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A 'mobile-first' ethos: the catalyst for business transformation
A 'mobile-first' ethos: the catalyst for business transformation

Organisations in every sector and every country are currently grappling with the concepts of 'digitalisation' and 'digital transformation'...

By Lionel Moyal 27 May 2015 08:35

SAA's unfair competitive advantage
SAA's unfair competitive advantage

The plot between Comair and SAA thickens as Comair takes the legal battle against the government's bailouts of SAA to court...

By Tralone Khoza 7 May 2015 09:40

How sustainable is SAA's Project Solaris?
How sustainable is SAA's Project Solaris?

South African Airways (SAA) currently imports 100% of its fossil-based jet fuel. That said, the national carrier is currently on a mission to become the most sustainable airline in the world by 2022...

By Sindy Peters 25 Feb 2015 13:00

Competition Commission's appeal against SAB dismissed
Competition Commission's appeal against SAB dismissed

The Competition Commission's appeal against South African Breweries Limited (SAB) was dismissed with costs in a judgment handed down on Monday, 2 February 2015 by the Competition Appeal Court (CAC)...

By Leana Engelbrecht 5 Feb 2015 07:42

Anton Harber
Depth of Africa coverage improves

Coverage of the rest of Africa in our media provides an interesting gauge of our relationship with the continent since our borders opened up 20 years ago...

By Anton Harber 5 Dec 2014 04:53

Supplying locally with global quality
Supplying locally with global quality

In the UK, the debate raging is about the end of seasonality, with many young people not knowing when the season ends for a particular produce...

By Danette Breitenbach 20 Nov 2014 15:48

Survey shows huge growth potential for e-retailers in Africa
Survey shows huge growth potential for e-retailers in Africa

Africa offers enormous growth potential for e-retailers given that online shopping is in its infancy in the region. The Shop the World! report reveals that emerging markets offer the highest growth potential...

By Sumesh Rahavendra 31 Oct 2014 11:57

Supply chain management concerned about skills shortage
Supply chain management concerned about skills shortage

Skills shortages continue to bedevil the logistics and supply chain industry, with practitioners reporting shortages of up to 64% in positions that require a bachelor's degree.

By Mario Landman 23 Oct 2014 16:46

Mario Landman
Tertiary qualifications provide relief to a skills strapped industry

The across-the-board, rapid professionalisation of the supply chain and logistics industry has resulted in already highly-skilled professionals being forced to further upskill at an accelerated pace.

By Mario Landman 14 Aug 2014 11:09

Comair share price doesn't react to FlySafair
Comair share price doesn't react to FlySafair

Is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange efficient at quickly transforming news into share price adjustments? Possibly, but it was surprising that Comair's share price rose on a day when the news broke that FlySafair had received its licence from the Air Services Licencing Council (ASLC).

By Rob Baker 22 Apr 2014 11:57

Rise of the smaller airlines
Rise of the smaller airlines

At the start of this year I made 22 predictions for travel in South Africa, one of which was that I expected a new airline to start up. This prediction is coming true, but in a completely unexpected way.

By Rob Baker 24 Feb 2014 10:21

How will e-tolling change the urban landscape?
How will e-tolling change the urban landscape?

Following the protracted court battle over e-tolling in Gauteng, the government, through its agency SANRAL, intends to have the toll gantries in the province operational within weeks.

By John Roberts 2 Dec 2013 11:30

Ireland is open for business
Ireland is open for business

The 5th Irish Trade Mission for South Africa and the Sub-Sahara region in conjunction with the Africacom trade fair, was addressed by a recent visit from the Irish Minister of International Trade, Joe Costello.

By Coerene Vosloo 22 Nov 2013 07:53

Guidelines to avoid road accidents
Guidelines to avoid road accidents

The Festive season is almost upon us and while it a time to be happy and relax with friends and family, it is sadly also the one time of the year when many South African motorists are injured or killed in car accidents, many of which could have been avoided.

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 14 Nov 2013 13:21

Rob Baker
The role of a state-owned airline

Whilst government has a clear role in delivering essential services to the needy, you won't find many of the millions of suffering South Africans at airports or on flights. Quite the opposite in fact, as once you've become a "jetsetter" you've arrived at a space unavailable to the poor. So, why are government involved in the airline industry?

By Rob Baker 9 Oct 2013 10:56

SA Express - still trying to figure out its net asset value
SA Express - still trying to figure out its net asset value

The most telling bit of information released about SA Express last week, was on page 165 of the Annual Report of the Department of Public Enterprises: "No impairment for the current year for South African Express (SAX) has been provided as the current year net asset value is not available." Impairments are changes in the value of an asset, which are obviously impossible to specify if one does not know what the value of the asset was at the start and end of the period.

By Rob Baker 30 Sep 2013 09:19

Kerry Evans
Can your business continue to deliver, no matter the size of the event?

Next year Brazil will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup, an extravaganza of epic proportions, in which football players and fans the world over converge to watch and celebrate the beautiful game. In 2010, here in South Africa, we saw more than 310, 000 tourists converge on the country and the eyes of over 3.2 billion people put our country under the microscope.

By Kerry Evans 12 Sep 2013 07:33

False driving licenses now social problem
False driving licenses now social problem

Driving licence corruption is no longer just a road safety issue, but a social problem according to the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA).

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 22 Aug 2013 06:11

Chris Barry
Passing the bus

In respect of the Johannesburg bus rapid transit (BRT) system, could someone please inform the public as to what is actually going on?

By Chris Barry 5 Aug 2013 06:58

Paddy Hartdegen
Do it once - and do it right

Anyone with half a brain and no mathematical training can follow this simple reasoning: it is cheaper to do a job properly the first time without taking shortcuts than to do it badly, using inferior methods and materials in the hope that it will save money. It should be obvious to everyone that this is never the case. Sadly it isn't.

By Paddy Hartdegen 4 Jul 2013 11:23

Pay rise for taxi drivers and hospitality staff
Pay rise for taxi drivers and hospitality staff

The Minister of Labour has announced an increase in the minimum remuneration payable to employees engaged in either the taxi or the hospitality sectors. The salary increase is effective from 1 July 2013, and follows hot on the heels of the increase in the general Earnings Threshold communicated by the minister recently.

By Johan Botes 4 Jul 2013 07:24

Linking you...
Linking you...

Not so long ago, reaching our smaller destinations by air was not as easy as it is now... Now we have Airlink, which has the mission to link the smaller towns, the regional centres and hubs throughout South and southern Africa, in the process making getting around a pleasure that doesn't eat into your holiday time.

By Rod Baker 28 Jun 2013 05:01

Chris Moerdyk
Will the R1,5 billion SAA borrowed rescue it?

So, South African Airways (SAA) has just borrowed R1,5 billion from two banks to keep alive while it "waits for government to accept its turnaround strategy."

By Chris Moerdyk 7 May 2013 06:49

Douglas Kruger
Seven stages in becoming an industry expert

From Amoeba to Icon; where do you currently rank in your industry's natural progression? In this piece, I walk you through the seven stages of development as you strive to position yourself as an industry expert. [video]

By Douglas Kruger 13 Apr 2013 06:31

Johan Botes
Top 10 New Year's resolutions for employers

Here are some resolutions for 2013 for you that you, as an employer, may well find useful. Get them right now - and avoid any unpleasant surprises during the year.

By Johan Botes 31 Dec 2012 07:37

Nthabeleng Meso
Business lessons to be learned from 1time airline

In the preceding week I was looking forward to my flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg over the weekend. However my excitement was short lived; on Friday afternoon I was one among the thousand of people who heard via e.tv news that 1time Airline had filed for liquidation.

By Nthabeleng Meso 6 Nov 2012 08:49

Richard Mullins
South Africa needs to enter remarketing

Companies that want to position themselves to drive business value from digital marketing must start working towards mastering the discipline of remarketing or risk getting left behind by nimbler rivals.

By Richard Mullins 1 Nov 2012 06:36

Chris Moerdyk
As a brand, SAA is a lucky survivor

Right now, the South African Airways scenario represents a classic case history of just how hard one has to work to destroy or at least significantly damage a brand. Because, in spite of all sorts of negative elements that should see consumers cold shouldering the brand and flying on other airlines, this simply hasn't happened.

By Chris Moerdyk 24 Oct 2012 05:52

Law enforcement, not speed reduction, will reduce road carnage

South Africa's road accident deaths are among the highest in the world, with only undeveloped countries such as Eritrea, Angola, Ethiopia, The Gambia and war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan registering higher figures.

By Wayne Duvenage 18 Jan 2012 10:44

New single cab for under R50 000?
New single cab for under R50 000?

A shining new half-ton bakkie for less than R50 000 on sale in South Africa? Yep, your eyes aren't deceiving you, nor is it April Fools Day.

By Henrie Geyser: motoring editor 8 Nov 2011 06:39

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