Kevin Phillips is the MD of idu Software. He is an entrepreneur who has built a successful business, and so has a solid understanding of the challenges and questions business owners face.
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Four things that are undermining faith in financial institutions

Banks, pension funds and insurance companies are the three most important pillars of our financial system, and all of them depend on large-scale participation to work effectively. The more people are invested in a pension scheme, the more capital it has to work with and the more opportunities it has to make successful investments.

By Kevin Phillips 19 Aug 2013

Empowering your staff with financial knowledge pays dividends

One of the best investments any company can make is to develop and empower middle managers to take ownership of their area of the business.

By Kevin Phillips 17 Jul 2013

Leading by example

Humans have known for millenia that neglecting to lead by example does not lead to sustainable success. As many a tyrant has discovered, the orgies and conspicuous consumption may be fun while they last, but the ultimate price is high.

By Kevin Phillips 12 Jul 2013

Is your company culture putting you at greater risk of fraud?

Most accountants and auditors know the "fraud triangle", the combination of incentive, opportunity and rationalisation that creates a risk that an employee will attempt to defraud his company.

By Kevin Phillips 7 Jun 2013

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