ICT Trends 2016

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Connected farms and farmers

Increasing productivity and control over farm operations are only some of the benefits that farmers are reaping as they hook into the Internet of Things world

By Jacques Visser 15 hours ago

#DesignMonth: Getting people where they want to go
#DesignMonth: Getting people where they want to go

Urged by unreliable public transport and a desperate need to get to class on time, Devin de Vries and Chris King started an innovative company...

By Cari Van Wyk 5 Feb 2016

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Africa set for GDP growth of 4.5 trillion by 2025

Urbanisation, mobility, infrastructure, natural resources, telecommunications investments and inter-regional trade are just a few of the untapped opportunities making Africa the last growth frontier...

4 Feb 2016

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Businesses can future-proof networks by consolidating solutions

Inspired by a TED Talk on simplifying life, I recently set out to declutter my house. I wasn't even halfway through and had already gathered a mountain of devices and gadgets...

By Martin Walshaw 1 Feb 2016

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Role of NSPs cannot be underestimated

Edward Lawrence, director of Business Development at Workonline Communications, says the importance of the role played by network service providers (NSPs)...

29 Jan 2016

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City of Cape Town uses advanced connectivity for 400G metro network trial

ADVA Optical Networking and the City of Cape Town announced that they have successfully transmitted data rates of up to 400Gbit/s across Cape Town's metro transport network...

28 Jan 2016

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Tech giants reject OTT regulation for SA

Facebook, Microsoft and Google have voiced their opposition to possible regulation of over-the-top (OTT) services such as WhatsApp and Skype...

By Duncan Alfreds 27 Jan 2016

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Significant trends in network security in 2016

Fortinet and its threat research division, FortiGuard Labs, have made their annual predictions of the most significant trends in malware and network security...

26 Jan 2016

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ISPA urges networks to compete with OTT services

The Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) has urged South Africa's mobile networks to develop new ways to partner and compete with innovative OTT services...

26 Jan 2016

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Identity and IAM a fundamental facet of a connected security ecosystem

As the world has evolved to become increasingly digital and globally connected, ICT security has become correspondingly more complex...

By Rory Young 25 Jan 2016

Impacting the economy one micro job at a time
Impacting the economy one micro job at a time

Revolutionary micro-jobbing platform, M4JAM, provides companies, brands, etc. with real-time data and consumer insights and contributes to the growing data economy...

By Cari Van Wyk 22 Jan 2016

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API economy puts a new spin on solving old problems

Application program interface (API) is becoming a buzzword in the IT world. According to Wikipedia, API is 'a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications'...

By Sven Hammar 21 Jan 2016

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Cell C does not support OTT regulation

MTN and Vodacom have declared war on consumer interests. The infamous duopoly wants to...

By Jose Dos Santos 20 Jan 2016

Big data presents opportunities for a more efficient transport system
Big data presents opportunities for a more efficient transport system

South Africa faces some unique challenges when it comes to public transport. The reality is that public transport - in general...

By Gavin Holme and Rudraksh Bhawalkar 20 Jan 2016

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The face of Africa changed by tech startups

Euromonitor International's WTM Global Trends Report 2015 reveals that technology startups are flourishing across Africa which is helping boost the economy...

20 Jan 2016

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The force of technological change is too strong to ignore

Over the past 50 years, internet technology has rapidly and profoundly changed the way people work, live, play and learn. The power of the internet is allowing African citizens to do more...

By Andy MacDonald 20 Jan 2016

stux via pixabay
RIP branch router

The widespread adoption of this hybrid IT infrastructure model will lead to 2016 becoming the year when the branch office ends its relationship with an old friend - the router...

By Wimpie van Rensburg 19 Jan 2016

Spiceworks: four main IT trends
Spiceworks: four main IT trends

According to a Spiceworks report, The 2016 State of IT, there will be four main trends in the IT world...

19 Jan 2016

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2016 Predictions: what South African organisations are saying

Digitisation is an irresistible force that is driving companies to rethink their response to markets and reshape their operations...

By John Tadman 19 Jan 2016

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IDC looks back on 2015

IDC looks back at their top 10 predictions 2015 for Africa to see which their predictions came true and which were off the mark...

16 Jan 2016

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Are we really in the middle of an IT revolution?

The start of 2015 saw some attention-grabbing predictions suggesting major changes were afoot in the IT industry. We looked at some of these predictions under the microscope...

By Dan Matthews and Martin Gunnarsson 16 Jan 2016

The big bang theory for 2016
The big bang theory for 2016

According to Prof Barry Dwolatzky, while the hype around areas such as the IoT, big data, cloud and AI will continue, the theme for the year should be the Internet of Everything...

13 Jan 2016

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Transport of the future takes many shapes at tech show

In the future world of mobility, you might be traveling in a car, on a bike or a personal air transporter - with a range of new possibilities raised by connected technology...

12 Jan 2016

Hannes Grobe via Wikimedia Commons
Redefining traditional DR strategies is imperative

When it comes to modern data protection, not all data should be treated the same way. Long gone are the days of just dumping a bunch of files onto a tape...

By Mark Bentkower 12 Jan 2016

Submarine cable system between Nigeria and Cameroon completed
Submarine cable system between Nigeria and Cameroon completed

The high capacity Nigerian-Cameroon submarine cable system (NCSCS) connecting Lagos in Nigeria and Kribi in Cameroon has been completed...

12 Jan 2016

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Dis-Intra-rupt your business, look inwards

Every single conference that I attended in 2015 had at least one speaker talking about disruption. At my last conference, it became a drinking game...

By Mark Beets 11 Jan 2016

SD-WAN: Agile enabler of enterprise movement towards the cloud
SD-WAN: Agile enabler of enterprise movement towards the cloud

Today, businesses are increasingly mixing off-premises assets with existing IT infrastructure. The internet is becoming the backbone of enterprise communications...

By Wimpie van Rensburg 7 Jan 2016

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UJ faculty positions itself to lead the charge on machines that think

A new super science venture, the Institute for Intelligent Systems, is being installed in the University of Johannesburg's faculty of engineering...

By Tom Nevin 6 Jan 2016

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Africa prepares for data revolution

Africa needs to embrace the data revolution - the exponential increase in the volume and types of data available. This creates unprecedented opportunities to inform and transform societies...

By Carlos Lopes 31 Dec 2015

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