22 Feb 2018Management and leadership development skills for womenJohannesburg
3 Mar 2018Advanced programme in shopping centre leadership (ACSCL)Pretoria
5 Mar 2018Programme in asset and maintenance management
5 Mar 2018Programme in maintenance management
5 Mar 2018Online course - introduction to project management
12 Mar 2018Comprehensive project management programme (CPMP) for built environment practitioners
12 Mar 2018Short course in human resource, communication and scope management in projects
14 Mar 20183rd Annual Building Information Modeling (BIM) Conference 2018Johannesburg
14 Mar 2018JBCC Suite of Contracts - Edition 6.1Cape Town
15 Mar 2018MS project for construction and engineeringJohannesburg
16 Mar 2018JBCC ClaimsCape Town
19 Mar 2018Technical report writingJohannesburg
26 Mar 2018FIDIC - Advanced Contract Management and AdministrationJohannesburg
9 Apr 2018JBCC N/S Subcontract AgreementJohannesburg
16 Apr 2018Fundamentals of Project ManagementJohannesburg
16 Apr 2018JBCC Suite of Contracts - Edition 6.1Durban
18 Apr 2018Effective Project AdministrationJohannesburg
18 Apr 2018JBCC ClaimsDurban
23 Apr 2018Project Management Scheduling, Control for Engineering, Construction ManagersJohannesburg
26 Apr 2018Generator technology: construction, design, operation, modelling, control, proPretoria
7 May 2018Short course in project estimating and procurement
7 May 2018Project Management Scheduling, Control for Engineering, Construction ManagersDurban
14 May 2018Short course on project management principles and practices with MS ProjectsPretoria
15 May 2018Maintenance planning, cheduling for improved reliability, uptimeDurban
16 May 2018GCC 2015Johannesburg
21 May 2018Advanced programme in project management (APPM)
21 May 2018New Engineering ContractJohannesburg
23 May 2018NEC4Johannesburg
28 May 2018JBCC Suite of Contracts - Edition 6.1Johannesburg
30 May 2018JBCC ClaimsJohannesburg
31 May 2018Construction RegulationsJohannesburg
1 Jun 2018Legal LiabilityJohannesburg
4 Jun 2018Technical report writingDurban
11 Jun 2018People management skillsJohannesburg
18 Jun 2018Construction site managementDurban
20 Jun 2018Construction contract lawJohannesburg
25 Jun 2018FIDIC Red BookJohannesburg
27 Jun 2018FIDIC ClaimsJohannesburg
28 Jun 2018Construction site managementJohannesburg
9 Jul 2018Construction contract lawEast London
23 Jul 2018GCC 2015Durban
25 Jul 2018Construction estimatingJohannesburg
13 Aug 2018Advanced course in construction contracts
20 Aug 2018Short course in construction contracts
3 Sep 2018Course in requirements engineeringPretoria
9 Sep 2018Shopping centre management
13 Sep 2018Water Distribution and Management Conference 2018Johannesburg
8 Oct 2018Short course in project quality, risk and time management
15 Oct 2018Short course on project management principles and practices with MS ProjectsPretoria
15 Oct 2018Systems engineering managementPretoria
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