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Mall of Africa
Mall of Africa future-ready with Wi-Fi network

Open-access Wi-Fi Network, VAST Networks together with Ruckus Wireless successfully deployed the continent's largest mall Wi-Fi installation, providing consumers and retailers with...

19 hours ago

©Helder Almeida via 123RF
SD-WAN makes networks more flexible than ever

As an increasing number of organisations migrate to the cloud, the gap between the needs and expectations of the business and IT's ability to deliver is growing. With apps, data and users scattered...

By Wimpie van Rensburg 22 Apr 2016

©wklzzz via 123RF
Africa-1: new super cable to connect Africa

Reports emerged on Monday that five telecommunications operators, including South Africa's MTN and Telkom, have designs on a new, superfast submarine cable system connecting Africa...

19 Apr 2016

©Galina Peshkova via 123RF
IT requires business-focused transformation

New findings by EMC indicate that three-quarters of CIOs believe that five years from now they will need to be able to launch new products, services and applications in half the time it takes them today...

18 Apr 2016

Get connected in the clouds at Table Mountain Cableway's Wi-Fi Lounge
Get connected in the clouds at Table Mountain Cableway's Wi-Fi Lounge

Table Mountain Cableway's new Wi-Fi Lounge can now connect visitors far above the Mother City. All visitors can connect, share, post, Tweet or...

15 Apr 2016

©George Tsartsianidis via 123RF
People and process: disaster recovery strategy cornerstones

Business continuity and disaster recovery should not be treated as isolated IT conversations. Unless businesses ensure they also take people and processes into account when planning...

15 Apr 2016

©lithian via 123RF
Check your blindspot on the information superhighway

When changing lanes on the highway, you would first indicate to make other drivers aware of your intentions and then check your blind spot to make sure it was safe to switch lanes. Those safety measures...

By Martin Walshaw 13 Apr 2016

Pieter-ZA via Wikimedia Commons_Telkom SA Head Office
Broadband Infraco and Telkom merger highly likely

State-owned company Broadband Infraco supports the government's plan to merge it with Telkom, and believes it should receive state assistance as soon as possible...

4 Apr 2016

©goodluz via 123RF
Importance of quick, secure and flexible IT delivery

Delivery has always been a key differentiator in business. Whether it be goods or services, companies that are known to deliver quality offerings quickly, securely and flexibly...

By Brendan McAravey 4 Apr 2016

©Ivonne Wierink via 123RF
Social media opens agriculture conference to global audience

The GCARD Global Event taking place in Johannesburg will optimise its digital presence to include hundreds of thousands of agriculture minded people...

1 Apr 2016

Turrito Networks, Dial-a-Nerd provide integrate ICT offering - CloudGate
Turrito Networks, Dial-a-Nerd provide integrate ICT offering

Following its acquisition of Dial-a-Nerd last year, MICROmega Group company Turrito Networks is now able to provide its small to medium enterprise customers with a complete ICT value proposition...

Issued by CloudGate 24 Mar 2016

Net Prophet speakers announced and ticket sales now open!
Net Prophet speakers announced and ticket sales now open!

Net Prophet 2016 returns on 7 April to Cape Town's Artscape Theatre. The tech industry's biggest event of the year, Net Prophet 2016 promises an incredible line-up of local and international speakers...

Issued by Net Prophet 24 Mar 2016

©mishoo via 123RF
A new approach to branch IT

The lifeblood of many companies today depends on branch offices. Whether these are remote sites, retail outlets or manufacturing plants, they must be agile and able to quickly respond...

By Wimpie van Rensburg 22 Mar 2016

©photka via 123RF
MTN launches LTE-a network

MTN has launched the next generation of mobile network technology, Long-Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A), in Gauteng and Western Cape. The technology has been launched in Camps Bay...

17 Mar 2016

©Karel Joseph Noppe Brooks via 123RF
Effective carrier communities are key to digital equality

The digital divide is a phenomenon that has plagued developing nations for a number of decades, and addressing this inequality in technological ability and advancement is essential...

By Eckart Zollner 8 Mar 2016

tpsdave via Pixabay
Jump-starting a cost-effective digitalisation strategy

Doing more with less is a constant challenge to IT organisations. There is continuous downward pressure on IT budgets, while expectations surrounding what can be achieved through transformational IT projects...

By Rich Hillebrecht 4 Mar 2016

©wklzzz via 123RF
Cell C welcomes High Court judgment

It is hard to paint a rosy picture of telecommunications in South Africa. The environment is dominated by two players and policed by a regulator that does not always meet its mandate...

By Jose Dos Santos 2 Mar 2016

©arcoss via 123RF
Vodacom ends talks over possible deal with Neotel

Vodacom has terminated discussions over the acquisition of Neotel's fixed-line assets because of "regulatory complexities and certain conditions not being fulfilled"...

By Thabiso Mochiko 2 Mar 2016

©blueskyimage via 123RF
Why SMEs need four strategic IT leaders

A panel discussion by business IT leaders exploring the four strategic business technology leadership roles in SMEs will take place at Mazars. The discussion will expand on...

29 Feb 2016

©Carolyn Franks via 123RF
Africa's IoT ecosystem is set to explode

IDC predicts that the worldwide market of connected devices will reach a total value of $1.7 trillion in 2020 and expect South Africa to account for $2 billion of this figure...

29 Feb 2016

Progressing towards the utopian vision of a smart city
Progressing towards the utopian vision of a smart city

Much has been written over the past couple of years around the topic of smart cities. The utopian vision of the smart city often involves carefully orchestrated...

By Lionel Moyal 26 Feb 2016

©auremar via 123RF
Is mobile VoIP the next best thing?

The truth of the matter is, for us, mobile VoIP really is the next thing - and the best thing. Gone are the days of technology when you were hoping that everything would work...

26 Feb 2016

©Andriy Popov via 123RF
The facts of life in the threat environment

Offering direct insights from the global operational security community, Arbor Networks Inc. has released its 11th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report...

25 Feb 2016

©kzenon via 123RF
Technology and smart ports can help fast track growth in Africa

For African countries to achieve their economic growth ambitions, it is crucial for then to come up with new innovations in areas like ports, terminals, related logistics...

By Gavin Holme and Richard A Butcher 23 Feb 2016

©mikekiev via 123RF
Fourth Industrial Revolution will revolutionise how we live and work

You haven't been feeling well this week. You make an appointment with your doctor, who's actually a computer that assesses you and writes a prescription for flu medication...

By Martin Walshaw 18 Feb 2016

©My Make OU via 123RF
MTN promises to reimburse customers after outage

Local mobile operator MTN plans to compensate some of its one million customers who were hit by a network outage this week. MTN said on Monday that it was experiencing connectivity...

By Gareth van Zyl 17 Feb 2016

SMEs need fibre for business advantage - CloudGate
SMEs need fibre for business advantage

Having reliable, high-speed connectivity has become an imperative for small to medium businesses. But with many decision-makers still focused on traditional ADSL access, what needs to happen...

By Brian Timperley, Issued by CloudGate 15 Feb 2016

Saurabh Kumar
Advanced analytics: the key to the customer

E-commerce continues to grow exponentially and companies in the business to consumer (B2C) environment need to develop seamless customer experience...

By Cari Van Wyk 12 Feb 2016

©auremar via 123RF
Connected farms and farmers

Increasing productivity and control over farm operations are only some of the benefits that farmers are reaping as they hook into the Internet of Things world...

By Jacques Visser 10 Feb 2016

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