ICT jobs

Pastel Evolution Sales Consultant
Durban, NorthSage VIP RecruitmentR180000 - R240000 Yearly24 Oct
Johannesburge-MergeR60000 Monthly24 Oct
Senior .Net Developer
Johannesburg, Eastern SuburbsIocore Global Resourcing SAR400000 - R500000 Monthly24 Oct
SSIS Applications Developer
Johannesburg, Northern SuburbsIocore Global Resourcing SAR300000 - R360000 Monthly24 Oct
Renewable Contract Business Analysts
Johannesburge-MergeR750000 Yearly neg23 Oct
Mobile/Gaming Developer
Cape Towne-MergeR300000 Yearly23 Oct
IT Specialist
JohannesburgDrake InternationalR30000 - R33000 Monthly23 Oct
Paid Search Executive
Cape Town, ClaremontProjects AbroadR15000 - R25000 Monthly23 Oct
Senior C# Developers
Johannesburg, Northe-MergeR45000 - R60000 Monthly neg23 Oct
Business Analyst
Johannesburge-MergeR500000 Yearly neg23 Oct
Web Developer
Johannesburg, East RandSage VIP RecruitmentR350000 - R450000 Yearly23 Oct
Johannesburg, East RandSage VIP RecruitmentR350000 - R450000 Yearly23 Oct
Database Manager
Johannesburg, East RandSage VIP RecruitmentR300000 - R450000 Yearly23 Oct
Systems Analysts
Johannesburge-MergeR850000 Yearly neg23 Oct
Senior Business Analyst
Johannesburge-MergeR580000 - R650000 Yearly23 Oct
Junior C# Developer
Pretoria, EastDAV Professional Placement GroupR200000 Yearly22 Oct
Channel Sales Representative
Johannesburge-MergeR600000 - R650000 Yearly22 Oct
Territory Account Manager
Johannesburge-MergeR400000 - R450000 Yearly22 Oct
Business Analytics Account Executive
Johannesburge-MergeR650000 - R700000 Yearly22 Oct
Custom Developer Specialists
Johannesburge-MergeR300000 - R600000 Yearly neg22 Oct
Senior Analyst Programmer
Pretoriae-MergeR800000 Yearly22 Oct
Senior Analyst Programmer
Pretoriae-MergeR600000 Yearly22 Oct
.Net Junior Developers
Pretoria, Centurione-MergeR20000 - R25000 Monthly neg22 Oct
Intermediate Developers
Pretoria, Centurione-MergeR25000 - R40000 Monthly neg22 Oct
Junior Developers
Pretoria, Centurione-MergeR15000 - R20000 Monthly21 Oct
Intermediate C# Developer
Cape Towne-MergeR400000 Yearly21 Oct
Senior C# Developers
Cape Towne-MergeR600000 Yearly21 Oct
From Sales to Sales Manager
Durban, PinetownThe UnlimitedR15000 - R25000 Monthly neg21 Oct
Senior C# Role
Johannesburg, Sandtone-MergeR55000 Monthly neg21 Oct
Intermediate C# Developers – Cape Town – R350k to R400k per annum
Cape Towne-MergeR350000 - R400000 Yearly21 Oct
Strategic Support and Optimisation Manager
Johannesburge-MergeR900000 Yearly neg21 Oct
E-Commerce and Supply Chain Sales
JohannesburgStock2Shop.comR10000 - R20000 Monthly neg21 Oct
Senior Java Developer
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR900000 Yearly20 Oct
Senior and Intermediate C# Developers
Johannesburg, Houghtone-MergeR35000 - R55000 Monthly20 Oct
SEO Copywriter
Cape TownRecruit DigitalR18000 - R20000 Monthly20 Oct
Senior Analyst Programmer
Pretoriae-MergeR800000 Yearly20 Oct
PPC Analyst
Cape Town, Southern SuburbsRecruit DigitalR15000 - R20000 Monthly20 Oct
Intermediate C# Developer
JohannesburgDAV Professional Placement GroupR500000 Yearly20 Oct
Regional General Manager
Johannesburge-MergeR1000000 - R1000500 Yearly20 Oct
SharePoint Developers
Cape Towne-MergeR300000 - R400000 Yearly neg20 Oct
Leaders Development Programme - Sales
Durban, PinetownThe UnlimitedR15000 - R35000 Monthly neg20 Oct
Senior PHP Developer
Cape Town, CBDDigipath Digital RecruitmentR350000 - R40000 Monthly17 Oct
Senior Java/JEE Developer
Cape Towne-MergeR500 Hourly16 Oct
Senior Java/JEE Developer
Cape Towne-MergeR800000 Yearly16 Oct
Production Assistant/IT Position
Cape TownAFS ProductionsR9200 Monthly16 Oct
Intermediate Java Developer
Pretoriae-MergeR600000 Yearly16 Oct
Senior SharePoint Developers
Cape Towne-MergeR540000 Yearly16 Oct
Senior Front-End Developers
Cape Towne-MergeR540000 Yearly16 Oct
Business Analyst
Johannesburge-MergeR500000 Yearly16 Oct
Senior .Net Developer
Cape Towne-MergeR600000 Yearly16 Oct
Web Designer
Cape TownDatafin RecruitmentR12000 - R20000 Monthly16 Oct
Lead C#.Net Developer
Cape Towne-MergeR600000 Yearly15 Oct
Senior C# .Net Developer
Cape Towne-MergeR420000 - R600000 Yearly neg15 Oct
Intermediate .Net Developers
Cape Towne-MergeR35000 Monthly neg15 Oct
Senior Lead Business Analyst
Johannesburge-MergeR750000 - R800000 Yearly neg15 Oct
Business Analyst
Johannesburge-MergeR550000 - R550000 Yearly15 Oct
Systems Performance Analyst
Johannesburge-MergeR600000 - R800000 Yearly15 Oct
Java Architect
Pretoria, Centurione-MergeR700000 - R900000 Yearly15 Oct
Java Web Developer
Johannesburge-MergeR600000 Yearly15 Oct
Senior Web Engineer
Cape TownRecruit DigitalR35000 - R65000 Monthly neg14 Oct
Solutions Architect/Development Manager
Cape TownRecruit DigitalR55000 - R65000 Monthly neg14 Oct
Java Back-End Developer
Cape Town, Constantiaberge-MergeR480000 Yearly14 Oct
Java Team Lead
Pretoriae-MergeR500 Hourly14 Oct
Associate Product Manager
Cape Towne-MergeR350000 - R400000 Yearly13 Oct
Business Development Executive
Johannesburge-MergeR500000 - R550000 Yearly13 Oct
Major Account Executive
Johannesburge-MergeR700000 - R750000 Yearly13 Oct
Account Manager
Johannesburge-MergeR400000 - R450000 Yearly13 Oct
Sales Leadership Development Programme
Durban, PinetownThe UnlimitedR15000 - R40000 Monthly neg13 Oct
Senior Developers
Johannesburge-MergeR500000 - R600000 Yearly13 Oct
IT Development Project Manager
BraamfonteinDAV Professional Placement GroupR540000 Yearly10 Oct
Key Account Manager
DurbanDrake InternationalR25000 - R40000 Monthly10 Oct
Specialist Senior SharePoint Developers
JohannesburgE-merge IT RecruitmentR40000 - R55000 Monthly10 Oct
Afrikaans Speaking Sales Consultants
Johannesburg, Hyde Park, SandtonUDM InternationalR10000 - R30000 Monthly10 Oct
Technology Publicist and Writer
Cape TownMediawebR300000 - R400000 Yearly10 Oct
Mixed-Medium Designer
Johannesburg, Rivonia, SandtonR10000 - R16000 Monthly neg9 Oct
Web Designer/Project Manager
Johannesburg, RandburgGTIS SAR6000 - R9000 Monthly neg9 Oct
Senior iOS Developer
Cape TownRecruit DigitalR30000 - R60000 Monthly9 Oct
Field Technician
Johannesburg, Southern SuburbsIocore Global Resourcing SAR14000 Monthly9 Oct
BI Systems Architect Manager
Johannesburge-MergeR700000 - R750000 Yearly neg7 Oct
Team Leader - Call Centre
Cape TownO'Brien RecruitmentR15000 - R17000 Monthly6 Oct

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