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Patric Isaac
Patric Isaac
I believe advert are not met to be personalised otherwise you delete the message and you will loose the taste that goes with it,to standard Bank i say good initiative,moving FORWADS indeed.
Posted on 7 Jan 2013 15:39
Yuri Phaswana
Yuri Phaswana
The yellow car makes me think of MTN. They should have used a blue one. Consistency.I was so focused on all the dancing and the funny background music that I still do not know what you were advertising.
Posted on 15 Jan 2013 11:13
Yuri Phaswana
Yuri Phaswana
May I disagree with you. FNB's Steve ad campaign had a lot of personality. And because everyone knew about Steve they went to hear what Steve was saying. I do agree that it shouldn't lose the message though ;-)
Posted on 15 Jan 2013 11:14
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