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Four tips on how retailers can protect themselves from data breaches

MasterCard addressed various issues impacting retailers across Africa...

13 Nov 2015 09:34

'Big chains keep blacks out of loop'

Controversial political party Agency for New Agenda is hauling South Africa's five major retailers to court for racial discrimination and is threatening to scupper a trillion-rand business deal.

By Nompumelelo Magwaza 3 Nov 2015 15:39

Fashion police - protect your products, protect your brand

In the clothing industry, various forms of mimicry from the confusingly similar logo applied to competing products, to the seemingly perfect copies, can dilute the distinctiveness of a brand...

By Thomas Schmidt 2 Nov 2015 17:02

Lewis to return R67m to customers

Amid mounting pressure to root out bad credit practices, retailer Lewis Group says it will refund R67.1m to pensioners and self-employed customers for "mistakenly" selling them unemployment insurance...

By Zeenat Moorad 28 Oct 2015 14:30

Woolworths recalls 12 products over labelling error

Twelve ice cream and sorbet products are being recalled by retailer Woolworths...

14 Oct 2015 15:50

Oops!...I clicked it again

Sorry to disappoint you, but not only did you not win the UK lottery like that email you received said, but you will probably also not get the flat-screen TV that you ordered on the e-commerce site for the advertised price of R500 if the price was a mistake...

By Neville Melville 7 Oct 2015 11:40

Do we know what we eat?

South Africa, to date, has been behind when it comes to correct and transparent food labelling. What you may see on a food label is not always what you get...

By Karen Kitchen 11 Sep 2015 12:24

Infant milk prices in China entice Aspen

Africa's biggest generic drug manufacturer, Aspen Pharmacare, is still cautiously eyeing the infant milk market in China despite its growth slowdown, company CEO Stephen Saad said Wednesday...

10 Sep 2015 14:50

Product supplier responsibility

One of the more potentially contentious issues contained within the 'fair customer treatment/RDR' review has been that of product supplier responsibility...

By Richard Rattue 10 Sep 2015 11:50

The ombudsman cometh

Has the culture of non-compliance and non-payment that is increasingly prevalent amongst the general population spread to businesses? If the recent experience of the office of the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud (CGSO) is anything to go by, it may well have done so...

By Neville Melville 3 Sep 2015 11:08

SA attends AGOA Forum

Pretoria - Trade and Industry Minister, Dr Rob Davies, has arrived in Libreville, Gabon, where he will attend the 14th African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Forum...

26 Aug 2015 13:00

Lewis Group rejects bad practices claims

Lewis Group on Friday rejected claims of bad practices involving two of its subsidiaries...

By Andries Mahlangu 11 Aug 2015 10:15

Irreversible cost of counterfeiting on global economies

Counterfeiting is causing brand dilution, job losses and irreversible damage to global economies. Described as "the crime of the 21st century," it has become a lucrative underground business around the world...

By Dean Bellingan and Paul Muscat 4 Aug 2015 17:33

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