Finance Trends 2016

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Access to National Population Registry benefits policyholders
Access to National Population Registry benefits policyholders

FNB Life says being granted access to the Department of Home Affairs' National Population Registry is significantly benefiting its funeral policyholders and their beneficiaries...

15 hours ago

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Insurance cover is impacted by depreciating rand

Unfortunately, the start of 2016 sees us in a difficult economic reality. At the beginning of November last year, just over three months ago, the rand was trading at just under R14...

By Bertus Visser 12 hours ago

©joeppoulssen via 123RF
Deloitte acquires ConVista Consulting South Africa

Deloitte (Africa) has announced that it has acquired the business assets and now directly employees the 30-person team of ConVista Consulting (Pty) Ltd...

1 day ago

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You're never too young for life insurance

For young people who are just starting out in the world of work, planning for death, disability or a serious illness is not exactly top of mind...

2 days ago

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Call to enter pan-African reinsurance Journalism Awards

Journalists from across Africa have until 29 February 2016 to submit their entries for the inaugural pan-African reinsurance Journalism Awards...

5 Feb 2016

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Do you know your vehicle cover?

It's 10pm at night and you're driving on the freeway when you suddenly hear a loud bang, followed by your car pulling to the left. You stop at the side of the road...

2 Feb 2016

©ximagination via 123RF
Brokers drive innovation

The commercial direct insurance market continues to grow, but there is a segment of the commercial market that will always need to be serviced by expert brokers...

1 Feb 2016

tpsdave via Pixabay
Growing intra-Africa marine trade needs specialist insurance

The marine cargo industry in Africa is set to enter a boom period over the next few decades. South Africa's ports showed steady growth of marine cargo...

28 Jan 2016

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The ins and outs of life cover

Life cover can answer some of life's difficult questions: How will my family survive if I'm not around to take care of them? How will my spouse settle the debts...

27 Jan 2016

Kristina Litvjak via StockSnap
It's a good idea to insure your spouse

Taking out life or funeral insurance on your spouse is often seen as a sinister move or the 'elephant in the room' among couples. For this and other reasons...

26 Jan 2016

©Gilles Paire via 123RF - the vegetable crops in Burkina Faso is the main activity in the summer when there is rain to irrigate and make a reservation of nourishment for the year.
Shine a light on the gaps

Agriculture forms the backbone of African economies. A majority of the continent's farmers earn their living on small plots of less than two hectares...

By Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Janeen Madan 21 Jan 2016

©fotoall via 123RF
Key factors that influence your car insurance premium

Insurance premiums aren't the same for everyone and there are good reasons for that. Broadly speaking, your insurer will calculate your risk...

By Rory Judd 19 Jan 2016

Tetiana Vitsenko via 123RF
[BizTrends 2016] Five finance sector forecasts for 2016

From collaboration with fintech startups to more personalised client services, digital technology dominates trends...

By Nicci Botha 18 Jan 2016

[BizTrends 2016] African mega-projects: opportunities and challenges for specialist insurers
[BizTrends 2016] African mega-projects: opportunities and challenges for specialist insurers

Infrastructure development is booming across Africa, due in no small part to significant economic growth and foreign direct investment. Mega-infrastructure projects have massive price tags...

By Karl Bishop 18 Jan 2016

skeeze via pixabay
Rain might still avert flood of farming claims

Rain before the autumn or winter will determine whether insurers pay out millions in claims to affected farmers as SA's worst drought in 20 years drags on...

12 Jan 2016

©budabar via 123RF
Banks keep close eye on effects of drought

Head of Absa's agribusiness centre said the drought was likely to have an effect on its books only around August, as there was still time for recovery if it rained...

11 Jan 2016

edar via Pixabay
Motsepe and Sanlam deal gets go-ahead

The Competition Tribunal has approved a joint investment by Patrice Motsepe's African Rainbow Capital and insurer Sanlam to buy Indwe Broker Holdings...

By Phakamisa Ndzamela 8 Jan 2016

©Igor Stevanovic via 123RF
Old Mutual shines as Sanlam fades

Old Mutual strongly outperformed rival Sanlam last year, pointing to probable profile changes among their clients in the financial market...

By Maarten Mittner 7 Jan 2016

Limoke Oscar via Wikimedia Commons
Old Mutual sells its noncore Bermuda business operation

Old Mutual has sold its Bermuda business to Beechwood, a provider of offshore insurance products and reinsurance, for an undisclosed amount...

7 Jan 2016

Boris Dzhingarov
Ways to find a great insurance agency

With so many companies all offering the same services, finding the right insurance agency can be time-consuming and difficult. Here are some practical ways you can find the right agency...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 7 Dec 2015

©Andrea Danti 123RF
Travel insurance can make or break a journey

The end of the year is just around the corner, and some of you may be planning to jet overseas or visit family up country...

By Bertus Visser 2 Dec 2015

© Jörgen Ekstrand –
The future of short-term insurance

If clients are at the centre of our businesses, we have to adapt to their shopping preferences. If they want to shop online, then we have at least to meet them half way by creating the necessary channels and platforms for them to evaluate their options properly...

By Gideon Galloway 26 Nov 2015

Dubai, a gateway for trade into Africa
Dubai, a gateway for trade into Africa

The Dubai International Financial Centre has pledged to support Africa's growing financial community by providing increased access to international trade and investment...

Issued by Link Media & Public Relations 18 Nov 2015

The horrors of underinsurance
The horrors of underinsurance

We all think having insurance is enough protection for us, but the reality is that your level of cover might be insufficient...

10 Nov 2015

Disability insurance protects the most vital asset
Disability insurance protects the most vital asset

As South Africans we insure everything from our homes and our cars to our business equipment and the contents of our handbags. But we often overlook one asset...

By John Cranke 10 Nov 2015

10 questions Sectional Title owners should ask about insurance
10 questions Sectional Title owners should ask about insurance

The demand for Sectional Title living and investment has greatly increased over the past few years...

9 Nov 2015

Smart cars will have a big impact on insurance industry
Smart cars will have a big impact on insurance industry

Connected cars are now a reality and not only innovative, but driving one will also provide the driver with numerous benefits...

5 Nov 2015

Policyholders must ensure Sasria cover is included
Policyholders must ensure Sasria cover is included

It is important for South Africans to take note that insurance policies typically do not cover the costs of damage to personal property that may result from social upheaval...

28 Oct 2015

Insurance market requires product and business model redesign
Insurance market requires product and business model redesign

A report released by PwC Africa has revealed that the insurance industry is facing more disruption than any other industry...

27 Oct 2015

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