Colin Thornton

Managing Director of Turrito Networks and Dial a Nerd
Location:South Africa


    Colin Thornton founded Dial a Nerd in 1998. His first clients were friends and family and his first computer repair room the garage of his parent's home. By focusing on home users and offering a high level of service, he occupied a niche at the time which helped Dial a Nerd grow into the business it is now. Contact him at
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    How to avoid disaster in the wake of Spectre and Meltdown

    Earlier this month, while the majority of South African business owners were still enjoying their summer holiday, the global technology industry suffered a rather devastating blow...

    By Colin Thornton 13 hours ago

    #BizTrends2018: South African businesses should be investigating AI (now)

    As more of our devices become synced and begin to communicate with each other, connectivity will soon take on an entirely new meaning...

    By Colin Thornton 8 Jan 2018

    Deep packet sniffing, penetration testing and vulnerabilities: A guide to modern IT security

    Yes, I know what you're thinking...this sounds like some kind of twisted geek version of Fifty Shades of Grey. And while I hope our message can instil the same kind of reader and media frenzy as that soft porn novel and film, it is admittedly a far more sombre (and arguably far more important) topic for discussion: IT security and mobility...

    By Colin Thornton 16 Nov 2017

    Harnessing tech to create sustainable cities for the future

    More than ever before, technology drives our world. It powers businesses, cities and governments, and shapes individual lives in a hugely impactful way...

    By Colin Thornton 7 Nov 2017

    Why cloud hosting can transform your business today

    In the midst of an excruciatingly tough economic year, SMMEs are undoubtedly in survival mode. No matter their size or sector, South African businesses have to scrutinise their balance sheets and find any cost savings - and efficiencies - that they possibly can.

    By Colin Thornton 1 Nov 2017

    Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg: Battle of the killer robots?

    In recent months, the debate over whether artificial intelligence (AI) is evil or evolutionary has taken on a new level of urgency - and ferocity...

    By Colin Thornton 6 Sep 2017

    The six worst ransomware

    It's hard to keep track of the cybercriminal world as it seems these dark web creatures are constantly trying to outwit, outlast, and outplay each other with their destructive viruses...

    By Colin Thornton 20 Jul 2017

    Cyber attacks moving to mobile

    With individuals and businesses becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices for everything from email to banking, cyber criminals have turned their attention to mobile platforms...

    By Colin Thornton 7 Jul 2017

    Turning power lines into internet connectivity

    With some analysts predicting that the global power over ethernet (PoE) market will reach $1bn by 2022, we are living in exciting times for the technology that uses the electrical wiring of a home as a wired data network...

    By Colin Thornton 13 Jun 2017

    Combating ransomware [part II]

    In a previous article, we examined the rise of ransomware and some of the issues that people need to be aware of when addressing this scourge...

    By Colin Thornton 7 Jun 2017

    Comabting ransomware [part I]

    Even though local statistics are difficult to come by given the sensitive matter of the issue, ransomware is on the increase in South Africa and the rest of the world...

    By Colin Thornton 30 May 2017

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