop in the number of organ transplants is indicative of a need to change the procurement process under the auspices of a new authority...

By Danette Breitenbach 16 Nov 2016

What are craniofacial syndromes?
What are craniofacial syndromes?

In the first of a series of three, Professor Frank Graewe broadly outlines the exact nature of craniofacial deformities and syndromes...

By Frank Graewe 22 Jun 2016

The Kilimanjaro Challenge 2014 team at the summit
Ain't no mountain high enough

A group of Wits medical students will be tackling the highest peak in Africa to bring smiles to the faces of some very special children...

By Nicci Botha 5 May 2016

Chamendran Naidoo
Once, twice, three times a 'ladyboy': A case of transsexualism

Summer vacation is upon us, oh my readers. Conjured images appear of transoceanic flights, bleached Thai beach sand and sensual massages often concluded with the legendary 'happy ending'. Many of these 'happy endings' however have ended in a 'not-so-happy surprise' when the patron discovers his coy mistress to be a smiling mister.

By Chamendran Naidoo 4 Dec 2012

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