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#DigitalMarketing: The attributes of a successful digital marketing strategy

Companies should allocate budget to researching their customers' needs and wants and digital behaviour before developing the strategy...

By Louise Marsland 28 Jul 2017

#DigitalMarketing Mid-year online asset checklist for digital marketing excellence

These are the four elements you should look at mid-year to determine whether your online assets are doing what they need to do to deliver awareness of your company online...

By Amanda Adam 28 Jul 2017

#DigitalMarketing: The only constant is change - and the customer

Identify and leverage the constant at the core of our changing digital world: the customer...

By Desiree Gullan 27 Jul 2017

#DigitalMarketing: National Positions SA rebrands as NP Digital

NP Digital, formerly known as National Positions SA, have rebranded and expanded their services and products to address the ever-evolving needs of their clients...

Issued by NP Digital 27 Jul 2017

#DigitalMarketing: AI and machine learning

Platinum Seed's new design director, Ally Behr, talks to about how artificial intelligence is dominating conversations in digital marketing...

By Louise Marsland 26 Jul 2017

#DigitalMarketing: The binary business case for marketing automation

2017 is set to be the year of wholesale adoption of marketing automation technology as consumer budgets constrict and the battle for share of wallet intensifies...

By Nick Orton, Issued by Grapevine 26 Jul 2017

#DigitalMarketing: Digital trends in 2017

South Africa's digital authority, the IAB South Africa has weighed in on trends in the digital marketing industry...

25 Jul 2017

#DigitalMarketing: Turning mobile video into a marketing star for your business

Mobile is one of biggest revolutions to come to marketing in recent years, rivaled only by digital video...

By Nunu Ntshingila 24 Jul 2017

#DigitalMarketing: The shift to performance

The biggest trend in digital marketing gaining momentum in the local market is the shift to performance, says Stijn Smolders, CEO of Sprout Performance Media Partners...

Issued by Sprout Performance Media Partners 24 Jul 2017

The next digital generation

Digital experts are starting to warn of a skills shortage in digital marketing implementation and strategy in South Africa due to the speed with which the local industry has evolved...

By Louise Marsland 28 Aug 2015

The Principle of AIDA: What are marketers to do?

In a bid to be more like a storyteller (another thing us marketers are often told to be in these new "we need content" times) let me give it a bash by telling you about my recent light bulb moment...

By Vera Romano, Issued by Everlytic 28 Aug 2015

Three challenges with digital and how to solve them

"Digital" is an essential requirement for anyone wanting to do business with connected consumers. The problem is that "digital" means a lot of different things to a lot of different people...

By Dale Imerman, Issued by The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) 27 Aug 2015

Exponential releases 'Engagement' insight for brands and advertisers in latest whitepaper

Exponential Interactive's latest whitepaper discusses the significance of 'engagement' - and why the lack of understanding around user engagement leads to misaligned incentives, dissatisfying results and wasted money...

Issued by Exponential 26 Aug 2015

Mobile technology: Far bigger than you think

We use the term mobile to refer to cell phones, and much of South Africa's marketing speak interprets 'mobile marketing' to be constrained to this platform. But mobile technology is more extensive than we often realise...

By Grant Shippey 26 Aug 2015

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