Bizcommunity launches new newsletters - 28 Aug 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] We've launched five new newsletters, to bring you the latest news in your sector of interest - or even sectors of interest. The five new letters are CSI, Sport, Mining, Military & Security, and Building & Construction. For example, in CSI, there's still time to enter the rhino conservation mountain bike race and help raise awareness and boost the protection of one of our most iconic animals. And on the military front, the SA Army is battling to cope fulfilling its various commitments... read more

IMC to engage on Marikana dispute - 21 Aug 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] What happened at Marikana last week is a blot on this country, and in an effort to ensure that what happened there does not happen again, the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) has committed to finding a solution to the dispute. It cannot be allowed to fail. MCI Consultants recently released the results of its recruitment trend survey. read more

eNews goes international - 14 Aug 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] eNews has been a success story on the South African TV front and has shown the way in providing news to its audience. Now it's spreading its wings and going international. read more

Curiosity wins Gold for NASA - 7 Aug 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] The big news on the science and technology front is NASA's Curiosity rover, in a scientific and technological tour de force, has landed successfully on Mars after a journey of about 800 million kilometres. It's also started sending pictures back - and we publish one of the first of them. So it's all going to be OK then? The Presidency has assured everyone that education remains a top priority for government. read more

Nice about the heads, pity about the officials - 31 Jul 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] Basic Education Minister "It's not my fault" Angie Motshekga has praised Limpopo principals and curriculum advisors for their dedication in the face of what can only be described as a shambles - namely the textbook debacle in Limpopo. Pity she cannot say the same about some of the officials in that province. On a good note, however, Avusa's matric Q&A supplement is out now - in last Sunday's Sunday Times and tomorrow's Sowetan. read more

Calling the ladies - 24 Jul 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] According to the Business Women's Association (BWA) 2012 Women in Leadership Census, women make up 43.9% of the workforce but constitute only 17.1% of all directors. Hence, the BWA reckons that more women are needed at board level. While on the media front, the High court in Pretoria has ruled that the Glynnis Breytenbach disciplinary must be open to the media - and that's good news for transparency. "It is of the utmost importance that the media has access to this disciplinary hearing...‚" Judge Ronel Tolmay ruled. read more

Any way you spin it, it’s a disgrace - 17 Jul 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] Professor Mary Metcalfe's report on the Limpopo textbook debacle paints a grim picture of the state of that province's education department. However, the national education department has welcomed her report, saying that it "adequately captures the complexities of the Section 100 (1)(b) intervention in that province and the difficulties experienced by national government in terms of the provision of textbooks to schools in Limpopo". read more

Taxpayer-Gov relationship crucial? You bet! - 10 Jul 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan says the relationship between the government and the taxpayer is crucial, and we couldn't agree more. Perhaps what many taxpayers would like to see - if the relationship is to be a good one - is a far better use of tax funds not least of which would be achieved through more efficient management, less wastage, and far less corruption. On the consumer front, are you up to speed on returns policies and the CPA? If not, Danie Strachan has some words of advice for you. For all you aspiring learner drivers, and wannabe petrol-heads out there, here's some news of South African tech designed to help get your drivers license faster. read more

One size won’t fit all - 3 Jul 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] Cosatu is now reported as wanting a national minimum wage rather than sectoral minimum wages - currently clothing workers have one set for their industry, domestic workers have one set for theirs, and so on. It seems the Cosatu call has "flummoxed" the experts, who reckon a national minimum wage would boost unemployment levels. read more

Hotel plan irks conservationists - 26 Jun 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] Apparently the powers-that-be running the Kruger National Park are concerned that 'black diamonds' won't stay in KNP lodges. So the plan is to build a luxury upmarket hotel in the park. read more

What makes a good recruitment ad? - 19 Jun 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] This week in human resources & recruitment, Paul Brand asks what makes a good recruitment advert, and then answers the question with a range of points that contribute to you composing the recruitment ad that is far more likely to attract just the right candidate you need for the position. Brand also points out what you should avoid doing. On the tax front, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has warned that taxpayers are becoming increasingly wary of misuse of their tax monies. Many people would agree with him, but perhaps suggest that he's being too tactful. read more

We launch BizBuy - 12 Jun 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] has launched a new service that we reckon you will love - whether you're in business and need a particular product, and/or as an individual, want to get away from it all at a great price, or buy something - at an equally great price. If either cap - or both - fit you, then take a look at our new online shopping portal, BizBuy. By the way, we're also looking for partners who want to offer their products and services to a bigger market - for unbeatable prices. read more

e-tolls are Outa here… or not… - 5 Jun 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] The Treasury has now - not before time - clarified its estimates of the costs of e-tolling and now they are well below those used by the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa) in its April court application, which relied strongly on the argument that the cost of e-toll collections amounted R20bn. In a bid to soften the blow for regular users, the government had set a cap of R550 a month per user and is quoted as saying: "Our information is that less than 5% of users are reaching that cap. read more

Someone’s not getting the point - 29 May 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] According to the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS), the SA government was "appalled and disappointed" that censored visuals showing Advocate Gcina Malindi breaking down in tears during the South Gauteng High Court proceedings relating to "The Spear" portrait. In its turn, eNews expressed its "grave concern" that GCIS would accuse the channel of bias and selective reporting. read more

Media musings and ‘that painting’ - 22 May 2012

[Rod Baker, content director] The controversial painting of the president "on view" so to speak, has just about everyone talking, so much so that in the smoke of battle it's easy to lose sight of other issues that are perhaps more demanding of our attention. So, while the ANC goes to court today in an effort to have the painting removed from view, Gwede Mantashe says the ANC is basically OK with the Press Freedom Commission report issued yesterday, but he has some thoughts on issues such as "lazy" journalists... read more

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