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Positive results from TB and HIV/Aids prisons programme

A national programme to address the risk of TB and HIV/Aids in the prison system has shown significant results...

9 Mar 2017

New drug option for Aids patients with TB

Some Aids patients, also with TB, start taking antiretrovirals hoping to get better. But they get sicker, temporarily at least...

By Ashleigh Furlong 2 Mar 2017

Laser-based approaches in HIV diagnostics

The CSIR biophotonics team will be presenting on laser-based HIV diagnostics at a global conference this week...

30 Jan 2017

What will it take to end Aids by 2030?

Scientific advances mean nothing if people are too ashamed and feel too judged to seek them out...

By Mia Malan 5 Jan 2017

Mobile Health Clinics on the road to eliminate HIV

As we celebrate World Aids Day, a local company, Mobile Health Clinics (MHC), is set to play an integral role in the achievement of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 goal and stop the HIV epidemic in its tracks by 2030...

Issued by Jag Method 1 Dec 2016

#WorldAIDSDay: A very short history of HIV life insurance

For a long time people living with HIV, didn't qualify for life insurance, but now that they have an almost normal life expectancy, things have changed.

1 Dec 2016

#WorldAIDSDay: Liver cancer a threat to the life expectancy of people living with HIV

People living with HIV have an increased life expectancy, but this has created a need to screen for comorbidities that still threaten their longevity...

1 Dec 2016

#WorldAIDSDay: Research leads SA's treatment programme

Since the dark days of denialism, South Africa has taken giant strides forward in implementing a progressive HIV/Aids strategy...

1 Dec 2016

Forget searching - chatbots take information to people on World AIDS Day

info4africa and Always Active Mobile have launched a new messaging service for South Africans in need of health and welfare support services...

Issued by AAM – Always Active Mobile 1 Dec 2016

Could we mass-produce HIV immunity?

One tiny protein may be the world's best hope of halting HIV in its tracks...

By Penny Moore, Lynne Morris & Nono Mkhize 28 Nov 2016

Dashboard will speed up SA's HIV suppression objectives

Now, healthcare practitioners involved in managing South Africa's HIV pandemic can access data from a new web-based system in near real-time...

22 Nov 2016

BHF welcomes ARV protocols, but warns against costs

The new test and treat anti-retroviral (ARV) guidelines have been endorsed by the Board of Healthcare Funders...

6 Sep 2016

Training and safety devices reduce risk of needle-stick injuries

With South Africa's high prevalence of HIV and hepatitis B, healthcare workers are at risk of exposure through needle-stick injuries...

31 Aug 2016

#WomensMonth: Colleen Khumalo on Aids, inequality and unions

Colleen Khumalo has a vision of taking HIV and TB management and prevention to the hard-to-reach rural areas...

5 Aug 2016

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Service delivery starts with data. See who's been missing from the spreadsheets

Tanzania's most recent national census tells us that about one in 16 people has a disability in the country's Ruvuma region. But what if the true number was closer to one in five?

By Dominic Haslam 1 Mar 2017

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