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Creative Director at the worker party agency
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    Creative Director at the worker party agency
    mario diplock
    No tender loving in tendering
    Emy, you are of course 100% correct. Tendering is fraught with funny business.Agencies are fully aware of this, but times are too tough not to tender.At some there was talk of shortlisted agencies insisting on a R50, 000 tender fee.But because of lack of courage, no follow through.
    Posted on 23 Apr 2015 14:28
    mario diplock
    Is SA's positioning of "Inspiring New Ways" right?
    Rolf, check the article on this topic that appeared at the time.Note the comments.
    Posted on 17 Sep 2014 11:05
    mario diplock
    How to sell off-the-wall creative
    Excellent article Sid, and thanks for trimming away the fat.
    Posted on 6 Aug 2014 12:05
    mario diplock
    My father and I - a personal journey into business
    What a refreshing, honest article.Thanks Jason, enjoyed it.
    Posted on 18 Mar 2014 17:10
    mario diplock
    Africa: An advertising voyage of discovery
    Hi VanitaI too worked in Kenya for a while and totally understand where you're coming from.Luckily most of the client bigwigs were peeps schooled in the industry in their respective countries from where they came.But they were far and few between and frustration was the order of the day, most days.You're right, catch phrases in Swahili and gimmicks are preferred and "risk-taking" is discouraged. I do applaud your desire to change things for the better, but you have a massive task ahead.You'll have to balance getting your own work done with inspiring the creative revolution.I suggest you start small within you own agency and see if you can get a few believers.And since you're a foreigner, your task will be a little more tougher.But it's not all doom and gloom.Give it your best shot.
    Posted on 15 Oct 2013 10:58
    mario diplock
    Big fish, small pond vs small fish, big pond
    Right on the money!
    Posted on 14 Jun 2013 16:53
    mario diplock
    The Idea Worx appoints uber-strategist Dimape Serenyane as CEO
    Geeez, this is a massive coup for The Idea Worx!Having the legendary Dimape on your side is quite a feat.I worked with this dude back at Herdbuoys McCann and he is a reservoir of knowledge and is totally unassuming.When he left McCann I thought he was lost to the industry and last I heard he was farming in the Free State somewhere.Glad to see you are back "big guy" and all the best!
    Posted on 6 Mar 2013 11:24
    mario diplock
    BCSA welcomes Brand South Africa's new slogan
    Geeeez, this is lame! Tomorrow morning when I get to the office I'm going to let my junior creatives have a crack at a new line.Nanny Mouse is spot on, "interesting potential" is hardly convincing.I have to ask myself, new ways of what??? If this is the best Brand SA can do, then we're on a hiding to nothing.As Bob politely put it, " please re-think". It may hurt now, but it will be great in the long run.Sean clearly isn't the real McCoy.
    Posted on 13 Mar 2012 17:42
    mario diplock
    How Woolworths lost its mojo
    Andre, if you've ever dealt with ideas and concepts which your present to Companies in good faith and they turn around and steal your ideas and still act arrogantly thereafter, I doubt you'll call that over reacting. Woolies deserve all the bad press they get for this.I'm not sure how you reconcile ripping off the little guy with good products and values. But anyway...
    Posted on 3 Feb 2012 15:41
    mario diplock
    Chris Moerdyk pays tribute to John Farquhar
    Farewell to a legendary advertising industry voice. I remember how excited I'd get just waiting for the next issue of Advantage magazine. And even though you crit our work you all always did it constructively. The industry has lost another giant and we'll be much poorer for it. Thanks John and go in peace "Big Guy".
    Posted on 30 Jan 2012 12:57
    mario diplock
    Family business takes on Woolworths over alleged imitation products
    I've been in advertising for years and even an intern could see that your product is a knock-off.I wont shop at Woolies again until you become an honest retailer.And I will be encouraging everyone I know to do the same.Clearly Woolies is becoming arrogant enough to pull such a stunt.I hope the Frankies guys take you on.Nothing is worse that presenting your concept to somebody, they refuse but then a short while later they go and produce your product.Zayda please pull the other leg.(This comment has been edited.)
    Posted on 22 Dec 2011 16:14
    mario diplock
    New TV commercial repositions Engen
    this is not only a knock-off of the old Peugeot ad but it's also way too contrived.Clearly a case of the agency trying too hard and with an eye on an award.This ad will do nothing for the Engen brand.In fact Engen seem to be given a bit of a mention right at the end.Great ad for jumbo trolleys, but useless for Engen
    Posted on 22 Dec 2011 15:59
    mario diplock
    On getting out of the office
    very inspiring article Anton, thanks.As Mike Schalit used to say, we dont pay you to come to work, we pay you to work.creatives should be out there.
    Posted on 8 Dec 2011 18:03
    mario diplock
    Will advertising a restaurant on a billboard make financial sense ?
    Hi SunilBillboards are costly my friend, and they are great if you have a nice big budget.Also, they serve the purpose of awareness. In other words, people who see it may now know about your Restaurant, however that doesn't mean they'll beat a path to your door.Another thing, you can't really put much on a billboard and if it doesn't attract any attention, it's money down the drain.There are many things you can do on a smaller budget and I wouldn't advise you spend it on a billboard just yet.
    Posted on 14 Oct 2011 12:49
    mario diplock
    Steve Jobs - he changed our world
    Thanks Walter, that's a fitting tribute.
    Posted on 6 Oct 2011 17:04
    mario diplock
    Stop using varsity degrees as barricades to advertising, media
    Chris, old chap, you're on the money again.Not only is a degree or diploma a barrier but you forget that some CDs are pretty insecure so instead of hiring hot talent that will threaten them, they hire mediocre creatives and feel comfortable.The other thing is nepotism, the CD will hire his friends who are hopeless at other jobs at the expense of talent.All the best ad agencies, La Communidad for example believe in raw, street-wise talent. Our own Graham Warsop never saw the inside of an ad school or agency until he was nearly 30 years old.The solution is for agency management to be much closer to the hiring process, because the word of the CD just ain't cutting it anymore.The level of work is there for everyone to see.Escott, you sound very sincere about your boy, mail me at and see how we could help
    Posted on 5 Oct 2011 14:46
    mario diplock
    SAB, Ogilvy celebrate 50 years of 'unbreakable' friendship
    aaah ja.isn't it time they let other agencies have a go at some of their brands??Take Redds for example. First it was that numbskull campaign where Ice was falling on drinkers heads. Then came the dumb PHOLA time campaign that nobody bought into. Even they had to admit it was rubbish and ditched it soon after.If that wasn't enough, now they have launched the very un=inspiring "REDDS IT UP" campaign. this aint going to do nothing for REDDS. Very soon they going to ditch this loser of a campaign too. OR, they going to let REDDS die a slow, painful death.And as for Milk Stout?? The new "PAUSE" campaign tries way too hard. It's totally off the mark too. Any one who knows anything about the beer market will tell you that the kind of people they have in the new Milk Stout ads wouldn't be seen dead drinking Milk Stout. Those are Heineken drinkers.Spending so much money on a useless campaign is mind-boggling.Hope SAB uses my free advice.
    Posted on 21 Sep 2011 15:02
    mario diplock
    Launch inspires Gauteng residents to become tourists in their own province
    ey, what another dumb campiagn!!If the GEE PEE in I AM A GEE PEE means Gauteng Province, then translated the campaign reads: I AM A GAUTENG PROVICE!!DUMB, so far. But then it goes on to say AND this is my GAUTENG.So in reality the campaing in total reads as follows: I AM A GAUTENG PROVINCE AND THIS IS MY GAUTENG.This makes no sense at all and the agency responsible for this should congratulate themselves for lack of creativity.Anyway, they are going to bill Gauteng Tourism for this unspectacular piece of work and the client having set the bar low will cough up.This campaign doesn't inspire at all. I'm looking forward to see how others will take to it.I LOVE GP, but not this campaign.
    Posted on 9 Sep 2011 15:47
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