28 May 2018Information Compliance Masterclass 2018Johannesburg
29 May 2018Government contracts and procurement lawCape Town
30 May 2018Drafting plain language contracts - How to draft clear consumer terms/commercial contracts.Cape Town
12 Jun 2018Compli-Serve Practical Regulatory WorkshopCape Town
13 Jun 2018Pension law updateCape Town
18 Jun 2018CSSA International Qualifying Board Examination Prep CourseCape Town
19 Jun 2018Compli-Serve Practical Regulatory WorkshopJohannesberg
20 Jun 2018Compli-Serve Practical Regulatory WorkshopDurban
25 Jun 2018Muslim Marriage ContractsCape Town
28 Jun 2018Contracts Law and Management Masterclass 2018Johannesburg
2 Jul 2018Financial technology - what's law got to do with it?Cape Town
4 Jul 2018An introduction to conveyancingCape Town
9 Jul 2018Islamic finance/banking - within the South African contextCape Town
18 Jul 2018The legal duties of company directors, officers and senior managersCape Town
25 Jul 2018Contracts and contractor management masterclass 2018Durban
26 Jul 2018Information Compliance Masterclass 2018Kimberley
1 Aug 2018The Protection of Personal Information Act. A masterclass.Cape Town
3 Aug 2018The Protection of Personal Information Act. A masterclass.Johannesburg
17 Aug 2018CISCA and hedge fund regulationsCape Town
12 Sep 2018An introduction to administrative justiceCape Town
2 Oct 2018The Protection of Personal InformationCape Town
8 Oct 2018An introduction to conveyancingCape Town
23 Oct 2018Introduction to the law and drafting of contractsCape Town
8 Nov 2018Pension law updateCape Town
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