#BizTrends2018: How to manoeuvre through 2018 and come out the other side
#BizTrends2018: How to manoeuvre through 2018 and come out the other side

What a crazy year it has been for planners and marketers - it's been challenging right? Navigating new technologies, sifting through the claimed vs the real, local industry research has been turned on its head leaving many agencies and clients really scrambling to build benchmarks for success and establishing a new normal.

By Natasha Fourie 5 Feb 2018

Tell the authentic stories of Africa
Tell the authentic stories of Africa

There are so many authentic African stories that aren't being told because they don't fit the "mould" of existing media platforms. We, as Africans, need to own our platforms to start telling our stories in the way we want them to be told.

By Moliehi Molekoa 31 Jan 2018

Morocco: Market leader in less than a year

Even before celebrating its first birthday, the Moroccan daily Al Massae has received an unexpected gift.

14 Dec 2007

Fast and furrier... Young cheetahs go to new home – first class
Fast and furrier... Young cheetahs go to new home – first class

DHL South Africa, the leading global express delivery and logistics company, provided air and ground transport support for the safe delivery of four young cheetahs from Johannesburg to the Casela Bird Park in Mauritius this morning.

12 Dec 2007

Kenyan firm makes online shopping a reality

A quick solution for Kenyan shoppers is in the offing, courtesy of a Nairobi-based firm that will save hundreds of time-constrained individuals by offering online shopping services.

By Joyce Joan Wangui 21 Aug 2007

Emeka Enyadike
Why some publications are born to perish

There seems to be a rush to publish magazines on every subject under the sun and to start newspapers and while this may be a good development given the educational and information value of these publications, what is worrying is their high mortality rate.

By Emeka Enyadike 15 Aug 2007

Journalists murdered in suspected political killings

Two well-known Somali journalists - Radio Capital Voice director Mahad Ahmed Elmi and Ali Iman Sharmarke, director of Horn Afrik - were murdered in separate incidents on 11 August 2007.

14 Aug 2007

Emeka Enyadike
Big Brother Africa 2 housemates unveiled

The housemates of the second edition of Big Brother Africa were unveiled to members of the press and other invited guests on Sunday, 5 August 2007, at the Bar Royal, Planet one, Maryland, Lagos.

By Emeka Enyadike 8 Aug 2007

Timothy Kasonde
An Internet exchange service for Arusha

The Tanzanian Internet Service Providers Association (TISPA) has launched the second Internet Exchange (IX) service in Arusha, Tanzania. The Tanzania Communicatoins Regulatory Authority (TCRA) made the IX possible by donating equipment and infrastructure to TISPA for its setup.

By Timothy Kasonde 7 Aug 2007

Kenya Anti-corruption Commission goes digital

The war against corruption in Kenya is to assume new dimensions following the introduction of an online corruption reporting system code named Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS) to enable whistle blowers report corruption cases anonymously.

By Joyce Joan Wangui 23 Jul 2007

A fortune up for grabs for company logo design

As more powerful brands emerge in Uganda, the fever of distinction has gripped the old ones, prompting them to revolutionize their selling points.

By Walter Wafula 10 Jul 2007

Nashua nets the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue

Nashua has signed a three year deal to continue its naming rights sponsorship of the South African Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue for an undisclosed amount. The annual print edition, which has made household names of models like Tanya Fourie, Christina Storm, Kerry McGregor, Minki van der Westhuizen, Megan McKenzie, Tanit Phoenix, Teresa de Klerk and Gina Athans will be supplemented with multi-media exposure including national radio and TV coverage.

29 Jun 2005

PR must tell the African story

Preceeded by a welcoming tribe of Masai warriors, dancers and singers at the Federation of African Public Relations Associations (FAPRA) in Nairobi, Kenya, the Vice President of Kenya, Dr AA Moody Awori, said, "The role of public relations must be used as a tool to enhance service delivery to communities, promote good governance and take charge of communicating the African story."

12 Jun 2005

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