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Budget speech announces further consultations on sugar tax, welcomed by industry

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's announced in his Budget speech on 22 February 2017 that there would be further consultations on the tax on sugar-sweetened beverages...

23 Feb 2017

Sugar tax must come with an education programme

The new tax on SSBs can't stand alone in addressing obesity and related lifestyle diseases, and must form part of an integrated education plan...

21 Feb 2017

SONA 2017 failed to address job losses, says Fair Play

In his 2017 State of the Nation address, President Jacob Zuma made frequent references to the need to create jobs and government's job creation initiatives...

14 Feb 2017

Fair Play Movement takes EU to task over chicken dumping

The Fair Play Movement is bringing international experts to help stop the proliferation of the predatory trade practice of dumping worldwide...

9 Feb 2017

Why new entrants struggle to break into South Africa's retail space

Effective competition in the supermarket industry is important because it has far-reaching implications for consumers and suppliers...

By Reena das Nair 7 Feb 2017

Soft-drinks industry offers 'better' alternatives to sugar tax

The soft-drinks industry has proposed a raft of measures to reduce the daily number of calories consumed as an alternative...

By Linda Ensor 1 Feb 2017

Glass half full for workers at AB InBev and Coca-Cola

AB InBev is allowed to offer certain employees severance packages, though the two firms may not now retrench staff...

By Ann Crotty 30 Jan 2017

Lewis' third-quarter revenue declines in tough conditions

The Lewis Group, of which Lewis Stores is a subsidiary, reported a drop in revenue for the third quarter, and nine months ended 2016...

By Matthew Stevens 26 Jan 2017

Costco to pay $11.75m over medical prescriptions

LOS ANGELES - Warehouse retail giant Costco has agreed to pay $11.75 million to settle allegations that some of its pharmacies improperly filled prescriptions for controlled substances, federal officials announced Thursday...

20 Jan 2017

ASA sinks teeth into Aquafresh

It has been exposed in a battle of toothpastes that when it comes to protecting your pearly whites Aquafresh Complete Care is not necessarily better than other brands, as suggested in an advert...

By Roxanne Henderson 17 Jan 2017

Trade mark registration: Truworths no longer has "the look"

Ackermans has recently been successful in a precedent setting trade mark dispute against Truworths which was heard by the Supreme Court of Appeal. The trade mark at the centre of the dispute was “THE LOOK”...

By Janine Hollesen 16 Jan 2017

Coca-Cola heads for tricky AB InBev deal

Competition analysts believe it will involve another year of detailed engagements with competition regulators in many African countries...

9 Jan 2017

Sugar wars: Coke faces first salvo in US false advertising lawsuit

Coca-Cola's claims that their SSBs are not linked to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease will be tested in a lawsuit...

By Sharon Snell 9 Jan 2017

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